Hi! I bet you all thought I forgot about you... I didn't!

It's been WAY to long since the last issue, and all I can say is that I'm sorry! "Real Life"(tm) has taken me away from the keyboard so much that all of my projects and deadlines fell WAY behind.

Well... I've gotten a few helpers now, and I hope I can get them up to speed to prevent this type of lateness from happening again!

One of the tings that I have changed on the Main site is that new stories are not available not only in text format, but also in PALM DOC format for you with Palm-based handhelds ( Palm & Visors ).

I have also gotten help in the re-design of the web site, so watch out for changes there too!

So.... since it's been SOOOOO Long, I better just shut-up and let you get to the reading!

See you soon!