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  • Femur's TG Art Modified Comic Covers - GENIUS!
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  • Lana's TG Sci-Fi Lots of pictures and film clips! OFF-Line
  • Eddie Glover's Graphics Page ( No Stories - but great Superhero TG Graphics! )
  • Paul's Ovid Picture GalleryX-Morphs and TG Pictures
  • 4FFantastic Fantasy and Fetish Females - THIS is the Guy all the Picture Artists should take lessons from!
  • The Surrealistic Wordsmith Navigation Page Modifed Pictures
  • SheMale Central - 100% FREE, lots of pics, links, reviews, stories, news and so much more!

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  • FemDirectory Cross Dressing Related Resources

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  • These people will help you transform into the person you want to be...

  • Castle Supplys Wonderful Applicances to alter your figure!!
  • Glamour Boutique Everything you need to become the Girl of your Dreams!
  • Transformation The worlds leading transvestite specialists - Turning Men Into Convincing Sexy Women
  • The Phoenix Project - EvanesceThe non-prescription, Herbal-Estrogen
  • Classic CurvesAerospace design comes to the aid of crossdressers!
  • Design-Hers, Inc. has products lines that suit; Heterosexuals, Homosexuals, Fetish, Transgender and Crossdressers
  • Fantasy Girl a wide range of Breast Forms, Corsetry, Footwear, Lingerie, Wigs and Magazines
  • Developing a Female Voice very effective when properly applied.

  • Major Gender Centers

    These sites serve the whole gender community with extensive resourse lists, and medical advice.

  • Transgendered Network International
  • Transgender Fourm and Resource Center
  • The Gender Identity Clinic
  • The National TGGuide
  • TG Forum

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  • Gay, Lesbain, Bisexual & Transgendered Disabled Veterans of America

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