The Reluctant Girl Friend - the series

note: this alternative ending and continuing series has been approved by the Original author, Melanie Brown

Chapter 7

The Day After

Chris's mother is busy in the kitchen when the front door suddenly opens and in steps June, his sister.

"I'm home", she yells.

"In the kitchen dear".

June immediately goes to the kitchen and hugs her mother.

"Mom I'm so sorry"!

"I know dear but there's nothing anyone could do".

"But it was so sudden mom"!

"I know, now have a seat and we'll catch up".

Just then the doorbell rings.

"I'll be right back dear help yourself to some breakfast dear".

Chriss's mother opens the front door to reveal Mrs. Abernathy the next door neighbor.

"I'm sorry to hear of your husbands passing Martha it's such a shame".

"Thank you".

"I brought you a little something", she says as shes hands Martha a dish. "I hope you like it".

"I'm sure we will thank you".

Chris's mother returns to the kitchen and heads to the refrigerator. Opening the door she says "now where am I going to put this, I know they mean well but people have brought over enough food to last a lifetime". "Have anything you want for breakfast June".

"Thanks I will mom". "By the way where's Chris".

"Oh he had a rought night of it he's not up yet".

Upstairs Chris begins to stir in his bed. Slowly he gets up and heads to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror he sees that his makeup has run all over the place making him look like some creature from a horror movie. Grabbing a cloth he wipes off all the makeup and returns to his room. More as a matter of habit than actual intent he throws on a t-shirt and a pair of pants and drags himself downstairs to the kitchen.

"Morning mom", he says still looking half asleep.

"Morning dear, have a seat I'll get you something". "Oh and look who's here".

"Hi Chris".

"Oh god I still must be sleeping"!

"Nice to see you to". "You look like hell you know Chris".

"Yeah well you ain't gonna win any beauty awards yourself".

"Now you two eat your breakfast we have a long day ahead of us and you still have to get ready".

"Yes mom", they reply in unison.

Finishing his breakfast Chris heads back upstairs to get ready followed by June. Chris goes into his room and sits on the edge of the bed and begins to stare into space. Meanwhile June goes to her room and after looking around for awhile discovers that almost everything is missing.

She storms over to Chris's room throws open the door and says, "Hey what happened to..."? She stops suddenly as she starts to get a good look at Chris's room. "Holy cow what happened here"?

"It was mom's idea".

"This looks like one of those rooms out of a magazine or something". "You got everything in here, gees, only problem is it's all girl stuff".

"That was the idea June"!

June walks over to the closet and opens the doors, "Wow look at all that clothes, Hey! some of this is mine"!

"Mom figured since you said you didn't want it anymore I could use it".

"Oh yeah I did say that didn't I". "Well I need to borrow something for today, mind if I browse"?

"Knock yourself out".

"What are you wearing I wouldn't want take your outfit on you".

"I don't know June I'm still working on that".

June looks around in the closet and finds a fairly plain black dress for herself. She continues looking and finds another dress and says to Chris, "This looks like it would be good for you". June then comes over to the bed and lays a black dress with a mid length skirt next to Chris. "Don't you think"?

"You know June I was thinking that maybe I should wear a suit and tie".

"Chris come with me let me show you something", June says and leads Chris to the makeup table. "Have a seat". "Now look in the mirror and tell me what you see".

Chris looks in the mirror and sees a very tired unmade girl's face with long eyelashes, and permed hair not an especially happy girls face but a girls face none the less. "I see a girls face June, so what"?

"Well how do you think your going to change that hair and face in the next two hours to look like you used to"?

"I guess you're right but it doesn't seem right for his only son not to be there, you know what I mean don't you June"?

"Yeah I know but you'll be there and he'll know somehow". "Come on lets get ready". "I'm going to have to change in here since you stole all my stuff".

"Yeah ok, I have to take a shower anyway".

Chris heads to the shower and when June is sure that Chris has left she callsGwen. "Hey Gwen it's me June".

"Came back for the funeral I suppose, sorry to hear about your dad".

"Yeah nobody expected it at all". "I just got done talking to Chris he's pretty bummed out about it".

"I imagine so". "So you've seen Chris huh"?

"Well I haven't seen the full effect yet but what I have is pretty impressive". "What did you do to him Gwen"?

"I just followed that plan you came up with to get revenge on him and got Eddie to trap him into dressing up for that date".

"From what I saw it's gone far beyond that Gwen".

"The day after the date your mother came over and we had a talk". "I told her what you were doing and she liked it". "She asked me to get him stuck that way for a longer period of time and that she would take it from there I thought she was kind of strange but she is your mother so I did it".

"How long did you set him up for Gwen"?

"Well I figure at least a year, he's or should I says she's starting highschool soon". "By the way what did your mother mean she would take it from there June"?

"You should come by here sometime Gwen moms got his room all dolled up like a girls". "He's got tons of girls clothes, makeup, you name it".

"Wow she must of went nuts"!

June hears Chris step out of the bathroom ,"Got to go he's coming talk to you later".

Chris enters his room with a towel wrapped around himself like any normal girl and one around his head.

"You ready yet June", he says.

"Just about, got to finish my makeup".

Chris goes over to the dresser and selects a pair of basic white panties and a matching bra and begins to put them on. He then puts on the dress June had chosen and a matching pair of shoes he finds in the closet.

"Ok I'm done all yours", announces June. Who then sits on the edge of the bed.

Chris sits down in front of the makeup table and begins to blow dry his hair.

"So how are you doing Chris"?

"What do you mean June"?

"I mean with this", she says as she motions across the room.

"Oh alright so far I guess, it's kind of fun sometimes, and other times it's a pain in the ass ".

Chris finishes drying his hair and begins to comb and brush it. "Like this for instance it takes forever to do my hair".

"Yeah I know what you mean Chris".

Finishing his hair Chris begins to apply his makeup, "and doing the makeup takes just as long".

"Yeah but it's worth it in the end right Chris"?

"I don't know sometimes".

Chris finally finishes stands and turns to face June. "Well what do you think".

June stares at Chris and looking him up and down for what seems like hours.

"It's can't be that bad June".

"No, no, you look.. fantastic, I never would have believed it if I didn't see it myself".

"You're just kidding".

"No it's true even in that dress, which by the way doesn't work on you at all, you still look like a hot babe".

"Thanks", say Chris blushing. "We better get downstairs".

June and Chris head downstairs to the kitchen.

"My don't you two look lovely". "You know Chris that dress doesn't do a thing for you".

"See I told you Chris".

"Now why dont' you girls answer the door for awhile until I get ready".

June and Chris head to the living room while Chriss's mother heads upstairs to get ready.

"So I guess we just wait for someone to show up right June".

"Yeah I guess".

"So have you had anything interesting happen to you while you were dressed up Chris"?

"Like what"?

"Well for instance have you kissed anyone"?

"Yeah kinda, a few people".

"Like who"?

"Well there was Eddie a couple times and Shane he's from school, oh and Joan".

"Joan you kissed Joan dressed like a girl"?

"Yeah It was no big deal she just wanted to see what it was like and I kinda wanted to kiss her anyway, you know no big deal".

"I guess nobody told you Joan was gay huh"?

"No nobody told me I found out later". "You mean everybody knew"?

"Well not the boys Chris, so I guess that's why you didn't know".

Just then the doorbell rings and Chris goes to answer it. He finds Joan standing there and invites her in. "Hi Joan come on in", says Chris and leads her to the living room. "This is June my cousin". "June this is Joan". June and Joan exchange greetings.

"I just wanted to stop by and see how you're doing Chrissy".

"I'm getting bettter it's just going to take some time, thanks for asking".

"Ok then I'll see you later at the ceremony then Chrissy".

"You're coming"?

"Sure all the girls are we'll see you there, bye".

Chris shows Joan to the door and returns to the living room.

"Cousin I'm your cousin"? asks June confused.

"Well Chrissy is supposed to be a cousin to Christopher so that makes you my cousin too right"?

"I guess so, hey that means you're your own cousin".

"Yeah I guess so", says Chris as they both begin to laugh about it.

Their mother appears in the doorway and says, "Well I'm glad to see you two are finally getting along we better go now".

"You look nice mom".

"Thank you June". "Chrissy what do you think".

"Yeah not bad.", Chris says while still giggling.

"Thank You, we better get going"!

They all head out to the car Chris and June get in the back while their mother drives to the church.

"Um, mom do you mind if I ask how you're doing"?

"Why I'm fine June why do you ask"?

"Well dad's death, I mean, how are you dealing with it"?

"I'm fine dear don't worry about me, we're here".

Upon arriving at the church they all get out of the car and enter the front door of the church. While they are waiting the pastor comes from the back of the church to greet them.

"Morning ladies I'm sorry we have to meet on such a tragic occasion". "My condolences it was a very tragic loss".

"Thank you pastor", replys Chris's mother.

"Shall we go in", says the pastor while opening the doors to the main part of the church.

Chris his mother and sister enter and stop just inside the door to look. There are flowers and candles everywhere and the smell of burnt wax and incense permiates everything but ate the front of the center aisle is the one item that draws their attention for there is the casket of their husband and father. Slowly they proceed up the aisle toward the casket and stop in front of it to pray.

Noticing the sudden change in expression on his mother's face change Chris asks, "Are you alright mom"?

"Yes, fine", she says while holding back her tears.

Chris and June show their mother to her seat and begin to look around as the people arrive for the ceremony. To Chris's amazement it's actually a very big crowd almost filling the church to capacity.

As the ceremony proceeds the priest begins to talk about Chris's fathers life and his mother begins to quitely cry. After a while emotion overwhelms Chris and June also and by the end of the ceremony they are all crying. The ceremony finally ends and Chris his mother and sister proceed the casket as it is wheeled out the church into a waiting hearse. When the door to the hearse finally closes Chris's mother wipes her eyes and says, "Come on we have to get to the cemetery", and leads them back to the car.

As the funeral procession slowly winds through town there is no sound in the car except the crying . Once at the cemetery the operator of the funeral home leads them to the gravesite and the ceremony begins again.

The priest asks Chris, June, and their mother to lay a rose on the coffin to end the ceremony. Finally the ceremony is over the people begin to leave and say thier goodbyes to the family, until Chris, June, and their mother are alone at the gravesite.

"Can you wait in the car girls I wan't a moment alone".

"Sure come on Chrissy".

June and Chris make their way back to the car. "You know Chris I'm worried about mom she's not doing well".

"Yeah I see what you mean", he says while looking out the car window to see his mother kneeling on the ground by the casket.

A few minutes later they see her pick her self up, brush off her clothes, and wipe her tears as if trying to pretend nothing had happened. She then retruns to the car and once inside says, "Ok let's go to the reception".

Again not a word is said on the way but knowing glances are shared between Chris and June.

They arrive at the reception hall and take up their positions to greet the well wishers. Many people pass by, many Chris and June don't know or remember but their mother seems to know them all. Finally Chris spots someone familiar.

"Walter what are you doing here".

"You know Walter Chrissy"? , asks Chris's mother.

"Yeah we've seen each other a few times".

"She can't stay away from me, you know us good looking old guys"!

"Walter here used to work with your father before he retired".

"Those were the good old days Martha".

"Thank you for coming it was nice to see you again Walter".

"Wouldn't have missed it and Chrissy you know where I am if you want to talk".

"What was that about Chrissy"? says his mother giving him a puzzled look.

"I'll tell you later".

Finally the last person is greeted and the recption begins unfortunately receptions tend to drag on for hours as no one wants to be the first to leave. After what seems like days Chris's mother comes up to Chris and June and says, "Why don't you two go home I'll be along in a little while".

"You sure mom"?

"Yes June go"!

"Ok come on Chrissy".

June and Chris leave the reception and begin walking toward home when Joan pulls up in her car. "Hey Chrissy", she yells while stopping the car in front of them. "Sorry I didn't see you at the reception must of missed each other somehow".

"Yeah I guess so Joan".

"Can I give you a lift home"?

"Sure thanks".

Chris and June get into the car and Joan begins to drive toward their house.

"Nice ceremony", she says.

"Yeah I guess it was", says Chris.

Not much else is said until they arrive at Chris's home.

"Thanks for the ride Joan", Chris says as he and June exit the car.

"No problem I'll call you tommorrow, alright"?

"Yeah thanks".

Joan drives away as they enter the house and plop down on the couch in the living room.

"You know she seems like a good freind to you Chris".

"I really never thought of it that way before but I guess you're right".

"Well are you going to do now just sit here like a lump on the couch or do something".

"I vote for sitting like a lump", says Chris.

"Sounds good to me, mind if we talk then"?

"Nah go ahead".

"Can we talk about your dressing up"?

"I guess so".

"I was just kind of wondering how far you were going to take this". "I mean it's easy to see that you can pass as a girl when you're all dressed up but what about other times"?

"What other times June"?

"Well I heard that Chrissy was going to highschool, right"?

"Yeah so"?

"I was wondering what you had planned to do about gym for instance".

"I don't have gym".

"How did you manage that Chris"?

"I'm doing something else in it's place".

"What would that be"?

In a voice almost to low to be heard Chris says, "I'm on the cheerleading squad".

"What I couldn't hear you".

"I'm on the cheerleading squad! Ok, happy now"?

"You're going to be a cheerleader after all the years you gave me grief for being a cheerleader, now you're going to be one, talk about justice".

"Ok get it out of your system it was Gwen that came up with that one not me".

"I'm sure you'll make a great cheerleader Chris, you have a perfect example to copy but seriously that won't entirely eliminate your problem you know".

"What problem is that June"?

"Like I said before outwardly you look like a girl but there will come a time when someone other than mom and me will see you naked and even though you're no Rocky you're still a boy".

"Gee thanks".

"I was just wondering if you had given any thought to that problem is all". "You know I might have some contacts at college that could help if you want".

"It's not something I've spent a lot of time worrying about June".

"Well maybe you should before it goes to far".

"Yeah maybe you're right, I'll think about it but for now I think I'll go to bed".

"I think I'll wait up for mom I'm kind of worried about her". "Goodnight Chris".

"Um. June you know you're not such a bad sister after all".

"You're not such a bad sister yourself Chrissy".

Chris goes upstairs to his room goes straight to the mirror and looks at his reflection. He sees the pretty girl he has gotten used to seeing and realizes that as June said he doen't have any problem passing when dressed up. Still standing in front of the mirror he removes the dress and lays it aside. Looking in the mirror again he still sees the same girl only this time in her underware. Finally he removes his bra and panties and looks in the mirror one more time. This time the reflection shows that he is definitley a boy and could never fool anyone into thinking otherwise in this condition.

He grabs a robe, puts it on and heads toward the bed. Sitting on the edge of the bed he begins to think about what has happened today and the reality of what he has just seen. He climbs onto the bed and lying face up stares at the canopy above him. For the rest of the night he will stare at that canopy while he tries to make sense out of the differing emotions that now seem to fight for control of his mind and body.

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