mermaid graphic - animated
by Lhynn Cooper
Chapter 34

I stayed in bed, with my tail, as long as possible, while Sam got ready. She showered, made breakfast and got dressed. In order to keep my tail as long as possible, I even took a quick bath as a mermaid. It was a struggle to get out of the tub because the water felt so good on my body. I even managed to spend a few minutes with my head submerged, breathing water. Finally I had to wash off and I dragged myself out of the tub and sat on the edge, drying off.

Sam came into the bathroom and said, "Hurry up, Terri, or we're going to be late. I've got some clothes laid out for you."

I changed back to human and quickly dried my hair. I found that Sam had laid out a skirt and blouse as well as some underwear for me. I put on the bra and pantyhose and then put on my makeup and Sam helped me with my hair. I put on the silky blue blouse, still fumbling with buttons on the wrong side of clothes. I stepped into the black skirt. It went a little farther down my legs than the dress I had worn the previous Friday, but not by much and it zipped up the back. It was also pretty snug through the hips and thighs. The shoes she gave me were black pumps with heels about two inches high. Not high enough to cause real problems, but I knew my feet would be tired by the end of the day.

Standing in front of the mirror, putting on some earrings, I stopped and looked at myself, suddenly realizing how strange my life had become. Less than a month before, I had been a big, strong male, whose morning routine was literally shit, shower and shave and then try to find a clean pair of socks to wear. Now I was wearing a skirt, pantyhose, high heels and makeup, and putting on earrings while less than an hour before I had been a mythical fantasy creature breathing water in the bathtub.

At work the day went by quickly. I found myself immersed in learning Margie's job, trying to remember names and tasks by the dozen. Margie asked if my period was over, and I told it was. Curious, I asked her why.

"I scheduled your physical for this afternoon." She said. "You know doctors won't do an exam if you've got your period, and the company requires a complete exam, the full works."

"Oh, yeah." Was all I could say at first, wondering why both her and Samantha made such a big deal out of a 'complete' physical exam? Another thought occurred to me, and I asked, "It wouldn't be a woman doctor by chance, would it?"

"Afraid not." Margie said. "But Dr. McNamara is pretty gentle and it's company policy that he has a nurse in with him."

"That's good to know." I said. Margie gave a slightly quizzical look, as though I hadn't given quite the right answer, but soon she was back to teaching me her job.

Lunch was, again, a welcome break. We ate with the same group of women as the day before, and I occasionally joined in the conversation. Several of the women were quite attractive, but I didn't even seem to notice it until one of those odd moments when I looked down at myself and suddenly realized I was wearing a skirt and I had tits pushing out the front of my blouse. I know it seems strange to say, but I was beginning to not notice that I was a woman.

Ever since my change into a mermaid and then my transformation into Sam's twin sister, I had been constantly aware that I was different then before. Even though being a mermaid had become my normal and quite comfortable form, I was still always aware of the differences from my male body. As both a mermaid and a human woman, I had become used to the different anatomy; the tail and fin with the slit on the front and at other times the slim, shapely legs and wider hips with the slit between them. However, I was continually aware that I was not who, or what, I had been before, and even though I was starting to get used to walking in pantyhose and heels I was always aware of the lack of my old male organs between my thighs. The feel of the weight of breasts on my chest had begun to feel normal, but I was always conscious of them, as well as being conscious of the fact that I had only recently acquired them.

At that point I realized that I had literally forgotten, for a few minutes, that I had once been a man. Not that I didn't remember it, of course, but for the first time since my change into mermaid Barbie, I hadn't been constantly aware of it, on a conscious level. I had never thought, up until then, that something like that would have been possible.

I looked at the most attractive woman in our group, a twenty-something blonde, with a figure at least as good as my own, who would have distracted me to no end if I had still been male. But, I had no obvious sexual reaction to staring at her body. She was dressed in a well-fitting pantsuit that only accentuated her figure, but looking at her and trying to imagine us together in bed, just didn't bring the response in my groin that would have happened in my old body. I didn't even seem to feel the same thing I had felt in my mermaid body when I looked at Samantha...., or Linda for that matter. Could Sam have been right last night, was I becoming a normal, (heterosexual?), woman?

Before I had time to explore that disturbing thought too far, lunch ended. I had hoped I would have seen Sam in the cafeteria, so that I could ask her what all would be involved in the physical exam, but I didn't see her or get a chance to call her. After a lengthy group-visit to the restroom, the girls split up and went back to their jobs.

Using a public restroom as a woman was something that I was still not used to, especially as a group activity. I had always considered restroom visits as a solitary activity to be carried out as quickly as possible, but these women seemed to consider it a social event as well as a team sport. Makeup was applied and hairdos repaired as well as carrying out the more personal activities that I used to do in private, while still carrying on conversations just as if we were still seated around a table. Sitting on a toilet with my pantyhose and skirt pulled down so I could pee, while listening to the occupants of the next two stalls discuss the best way to get a husband interested in sex instead of football on a weekend was eye-opening. Before I left the restroom, though, I also found myself checking my hair and reapplying a little lipstick.

Another eye-opener, later that afternoon, was the physical exam. After the nurse took the usual information about name, age, and address, I was weighed and measured. I had to take off my shoes and in my stocking feet, I was of course, the same height as Sam, five foot, seven inches. I found that I weighed one hundred and seventeen pounds in my skirt and blouse. The nurse handed me a white cloth gown, showed me into an examining room, and told me to undress and put it on. She instructed me to sit on the exam table and told me that the doctor would be there in a few minutes.

I started undressing but I wasn't sure if I should take off my underwear too. I wrapped the gown around me, and standing there with my bra and panties under it, I stuck my head out of the door and called to the nurse at the end of the hall. "Underwear, too?" I asked.

"Of course!" She said, giving me a look that made me feel like an idiot.

How the hell was I supposed to know? But, I meekly closed the door and stripped everything off. Then I sat on the table, which was quite cold.

It seemed like I waited an hour, and I was almost starting to shiver from the cool air blowing from a vent over my head, when I heard a hand on the door and in came the doctor with the nurse.

He was a large man with dark hair and bushy eyebrows, about fifty years old. He came over and shook my hand, introducing himself. His large, fleshy hand felt moist and dwarfed mine. He sat down at a little desk and took a clipboard from the nurse. He started to ask me questions about my medical history. I didn't know if Kathy had somehow manufactured a medical past for me, so I just answered 'No' to all the diseases he asked about. Some of them I had never heard of, and I assumed they only affected women.

He asked when my last period had ended, and I told him it had stopped just a couple of days before. "I guess we can safely say you're not pregnant, then, can't we?" He asked with a smile.

He wanted to know if I was 'sexually active', and I honestly answered that I was. I didn't bother to tell him that it was lesbian sex with my wife and my best friend's wife as well.

He finally finished with the paperwork, and began the actual exam. He asked me to open the gown, and I honestly felt a little nervous about doing so. This was the first time a man had seen me naked as a woman, unless you counted Bob, when I was a mermaid, and Bob just didn't seem to count.

He listened to my heart and lungs, looked in my eyes and ears, tested my reflexes, and took blood from my arm, just like a normal exam. The needle seemed to hurt more than I remembered, but I realized it must have been that my skin was more sensitive.

He asked when I had done my last breast self-examination. That question took me by surprise, and I just stuttered out, that it had been a long time, and that I couldn't remember exactly when.

He grunted and then said, "You should do that once a month, you know. Your not too young to start doing it."

"Okay, I'll try to do better." I told him.

He gently pushed my gown open a little wider and then he startled me by beginning to feel my breasts. I wasn't sure if this was normal or not, but the nurse didn't seem surprised, so I just sat there. It actually didn't feel bad at all to have his large, warm hands manipulating them. He moved his hands around, gently squeezing and feeling and I actually found myself kind of wishing he would spend a little more time on the nipples, where they were most sensitive.

"Okay, no discernable lumps." He said. I wasn't sure if he was talking to me or to the nurse, but she started writing on the clipboard. "All right, uh....., Terri, isn't it? Would you please lie back on the table now?" He walked around the table and stood at one end of it, pulling on a pair of thin, latex gloves.

I pulled my gown closed and turned and lay down. The paper covered table felt cold through the thin gown. I started to stretch my legs out, when he said, "Okay, miss. Just scoot down near the end of the table here, and put your legs up. I'll put the stirrups up for you."

I suddenly realized what was happening. It just had not occurred to me, that when Sam and Margie had both mentioned a 'complete physical, the whole thing', that they were referring to an internal gynecological exam. I was so shocked that I almost couldn't move. The doctor had raised the stirrups, and finally said, "Okay, Terri. Any time your ready, just put your feet up and we can get started."

"Is this really necessary?" I asked, in a small weak voice. My throat felt dry and I could almost feel myself beginning to sweat.

"Not to worry." He said. "I'll be as easy as I can. Just relax and it'll be over before you know it." I lifted my legs up and he guided my feet into the stirrups.

Lying there like that, with my feet up and legs spread, completely open and vulnerable, was just about the most embarrassing few minutes I have ever had. He sat down on a small stool and aimed a bright light right up between my legs. The gown up over my knees prevented me from seeing what he was doing.

Suddenly I felt his gloved hands on my inner thigh and then I felt something pressing against my vagina, trying to force it's way into my slit. Unconsciously, my muscles clenched and tightened. He leaned over sideways, looked at me and said, "Please relax, Terri. Those are some of the strongest muscles in the female body, if you keep exercising them like that, I can't do anything here. Just try and think of something else and forget I'm here. I promise you, it won't hurt."

His nurse came over and began to talk to me, obviously trying to distract and relax me. She started asking me about the type of job I was starting and mentioned that she remembered when my sister was in for her physical. Her conversation and my efforts at relaxation worked. I felt something cool and metallic slide into my slit. It was the strangest sensation I had ever had, except waking up with a fish tail. I felt him do something, and whatever it was that he had stuck into me, began to expand, forcing my vagina open. It didn't exactly hurt, but it was uncomfortable. I began to wonder just how wide open he was going to force it, when he stopped.

I could feel cool air on my crotch, and it felt like it was blowing right up inside me. I could feel his fingers around my mound and then I felt something inside, like he was probing around. In a few moments, the device began to contract and he pulled it out. I felt like I had been stretched all out of shape down there. He turned off the light, got up and said, "Okay, everything looks fine. You're healthy as a horse and you'll live forever." He pulled off his gloves, picked up the clipboard and said, "You're a picture of health. I wish all my patients were in as good a shape as you seem to be. Pending the results of the blood work, there's no reason for the company not to hire you. Do you have any questions?"

"Uh, no. I guess not." I said. "Is that it, then? Should I get dressed now?"

"Sure, unless you plan on going back to work like that. There some tissues on the desk over there, if you need them. The nurse will give you some papers to sign and I'll send my approval to the Personnel Office. Welcome to the company, Terri. Stop in and see us if you have any problems, healthwise, that is." He and the nurse left, and I got up off the table.

I felt wet and tender between my legs so I wiped myself with a tissue before I got dressed. Walking back to work, I almost felt as though I was walking differently, after being stretched so much. I hoped no one could notice. The old joke about women walking funny after being screwed, took on a new and not so humorous meaning. If intercourse, for a woman, was anything like what I had just been through, I wondered why any of them, (perhaps I should have said any of us), had sex at all.

I almost felt like I was going to pee in my panties so I made a quick trip to the restroom. Having to unbutton and unzip a skirt that fastened in back and pull pantyhose up and down each time I had to pee was beginning to be a lot of trouble. Sitting on the toilet, I pushed my clothing down far enough so I could spread my legs apart. I tried to see if everything was as stretched out as it felt, but it all looked normal, or as least as normal as I had become used to in the past few days. Even though I felt such a strong urge to urinate, it took awhile before I could relax and let it flow out. I spread my outer lips apart with my hands and watched the fluid come out, from the hidden, little opening down and behind my clitoris. It was odd, I thought, that it didn't come out from the end of the clitoris. If you looked at all the female parts, the clitoris was obviously the counterpart of the penis. They even looked somewhat alike. It was a lot smaller of course, and pulled back up against the body, but I would have thought the urine would come out from the end of the little thing, but it didn't.

When we were first married, I had come into the bathroom while Sam was at the sink, and used the toilet. She closely watched me and seemed fascinated by the sight of me standing there urinating. She had commented on how handy it seemed to be able to pee standing up and aiming into toilet. Later on that same evening, I had to go again, and as I stood in front of the toilet, she came quietly up behind me, and just as I was about to go, reached around me, grabbed hold of my penis and said she would aim for me. Naturally, as soon as she touched my dick, I started to get an erection, and it was a little while until it relaxed enough and I could go. It became a little newlywed game for awhile, I would stand there and she would aim, running the stream around the toilet, hitting the sides and the water.

Of course I had seen women sitting on the toilet before, but I had just never thought about where the urine came out. It always seemed logical to me that it would come out the end of the clitoris. It was just one of those things I had taken for granted. No wonder that even when I was a human woman, peeing felt different from how it had as a male. As a mermaid, it was a totally different sensation, coming from the back of my body rather than from between my legs.

Back at work, Margie asked if everything had gone all right. I told her it had, that I just wasn't expecting such a complete physical.

"I told you!" She said. "I don't like getting on of those, either, but the company requires it, and at least it's only for the hiring exam. Employees are given a physical only every three years after that, and those don't include the gyno' part. You can actually refuse it, if you put it in writing."

The odd, stretched-out feeling lessened over the afternoon and after work I waited in the car for Sam to come out. I saw Bob come out and get in his car, but he didn't see me. I didn't talk to Samantha at all on the way home until she finally asked what was wrong.

"Jeez...., Sam, you could have told me what they were going to do in that physical. I almost passed out when he told me to put my feet in those stirrups." I glanced over at her, and could have sworn she was trying hard not to laugh. "Laying there like that, wide open to the world while some stranger pokes around inside me, I don't think I've ever been so embarrassed! I felt so....., so......, violated!"

"I had to go through it, too, you know. All women do, now and then, it just comes with the body." She said, trying rather unsuccessfully not to giggle. "It wasn't all that bad, was it? Did he try and get fresh with you, or have you suddenly become a shy little virgin?"

I grunted and tried to act mad, but finally I relented and laughed with her. "I still think you should have warned me." I said. "Although, to be honest, it really wasn't any worse than having a doctor check your prostate. I've had that done a couple of times, and let me tell you, that's a real treat."

"Eeeeuuuwww...., sounds gross." Sam said, making a face. "I sure wouldn't know about that. I've heard, though, that there are guys, and even some women, who like having things stuck in there." She smiled again. "I've been lucky that no guy's ever asked me to do anything like that. I don't think I would like it at all."

"Well, you sure don't have to worry about me trying something like that." I said, looking down at my lap. "At least for the near future I'm just not equipped to handle that task."

"It's good to know that I'm safe for awhile." She said, and we both laughed.

It had been a long day, and even before we arrived home, I began to feel that little uncomfortable feeling in my legs that told me mermaid Barbie would soon be arriving. I would definitely have to keep better track of time.

At home, I tried to get a few things done quickly and then went to the bedroom to undress. I kicked off my shoes and took off my skirt and blouse. I peeled off my pantyhose just in time. As soon as I sat on the bed, I changed back into a mermaid, ruining another pair of panties. That pain, on top of the tenderness from the physical was getting to me. I tried concentrating, and managed to reacquire my legs for a few moments, but as soon as I relaxed the mental effort, my tail and scales returned. At least as a mermaid, the tenderness and stretched feeling were gone.

"You better get the wheelchair." I called out to Sam.

Later that evening, after dinner Sam and I were just sitting around. I was watching a little television and Sam was doing a little paperwork on the dining room table, when the phone rang. I was sitting next to it, so I answered. "Hello." I said into the receiver.

It was Sam's mother on the other end. She sounded confused and asked if Samantha was there. I didn't say anything more, I held out the receiver to Sam and whispered, "It's your mother."

We hadn't heard from them since the move, and they didn't really care for me anyway. I went back to watching television, and wasn't paying too much attention but I did catch Samantha saying, "That was just a friend, mother. She's over here tonight, keeping me company; Terry's out right now." There was a pause, then, "Her name is Terri, too, isn't that a coincidence. She works at the same company I do."

Then there was a long spell while Sam didn't say anything, but just listened. At one point, I heard her say, "Oh, my God! Is he all right?" Then she sat down and listened again for a long time. I turned off the television and watched her. She didn't look good.

Sitting across the room from me, I couldn't hear everything she said, but it was a long conversation. Finally I heard her say, "Are you sure he's okay?" Then she listened again for a while and finally she seemed to look better.

Finally I heard her say, "When is that, next weekend. You don't really have to do that. Are you sure that's the best thing?" Finally, she said 'goodbye', and hung up.

She just sat there for a few moments, and I asked, "What's up Sam, you looked worried?"

She paused a moment more and then said, "My father had a heart attack two weeks ago."

I was stunned and almost tried to get up, forgetting for a moment that I didn't have legs. As soon as I tried to stand on my tail, I realized what I was doing and wheeled my chair over to her.

She explained that it wasn't a very bad one, in fact the doctor had told them that it was just about as mild as could be and still be called a heart attack. She said he was fine and hadn't wanted her mother to call and worry us. She went on to explain that her father, who could be quite a hypochondriac, had decided that it was time to retire, while he still could and had decided that they would move out to the West coast, by us.

Money was not a problem to them, she said. In fact, her father had decided that they were going to come out and visit us and look for some property at the same time.

Then with a look of shock on her face, she said, "Mother said they're going to be here next weekend! They're flying out next Sunday!"

"Next weekend?" I exclaimed. "What are we going to do, Sam?"

"I just don't know, Terri." She said, looking like she was going to cry. "What are we going to tell them about you?"

"You've got to call them back and tell them not to come. They can't see me like this......., or.....," I paused. "Or, can they? What if we just tell them the truth, tell them the whole story? Once they get a look at me," I ran my hands up and down my tail, "They won't have any choice but to believe it."

"We can't do that, Terri." She said. "Mother said the doctor told her to keep my father relaxed and calm, to give him time to fully recover. You know how excitable he can get. If he sees you, I'm afraid it just might give him another heart attack. I nearly had one myself when I saw what happened to you, and we're a hell of a lot younger than he is." She got up and paced back and forth. "No..., no...., we have to think of something else."

"Well.....," I started. "What if I moved in with Bob and Linda for a while? You could tell them I'm out looking for a job, or that I had to go back East to finish something up from my old job. Maybe Kathy can get her daughter to change me back soon, and then I can come back?"

"I don't know......, I......, maybe, maybe not. Let's see if we can think of something else, I don't want to be here alone, when they come." She said, still pacing.
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