The Tenant
by Jan Williams


Chapter 2

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Copyright (c) 1998 by Jan Williams

Part II, The New Beginning

"Rick, are you asleep?"

"Huh, . . . no. I guess I was daydreaming. I was thinking about all we've been through in the past few months. Our marriage has been the only bright spot. It would have been difficult without you, very difficult."

"You're sweet, Rick. Lets take a shower and see if we can forget about those things, at least for the night."

"You can make me forget them in a minute," smiled Rick. "Then we can get a new start tomorrow."

"I want to suck your cock some more. I think I can almost get it in my throat without gagging now, I've been practicing."


"Yeah. I got a dildo and I've been practicing pushing it to the back of my throat. It's pretty stiff but I finally got it started into my throat, it took me a week before I didn't gag on it."

"You must really like doing it," smiled Rick. "I'm glad you do because I like for you to do it."

"According to our book, all it takes is practice, I just have to get used to it being in me. . . . Aggh. Almost. I went to fast."

"Try swallowing when you feel a gag coming on."

"Okay . . . yeah, that helps. This time should do it. Don't move, I want to just hold it there for awhile. . . . I did it, it went in my throat some. . . . I did it again. Once it starts in it goes easy, one more time. . . . I can do it. I took it all in. I need to finish you don't I."

". . . I'm cumming . . . ahhh, thank you. That was great. Did you like that, taking it in your throat?"

"Yes, It felt sort of sexy. I guess it felt good once I got it in there. I want to do it again tomorrow."

They got up the next morning, had breakfast and took a cab to 2316, Pine Ridge Drive to see what they had bought. The house would have been considered somewhat unusual anywhere but San Francisco with its steep hills. It was basically a surprisingly large one floor plan with the typical garage underneath, no yard to speak of and a small second floor apartment. The apartment was partly over the main house and partly on the ground where the hill rose steeply beside the main house. The part of the main house that was under the apartment had been dug into the hill and contained a small study and a recreation room with no windows on the side. There had been a stairwell up to the apartment but it had been walled off at the top and bottom when the apartment had been created from the original servant quarters.

They had one complication associated with the sale. The apartment was occupied by an elderly gentleman who had a lease that was good for another six months and they had agreed to let him stay. This had not seemed to be a problem since he had his own entrance. They felt they would probably not even notice him and could open up the stairwell after he had moved.

Rick paid the cab driver and unlocked the front door with the key the realtor had sent him. Rick opened the door and turned to Cindy, smiling as he picked her up and carried her into their new home. They inspected all the rooms and decided the house was as nice as they had been told. There was even a pool with a privacy fence, they would be comfortable here.

The moving van arrived a few minutes later and the men started to unload their furniture, Rick and Cindy scurrying around to direct where the various things were to go. It took most of the day to unload everything, a four-bedroom house contains a lot of furniture. They finally sat in the family room after the movers had gone and thought about all of the unpacked boxes. There was going to be more than they could possibly do the following day. The driver had given Rick the phone number of the local company representative and told him that someone could be provided to help them unpack. Rick called and arranged for two people to come the next morning and help them unpack, even the beds had to be setup.

One more night in the motel and they checked out, determined to spend the next night in their home even if they had to sleep on the floor. The unpacking went smoothly, professionals who almost knew which drawers things went in, mid afternoon and the house was livable.

Their tenant came down after the moving company people had left and introduced himself, a Mr. Daniel Johnson. He was a pleasant man, in his late sixties, retired from an antique importation company. He brought them a present, a "house warming gift" he called it. He said it would be nice for the bedroom. Rick had gotten the first essential item working in the kitchen, the coffee pot, and poured three cups. They exchanged pleasantries for awhile until 'Dan,' he said, had to leave.

It was supper time before they finally felt they could live with the rest of the mess and called a cab to take them to a restaurant, the driver's choice they told him. His choice was good and they enjoyed the meal, taking another cab home.

Several days past before they unwrapped Dan's gift. It was a windup clock of some sort with two separate clocks in a twin case. There were no instructions with it but the windup key was obvious and the clocks were set by moving the hands. They figured it was an alarm clock because there were two sets of hands. It turned out to be good for eight days and seemed to keep good time. It was a pretty clock with ceramic faces and a small figure at the base of each face, a man and a woman. It was mounted in an antique brass case with a glass door for each clock. Cindy set it on the dresser and then forgot about it.

The next two weeks were spent fixing up the house and getting the utilities assigned to the trust. The water, electric and gas meters were outside the house where they could be read.

It would be interesting to try and pay cash for every thing but Rick wanted to try it. The DEA could be a problem with their insistence on butting into people's cash transactions but Rick felt their few large purchases would not attract attention. The ATM in the local grocery store was a handy source of cash and worked well. There was simply no reason for anyone to come looking for them, not even the IRS. They simply didn't exist, even the mighty phone company had no record of them.

As far as Rick knew, the only person who knew where they had gone was George Jenson, and Rick asked him to keep it confidential. He laughed and said he would, he would make any payments due Rick to the trust.

Drivers' licenses would have presented a problem, however, taxi service was cheaper than car ownership in San Francisco, so they didn't buy a car to replace the ones they had sold in Connecticut.

"Well, Cindy, does it seem like home now?" asked Rick after supper.

"Yes," smiled Cindy as she came over and sat beside Rick on the sofa. "Are you happy with it?"

"Anywhere with you is fine with me, and this is certainly a pleasant enough place to be together."

"Lets go to bed early tonight," purred Cindy.

"Love to, you go ahead and get ready, I'll lockup."

"Rick, I wound the clocks again and set them, I had forgotten about it," said Cindy. "Look, these two little figures are loose, they just fit down in these holes."

"Yeah, wonder why there are so many holes? Eight, one in the middle of seven others. It's a snug fit," said Rick, picking up the man and trying it in the different holes. "You smell sweet, I'll be with you as soon as I finish my shower."

"I wonder how you set the alarm?" puzzled Rick as he came out of the bathroom. "Only one of these other hands moves at a time."

"Never mind playing with the clock, come over here and play with me."

"Thought you'd never ask," said Rick as he shut the clock door and went to the bed.

"You are ready aren't you," said Cindy.

"Yeah, I guess it is ready isn't it. What should I do with it?"

"Make love to me with it," smiled Cindy, pulling Rick down between her legs. "I'm ready for you now."

"That was good," said Rick as the contractions of Cindy's cunt drew the last of his cum into her trembling body.

"Was it ever, keep fucking me, that's it, rub it against my clit; it feels so hard, so big, don't use your mouth, make me cum with your cock."

Rick felt like he could just keep on and on as his strokes became faster and harder, driving full length to meet each thrust of Cindy's pelvis until they both came again.

"I've never been this hot before, your cunt feels so good, I can't get enough of it; keep me in you and roll over on top of me, that's it, sit up, fuck me like you did before."

Cindy slowly raised her hips, nibbling at his cock-head with the lips of her cunt, moving slowly up and down, taking in bigger bites with each nibble until her cunt rested full on him; the tenderness of her clit faded as his cock filled her, leaving only pleasure as she slid her clit back and forth over his pubis; the sliding drawing his cock in and out of the warmth of her body as she brought their orgasms to their climax.

Cindy stayed there, impaled on his cock, savoring the pleasurable tenderness of her clit as she held it tight against him, rocking gently back and forth like she had learned to do until only the pleasure remained; leaning forward to lay her breasts in his hands, feeling the excitement of her sex in her breasts as he caressed and massaged them, sliding herself slowly back and forth against the hardness of his cock. Her head was thrown back now, eyes closed as she toyed with the hairs on his chest, hardening his nipples with her fingers as she reached for the climax of her orgasm, many wonderful minutes away.

The sound of a tinkling bell jarred her from her peaceful rest on his chest.

"What was that? Did you set the clock's alarm?" she asked as she lifted her breasts off his chest to rub them and then lay back again.

"I don't think so, I just moved one of the hands but I didn't turn anything on."

"You hard's gone, it slipped out of me," sighed Cindy as she kissed him and rolled off onto her side. "How did you keep it up like that?"

"I don't know, I've never had one last that long before. It just didn't seem to want to go down, and my orgasm was just as strong each time."

"Think I can get it hard again?"

"You can try."

"Maybe this will do it," she said as she slipped between his legs and took his flaccid cock in her mouth.

"This will help, the taste of your pussy always turns me on. Lets do it side by side."

"Cindy can almost talk with a mouth full of cock" thought Rick as he listened to her gentle sighs and cries of delight when those certain places were caressed by his tongue and lips. He felt his cock slip past the bend at the back of her mouth and start down into her throat, her lips and teeth nibbling at the base of his cock while his tongue thrust up into her body; their hands on each others head, pressing his cock and tongue toward a dreamed of rendevous somewhere in the middle of her body, not met as she withdrew to breathe and try again.

Her hands moved his lips to her clit as she sensed the rise of his orgasm, urging him on to make her body shudder in time with his; taking his cum into her mouth to taste of his climax as it flowed over her tongue to be savored and swallowed. Resting now, her head on his thigh as his cock grew limp and slipped from her mouth.

"That was nice," she said as she crawled up to lie against his chest and kiss his open mouth, "but it went right down."

"That's what it's supposed to do."

"Well, why didn't it do it before?"

"Maybe the timer on the clock kept it up until the bell rang," laughed Rick, "you know, like your kitchen timer."

"Don't be silly."

"Well, it went down when the bell rang didn't it. Sex is mostly in your mind, if my mind said stay up until the bell rings it'll stay up until the bell rings."

"All right, do it again."

"If I can do it again, can you take it?"

"Try me, what did you do to the clock?"

"I just moved one of the hands, I'll show you . . . see, I moved this hand to one o'clock and shut the door like this."

"Yeah, and your cock did just like that," said Cindy pointing to Rick's rising cock.

Rick wanted to open the clock door but he couldn't move toward it, all he could do was go back to the bed and sit on the edge.

Cindy opened the door and moved the hand back until the little bell rang. She looked at Rick and they both watched his cock slowly go down.

"All in your mind huh."

"Well, that clock sure didn't do it."

"Why didn't you move the hand back?"

"I wanted to but I couldn't do it."

"What do you mean you couldn't do it?"

"Just that, I could not move toward it, I wanted to but I couldn't do it."

"Just sit there, I'm going to move the hand . . . nothings happening."

"Shut the door . . . that did it, it's getting hard again, turn it off!"

Cindy opened the door and moved the hand back, his cock started back down.

"Bring me that strong magnifying glass of yours will you," asked Cindy as she turned on the table lamp and opened the clock door.

"Here, what are you looking for?"

"Anything I can find I guess, you moved the little man . . . see, it was in the middle like this, look at this! Around the edge of the hole you put the man in . . . it says 'Mann Ertragen.' The other holes on that side say 'Mann Verlangen' and Mann E + V. The other side says 'Fraulein,' 'Fraulein Ertragen,' 'Fraulein Verlangen' and 'Fraulein E + V.' That's German, male endurance, male desire and male E + V; female, female endurance, female desire and female E + V," said Cindy, "The E + V must be endurance plus desire."

"Let me see the other side where the woman is . . . it says the same thing except it's a mirror image. The holes aren't the same size either, the woman won't go in the holes on the man's side."

"Rick, What do you know about Dan?"

"Nothing except he's lived upstairs for years . . . he did say this gift would be nice for the bedroom, didn't he?"

"Yes, I think so. Do you think he knows about this?"

"I bet he does, why else would he say it would be nice for the bedroom?"

"Why would he give such a gift to us? I'm scared to see what it would do to me."

"You don't need any additional endurance," laughed Rick, "I can't keep up with you on my best day."

"I can fix that now," said Cindy as she put the man in its male endurance hole, moved the clock hand and shut the door. "Nothing's happening, it's not getting hard."

"Let me try it . . . there."

"Oh no, look at that," cried Cindy as she stared at Rick's cock. "It's getting bigger, I can't get that thing in me. Now it's getting smaller. Quick, look in the mirror, you're getting different all over. You put it in the 'male desire' hole, I'm going to turn it off . . . there."

"I know why it did that," blushed Cindy, "sometimes I fantasize about you, I dream about you being a big handsome hunk with big muscles and a big cock. That thing was responding to my 'desire.' It won't do anything to you if you don't set it yourself, that's why you had to turn it on."

"Cindy, remember my question about who gets the most out of fucking?"

"Yeah, we talked about it a lot. I remember our experiment where I wore you out. I guess I wondered how you felt when you fucked me, you seemed to enjoy it so much."

"I enjoyed it so much! Did you ever listen to yourself when you cum?"

"I guess I do don't I," laughed Cindy, "Why?"

"I know I asked who feels best but there's more to my question. I always wondered how it felt to you when my cock slid in you and how you felt when you reached your climax, how it felt when I sucked your breasts."

"It feels good," smiled Cindy. "We decided we'd never be able to answer the question."

"Well, watch this thing and turn it off if it gets out of hand; I may get to find out," said Rick as he moved the man to 'female' moved the hand a little and shut the door.

Rick turned and looked in the mirror. His image flickered like a reflection in the ripples of a pool of water and he saw a young woman staring at him. She looked like she could have been his twin sister. Rick turned and faced Cindy, she was frozen in place, eyes and mouth open wide.

"Touch me," said Rick reaching out his hand to her. "Feel me all over. Is this real?"

Cindy touched his hand, then gently ran her fingers up his arm to his face and long hair, down to his breasts and then between his legs.

"What do you feel there? Rub my clit, stick your finger in my cunt. Is it real?"

"I don't know what to say, you're a woman. Can you feel me touch you?"

"So that's what it feels like to have something stuck in your cunt!" exclaimed Rick just as the bell tinkled.

He turned quickly and saw himself in the mirror, smiling as he realized what they had sitting on the dresser.

"Rick, what are we going to do with this thing?"

"How about using it."

"Why do we need it?"

"Do you like to fuck?"

"You know I do, silly, we do it all the time."

"Have I ever been able to satisfy you, I mean fuck you until you didn't want any more? We tried it once and I gave out on you."

"Well, I guess we always fuck enough so that I feel good about it."

"Suppose I could fuck you every night until you didn't want to do it again and then let you suck my cock until you had enough of that, every night."

"What a way to go," smiled Cindy. "We could change genders and find out who got the most out of it. We could take turns fucking each other until we had enough on both sides."


"I could make your cock as big as I wanted it to be couldn't I."

"I'd just put it in you and you could make it fit your cunt . . . any way you wanted it to."

"Yeah, lets try it, easy at first," said Cindy.

"I want to find out how it feels to be fucked first, I want to change into my twin sister and I want you to change and fuck me."

"You're serious aren't you!" exclaimed Cindy.

"Just watch me . . . 'female' . . . one hour, on." . . . "Now, you set your clock for 'male endurance,' one hour, and shut your door," said the tall brunet in her sultry voice.

"What do you think I'll look like?"

"Like your twin brother I guess."

Rick watched Cindy set her clock and then shut the door. Her body sort of rippled outward from her navel, turning into a handsome male with a hard-on. They looked at themselves in the mirror, still thinking this whole thing was a dream.

"How do you feel, Cindy?"

"I don't know, okay I guess, sort of 'unfamiliar.'

"Do you feel like a man or a woman?"

"I don't know, like a man? How does a man feel?"

"Does it feel strange to have a cock and no breasts?"

"Not really. But there's two parts to my mind now. There's one part that thinks every thing is just fine, and another, way off in the distance somewhere, that sort of remembers the feeling of having a cunt and breasts. How about you?"

"Not the same, I feel like a guy with tits and a pussy. Look at the clocks, are they set the same?"

"Yes . . . no, my figure is turned toward yours and yours is looking the same way, away from mine."

"Well, I asked for this, have your way with me sir," said Rick demurely.

Cindy smiled at Rick's comment as she lowered her male body over Rick's female body. Rick held Cindy's cock and tried to guide it into her. This was not going the way he had hoped it would. The thought of a cock being shoved in him was not all that appealing at the moment.

"Play with me some first, like I do with you."

"Close your eyes and squeeze your breasts," said Cindy, "try to imagine you're a woman."

Cindy ran his hand through Rick's long hair and closed his mouth over Rick's lips, probing with his tongue while he reached for her breast to massage its nipple to hardness. The kiss was becoming pleasant to her as Rick let the feelings of her body overcome the reservations of her mind. The hot lips and tongue slithered down past the hollow of her throat to suck in her nipple and nurse it, one, then the other before continuing on to her belly and thigh; lingering there in that tender crease beside her vulva. Rick felt the wetness of a woman's passion between her legs, strange new feelings deep within her as that hot tongue seared deep into her cunt; then up her vestibule to strike a fire in her clit, soothing it as his lips closed around it to take it into his mouth for a moment. Cindy's face and body slid slowly across Rick's clit as Cindy returned to flick his tongue into Rick's open mouth, his cock probing the entrance to the slick warmth of her cunt; entering easily now, exciting those dreamed of nerves deep within her to give pleasure she never dreamed could exist, her legs wrapped around Cindy's thighs to press that cock full in until their bodies came together. Cindy rubbed his pubis slowly over Rick's clit, movements felt deep in her cunt as his cock circled around within her; back out to tease and probe her cunt lips before thrusting in to excite her clit again with his pubis, again and again. Two strangers to love, finding their way carefully until the thrusts were sudden and full, Rick's hips lifting her tilted vulva to accept the full length of Cindy's thrust as his cock rippled through the inner folds of Rick's cunt; pubis and clit rubbed together again until the folds of her cunt closed behind the slowly withdrawn cock, emptiness for a moment until she was filled again, in - rub - out in - rub - out in - rub - out, again and again. Each thrust fueling the fire of her orgasm until it erupted deep within her, waves of euphoric ecstacy radiating throughout her trembling body with each contraction of her cunt; no sudden fall from this Plateau, a need to be held tightly, kissed and caressed until her mind cleared and the thrusts could begin again; begin before her passions ebbed.

Rick heard the tinkling bell and felt Cindy's breasts nestle between hers as her cunt suddenly emptied.

"How was it? Do you think you'd like to have a cunt permanently?"

"If yours is like this one, I don't see how you kept from fucking me all night," smiled Rick. "I didn't realize your whole body felt your orgasms, I even felt it a lot in my breasts, and it lasts so long. How did it feel to you?"

"Completely different. I shook all over but the sensations of the orgasm seemed to be concentrated in my pelvic area. It felt great and I felt completely satisfied afterwards. It was over so quick, after I came it was like a switch was turned off. No wonder you can fuck me and then roll over and go to sleep. My cock felt a lot like my clit but not as intense. It really felt great as the whole thing slid up inside you, the deeper I got the better it felt," replied Cindy. "I think I know how you felt. I sort of grew into mine as I got older. I masturbated myself to get my first one. It was good but they soon got a lot better. Some women's are so intense they pass out for a few moments."

"I guess my clit did feel a lot like my old cock but I'd rather have you suck on my new clit than my old cock. Did you have any problem making love to a woman?"

"No, not at all. I didn't even think about it. Did it bother you, having a man make love to you?"

"Yeah, a lot until you got me hot. It never went completely away. I want to turn my figure and try it again. My bell hasn't rung yet, what's the clock read?"

"My guess is you've got until tomorrow noon. You moved the shorter hand and I think that's for days, the longer one's for hours."

"I should be able to turn it off, it's not set for 'desire' . . . yeah, I can move it . . . wow, just like that and I've got my cock back. How about a little snack and then you fuck me for another hour?"

"Glad to oblige, I think I'll turn my figure and see if it makes me feel like you did."

"Aren't you going to put something on?" asked Rick as Cindy walked toward the kitchen.

"Why, I'll just have to take it back off; I pulled the blinds."

"Women don't have any problems walking around naked like men do."

"Why do men have a problem?"

"When I see a pretty woman, I think about sex and when I think about sex, this flag pole rises to let everyone know what I'm thinking about. See, you've got it up now."

"Come on, finish your drink and I'll see what I can do about your flag pole."

"Got yours set, Cindy? Look in the mirror while you shut the door and watch the change . . . see, your image sort of shimmers, just a flicker and you've got a new body. Everything changes, shoulders, hips, butt. See your flag pole?"

"Yeah, cute isn't it. I think I feel like you did now, I wouldn't have said 'cute' before and I'm not attracted to you sexually nearly as much as I was before."

"I'm okay this time," said Rick as he reset his clock using desire this time. "It's like you described. The feeling of being a man is like a distant memory. It's strange though, it's sort of like part of my mind is way off in the distance watching me. I really want that cock in me this time, my pussy's getting wet."

"You're a woman all right, that's a female 'hard-on,'" laughed Cindy.

"You always liked to suck my cock didn't you?"

"Yeah, I think I always liked it. The thought of taking your cock into my body was always pleasant. Taking it in my mouth felt really intimate the first time I did it, it feels good to just hold it there and in my throat too now that I can do that. It really turns me on when I feel it starting to pulse and your cum shoots into my mouth."

"I want to suck yours. Could you eat me again? We could do 69."

"I don't think it will bother me, I liked it when I did it just now, women don't have as much of a problem with that as men do. Side by side?"

"Yeah. See if you can keep me from gagging so I can take it into my throat."

Rick thought about how Cindy sucked his cock, remembering the things she did. It felt soft and warm as her lips closed over its head, that pleasant wetness building in her vulva as she slowly drew it in, filling her mouth, how far could she take it? Slowly probing, deeper and deeper, almost to the back of her throat now.

"Swallow, try to swallow," said Cindy, "let it rest there for awhile and then keep going, you can do it. Your pussy tastes good, I'm okay."

Rick tensed as she felt Cindy's lips close over her clit and draw it into his mouth for his tongue to flutter over its little head, better this time as her woman's mind responded to the touch of a man. Cindy's cock reached the back of her throat, hard to breathe now but the feeling of a cock filling her mouth for the first time was good; slowly back to its head to suck and caress it before probing the limits of her throat again, deep into it this time as Cindy's tongue entered her cunt, playing with each other to suck and probe. Sucking hard on his cock, slipping it in and out of her mouth and throat as she followed the movements of her clit in and out of Cindy's mouth, sensing the tenseness building in Cindy's body as her own orgasm rose to its climax; sucking harder now, keeping it in her mouth as the faint taste of cum suddenly became a flood from his pulsing cock and flowed over her tongue, swallowing it down into her shuddering body. Rick licked the cum from Cindy's cock, sucking it clean like she was sucking the juice off a popsicle; holding it in her mouth, savoring its taste and texture as she sucked the last dribbles of cum from his cock.

"Did you like it, Rick?"

"Yeah, It's sexy as hell isn't it."

"I always thought so, ready for a good fuck?"

"Always," purred Rick as she spread her legs. "Just once though, then I want to change the clock settings."

No hesitation this time, only desire as she took his cock in her hand and guided it to the lips of her cunt. "Fuck me," she whispered, pressing against his cock, feeling his cock-head enter her, its length gliding into her body as he thrust it deep within her and held it there. It felt so right, wonderfully right as she lay there with his cock full in her, not moving for awhile; no excitement, just a wonderful fullness as they held each other. Long slow strokes now, massaging her clit with his pubis; his strokes becoming sudden thrusts as he felt his orgasm building, the exotic movements of the lothario not learned yet as he thrust deep into her, again and again until their shared climax erupted once more.

"How do you want it set?"

"I want to go back to male, set it for endurance plus desire and let you change me to the way you fantasied about. I want you to do the same for your settings."

"I can't wait to see how you want me to be. Will I have big breasts?"

"You'll see . . . okay, shut your door and watch in the mirror."

"You didn't change me all that much. I knew it, my breasts are bigger, firmer and higher up. They don't sag anymore either, they're okay though, they look nice. You made my hips wider!"

"Yeah, just a little to make you look sexier, I opened up your birth canal. Look at your profile. See, your breasts are fuller where they blend into the upper part of your chest, it really gives you cleavage with an open neck dress or blouse."

"You tilted my pelvis forward and up a little. It feels a little strange but it looks okay, sort of sexy in a way. I like the way you did my calves, I always thought they were too thin."

"You didn't change me much. I thought my cock would be enormous."

"I've got to get it in me first and fit it to me, to my cunt and throat."

"I could change your throat some if you need it."

"This is great," giggled Cindy, "lets see how much I can get in my throat first."

Rick felt his cock getting thicker and longer as Cindy moved it around in her mouth and throat. She took it out and looked at it.

"Okay, I want to curve it up a little more. There, that should be enough. Now, make my neck a little longer and open up the entrance to my throat a little more, toward the front. Get that dental mirror from the bathroom. . . . Look at where my tongue leads down into my throat. Flatten that part out a little so it'll be easier to get your cock down into my throat. Lets try that."

Cindy got into her Cindy on top 69 position and swallowed Rick's cock. Rick felt it getting thicker and longer again as Cindy took it in and out of her throat, finally holding it all the way in for a few seconds before she took it out and looked at her self in the mirror.

"How's my neck look? Could it be any longer?"

"Maybe a little, it always was a little too short . . . that looks good."

"Lets try it again."

Cindy held his cock all the way in again and lengthened it some more.

"I'm going to hang my head off the end of the bed. I want you to thrust your cock all the way in me, as far as you can and hold it there, do it hard a few times, just don't bruise my lips."

Rick had never fucked her throat before, he never dreamed she would want him to. Cindy moved her head around and Rick worked his cock around until it just wouldn't go in any farther. He held it there while Cindy made her final adjustments and then took it out.

She smiled up at Rick as he bent down to kiss her upside down mouth. It felt nice as they thrust their tongues all the way in each others mouth, playing with their tongues as they lay flat together.

"Try your cock in my cunt. How do we get back like this again?"

"Don't know, file it away in our minds somehow I guess."

"I'm going to call it my 69 version," smiled Cindy, "you call yours the same."

"Go slow now, I don't know if my cunt is as long as my throat or not. That's it, get your crotch tight against mine, tilt it up a little, get it all in. It's touching the top of my cunt, can you feel it?"

"Yeah, feels nice."

"Thrust it in some, do it hard . . . that's it. Keep it up for awhile, I'm going to make it thicker. Ohhh, that's it, fuck me, come on, fuck me hard . . . try to press your cock up against my clit, Ohh, I can feel its head pushing back and forth in my cunt when you do that, hold me tight, kiss me, I'm cuming."

"Don't stop, fuck me again . . . do it for yourself . . . I'm going to make it bigger . . . that feels wonderful . . . harder, ah ah ah ah ah ahhhh . . . leave it in me, don't let me go."

"I'm going to call that my fuck version," sighed Cindy as she came back to earth.

"Take it out and let me look at it. Look at that thing! I had that in me?"

"All of it, and it was great from my side too," said Rick. "Sit on my thighs and hold my cock against your belly."

"Its head is up to my navel! Let me sit on it . . . There, it's all the way in, all the way up to here," said Cindy punching her navel in hard as if she was trying to feel its head before she lifted herself up off of it. "How big is it?"

". . . Nine inches long and two and a half wide," replied Rick as he returned the ruler to the desk drawer. "Can you change it back to your 69 version?"

"Yeah, there it is. now your fuck version . . . you've got it."

"Cindy, how's our food supply?"

"I just went shopping, we've got plenty. Why?"

"I want us to change genders for two days."

"You're serious, aren't you?"

"Yes, I want to see what it really feels like to be a woman."

"It could take longer than two days . . . we could always reset the timer couldn't we."

"How do we do this?"

"What do you mean? Oh, I have to turn yours off."

"I couldn't even ask you to do that, I was really under your control. I'll turn yours off," mused Rick.

"Okay, 'Fraulein E + V, two days' and shut the door. Your turn," said the tall brunet.

"'Mann E + V, two days' and shut the door."

"What's your name? I feel silly calling you Rick. Call me Chris."

"How about Ruth."

"Hi, Ruth, how about a fuck."

"Sounds good Chris, climb aboard for a fitting. It goes in easier if it's curved up a little doesn't it, there. All the way in, move it in and out a little. There, that's touching. Now, in and out while I make it bigger, ohhh, that's great. Tilt my pelvis some like I did yours . . . now all the way in. Better, you like it?"

"Love it, a little change in your breasts. Sit up on me so I can see how they hang. I'm going to give you big ones so you can find out how it feels to have those things hanging on your chest," grinned Chris.

"I like them," smiled Ruth as she cupped them in her hands. "Can you make them responsive to your touch? It's how they respond when you play with them that really matters. Suck on them while you do it. Something's happening, that feels great. It makes my cunt tingle. This is our transgender fuck version, right."

"Yeah, we'll work on our transgender 69 version later. Do you like doing that?" asked Chris as Ruth slowly rocked back and forth on his pubis.

"Yeah, I'm going to keep this up 'till I cum. Does it feel good to you?"


"Hold my breasts," breathed Ruth as she leaned forward, "make love to them."

Her clit was on fire as she slid it back and forth over his pubic hair, each stroke moving his cock from side to side in her cunt until she fell from the giddy heights of her climax; collapsing on Chris' chest, her mind lost in the afterglow of her passion.

"Did you cum?" asked a groggy Ruth. "I don't remember much after my climax started, the pleasure was so intense I think I lost touch with reality."

"No, not quite but I've kept it alive?"

"I can fix that," said Ruth as she moved her feet to squat over his cock.

She rocked back and forth on her feet, sliding her cunt up and down on his cock; Chris thrusting up to meet each stroke, harder and harder until she felt his cock pulsing his cum into her, his thrusts slowing until he lay still under her. Ruth lowered herself to the bottom of his cock and started to rock again until she collapsed onto his chest once more.

"Roll me over and fuck me," whispered Ruth as she moved her mouth from his hungry lips to his ear.

They rolled together, Ruth impaled on Chris' cock for two hours now. Chris started to thrust deep into Ruth as she met his thrusts, their thrusts harder, almost violent, again and again until they came together; Ruth's eyes were closed, a smile on her lips, her breathing rapid. Chris pulled his cock from within her and pressed his ear between her breasts, listening to her heartbeat, waiting for it to slow.

Ruth stirred, smiling at Chris as she reached up to hold his face between her hands and then turned to lie in his arms.

"Put your cock back in my cunt, let me lie here with it in me," whispered Ruth.

"This is really something isn't it," said Ruth as she ran her fingers through Chris' hair.

"Unbelievable. Do you realize I've had a hard-on for three hours now. Is it going to stay this way for two days?"

"I sort of control your body don't I? Maybe it's my desire for you that's keeping it up, but then it's your desire for me that's keeping me so hot. Lets uncouple and go get a drink, I'll put a robe on this time."

"Me too, how about a glass of light wine?"

"Sounds good to me."

"This wine is good, I like it," said Ruth.

"Me too, how do you like being a woman now?"

"It's only been three hours. The sex is unbelievable. I knew women's orgasms were good but I never expected them to be this intense, and to be able to cum again and again. The physical part is different, I feel funny when I walk and my butt feels enormous. Going to the bathroom sure is different, having to sit down to pee was interesting and then I had to wipe myself. The long hair is a pain."

"How do you like those big breasts I gave you?"

"I love them, they're not too big at all. I like to feel them bounce when I walk."

"Do you want them bigger?"

"I don't want them to look ridiculous but they could be bigger. You be the judge, make them as big as you think they could be without being obscene. . . . Yeah, fuller at the top, I like that. How big are they?"

"I'll have to get my tape and measure them. . . . Your bra size is 34 D and your bust is 38, you'll stand out in a crowd."

"Hey! My hard-on's gone."

"I've been working on it. As long as I don't want you to fuck me, it'll stay down, but you've got to stop wanting me to let you fuck me."

"How do you like being a man?"

"I guess it's the same answer, the sex is great. I don't see why you ever complained about it not being intense enough. The sensation is completely different, but when I cum I'm completely satisfied. The urge comes back again and then I fuck you and go back to sleep," laughed Chris. "My body is nice, I think it'll be easy to care for and you guys do have a handy pisser."

"How about your mind. Do you miss being a woman?"

"That's a hard one. It's probably too early to tell but I don't think so. I pretty much remember being a woman and all the feelings that went with it, but I'm a man now and those things no longer matter to me. How about you?"

"The same I guess. I was satisfied to be a man but the curiosity about how it would feel to be fucked and what it really felt like to be a woman got to me. Now I know how the sex feels both ways and I guess I like the female version better, but I'm not sure the tradeoff's are worth it."

"What tradeoff's?"

"Having periods, loss of strength, pantyhose, GETTING PREGNANT! You could make me pregnant!"

"Take it easy, I was on the pill. Take one of mine and you won't ovulate, no periods, no pregnancy."

"It's getting late. I want to suck your cock before we go to sleep, how about some 69?"

"We said we would work on our transgender 69 versions didn't we."

"How am I going to do this? I'm not sure I've done this enough to be able to take you in my throat without gagging."

"I bet if I want you to, you'll be able to do it. Get on top of me and lets try it. You've got to make my cock a lot smaller first. . . . That's it, now take it in as far as you can. Okay, it's at the back of your throat, tilt your head way back, take a deep breath, and push your throat down over it. . . . You did it, now take it out."

"I did do it didn't I. It felt sort of good too."

"I'm going to do the same things to your neck and throat that you did to mine. Sit up straight and hand me that mirror. I'll make your neck a little longer . . . that looks nice. Now the entrance to your throat . . . does that feel okay?"

"Yeah, it doesn't feel any different."

"Now, make my cock fit your throat. Make it as long as you can take, just like you did for your cunt, and then make it wide enough to feel good. Yours feels best to me when it really fills my throat, as big as I can make it and still get it in comfortably."

"That's right, get your teeth down tight against my groin, get some of my scrotum in. Come back up and take a deep breath, then, when you get it all in, make it longer until you feel it pressing against the bottom of your throat. That's it, I can feel the bottom. Now work on it until it feels good when it slides in and out, nice and full. You're going to make me cum, take it in your mouth this time. Ohhh, that's so good, that feels good to me but you do it for yourself. . . . Back to work. Last step, head back off the bed and lets check it. Put a little more curve in it near the end. It goes in easily now, can you feel it touch bottom when I do this? . . . Make it long enough so you can feel it touch. . . . That's it."

"I liked it when we kissed upside down before, do it again. I like it, our tongues together like that. Chris, what would we do if we had to stay like this?"

"I don't know, I guess it would be okay. Would it bother you?"

"What about Cindy and Rick and their marriage?"

"That's us, I'm Cindy and you're Rick. We're married."

"You would never prove that in a court of law. We killed them, disposed of their bodies and took over their house and money. You could prove that."

"I love you, Ruth. Do you Love me?"

"Of course I do, I love you, Chris and I always will. Now turn around and let me suck that delicious looking cock of yours."

"Not until you kiss me 'upside down' again."

The kiss lasted a long time before Chris moved his lips and tongue to the hollow of Ruth's throat and then to her breasts, bathing them with his tongue; her vulva wetted by her rising passions as he nursed her nipples while she nursed his. Tongues flicking in their navels while hands explored bush and muff, his tongue tickling the crease of her thigh and vulva while she pressed his cock to her cheek and lips. His hard cock beckoning her soft wet lips to slide down over its head while he drew her clit between his lips, tongues flicking to excite cock and clit; hollow cheeks drawing his cock deeper into her mouth until her labored breathing slowed its entrance, a deep breath and her lips were buried in his bush, pressed to his groin by her teeth. His cock-head against the bottom of her throat, while his tongue strained within her cunt to join his cock. Her lips and tongue slithered the length of his cock as she raised her head and then slowly back to its base, her hart racing as her throat filled with his cock again and again. Lips and tongues and mouths caressing, flicking, sucking cock and clit; orgasms, fueled by the fire of their passions, slowing their upward spiral as mouths moved from the centers of their sex to tease, returning quickly to fan the flames and then away to tease. She felt his lips nibbling her labia, his tongue lapping down the depth and length of her slit as she took his sack into her mouth; drawing it in until her lips and teeth closed behind his balls, gently pulling on them as his tongue thrust into her cunt. Her lips closed around his cock-head as he drew her clit into his mouth and flicked his tongue over its tiny head, too far now to hold back any longer; her hand pressed his face to her as she plunged his cock into her throat, taking it in and out full stroke as her clit fluttered in and out of his mouth; twirling her lips over his cock-head, taking it in deeper, feeling his tongue strike sparks on her clit as she sucked the first traces of cum from his cock. His cock starting to pulse out his cum as the contractions within her cunt sent those overpowering waves of euphoric ecstacy rippling through her body; dimly aware of his shuddering body as she swallowed the cum that had flowed over her tongue and took his cock-head to the bottom of her throat, feeling its last pulse shoot his cum down to her stomach.

The need to breathe forced her to release his cock out into her mouth where she held it until her mind could focus on the gentle caressing of her clit. She felt his hands resting lightly on her head, caressing her cheeks and hair, then holding her head as he thrust his cock to the bottom of her willing throat. She pressed his face tightly to her vulva as she felt his fingers enter her cunt to rekindle the smouldering embers of her passion.

There seemed to be no end to their desire, one orgasm only fading before another was started; they had to decide to stop and rest.

"I never dreamed such sex was possible," said Ruth, "I don't ever want to stop, I have to force myself to just lie here in your arms."

"I still have my hard-on."

"I know, I can't help it, I still want you. Chris, I just want to lie back with my eyes closed while you eat me, please, just once this time."

"Put these pillows under your hips and relax."

His fingers gently spread her labia for his open mouth to kiss her cunt lips, his tongue thrusting deep within her, probing, tasting as he fucked her with his tongue. She smiled as she felt his tongue slowly slithering up the depth of her slit, pausing to probe her meatus with its tip before moving on to her clit; gently licking it, harder as she raised her vulva to him. His tongue licked her outer lips from clit to cunt and then back to her clit to flick it, back down between her lips on one side and back up the other for a quick suck of her clit. She moaned as he French-kissed her cunt again, sighed as the flat of his tongue lapped the length of her slit to her clit. Her hands pressed him to the thrust of her crotch as his mouth closed over top of her vulva, drawing her clit and hood in for his tongue to caress and flick; lips holding only her hood now while he sucked her clit from its cover to flick his tongue over it and let it slip back, sucking it in and out as he fucked his mouth with it. Her head was thrown back, eyes closed, faint murmurings coming from her open mouth as she squeezed her breasts. She reached for his head as he moved down to thrust his tongue into her cunt, pulling him back to her clit and pressing his face tight to her vulva. He slid his hands up the crease of her thighs, slipping his thumbs into her cunt as he drew her clit into his mouth once more. Her head rolled from side to side as her hands held him to her writhing pelvis, incoherent now as her body shuddered with each contraction of her cunt; holding his head tight to her, not letting it move as her hips fell back to the pillows, releasing him as the faint tremblings of her body ceased. He lay with his cheek against the softness of her vulva, looking into her smiling eyes as she gently ran her fingers through his hair.

"Once was enough," she said as she pulled him up to lie against her breasts, tasting her sex from his lips.

"Did you sleep well, Ruth?"

"Like a baby, once I gave up trying to sleep on my stomach."

"I slept that way sometimes when I was on a soft bed, but my breasts were not that big."

"How did you sleep?"

"Great, what's on the calendar?"

"I need a shower and I'm hungry, should I douche?"

"Probably, I put a lot of cum in you."

"Take a shower with me and show me how."

"No way, I'm hungry too, if I get in that shower with you I won't get to eat for two hours."

"Okay," pouted Ruth, "just show me how to douche."

"I like to use the water bottle, it's in the bathroom closet." . . . "Here it is, fill it with body temperature water, screw this hose with the female nozzle into the bottle and hang it on the shower head. Stick the nozzle all the way up in your cunt, don't push it up in your uterus, just up to the top of your cunt. Release this clip and sort of flush yourself out, move it up and down and turn it around, do it before you shower. I'll fix breakfast while you're playing with yourself in the shower."

They were both hungry so Chris fixed juice, bacon and eggs, and toast and coffee. Ruth finished her toilet and sat at the table just as Chris set the food out. The food was good and Chris had some more toast with jelly on it.

"Still hungry, Chris?"

"No, that's enough. Did you notice that we're at the other end of the house from the clock and nothing's happened?"

"I want to try something, we need . . . I want to . . . damn, I'm going to turn your clock off and see if you change back. You've got a robe on so it'll be okay."

"Okay, it's off. Any change?" asked Chris from the bedroom.

"No, nothing."

"Walk slowly toward the bedroom, don't come in."

"Still nothing."

"Go in the next room and stand against this wall."


"Okay, slowly step through the doorway."

"I changed," said Ruth as she looked down and saw Rick's cock.

"Set the timer the same as mine and close the door. . . . Now you're back to Ruth. You have to be in the same room with the clock for it to change you. I bet the change would be permanent if you never came back in this room. It might even be permanent if the clock was broken. We've got to be careful with this thing, Are you sure you want to do this for two days?"

"Maybe longer," replied Ruth. "We're okay as long as long as one of us stays with the clock. I thought you liked being a man?"

"I do, it's fun, at least for awhile."

"I love being a woman. I may never change back," laughed Ruth. "Look at this. The base of the clock has a drawer, there's two bracelets and a little book in it."

"What's in the book?"

"I don't know, it's not in English."

"Let me see it," asked Chris. "It's a German dialect, I think I can make it out. . . . It describes the clock . . . basically what we've found out and it calls these slave bracelets. They can do about the same things but the rules are a little different, listen to this. If you do something . . . whatever this is, to the bracelet, whoever is closest to you can change you and make you do anything they want you to do. This thing is old. It looks like the back cover and some of the pages about the clock are missing."

"I'm going to put these instructions in my computer and translate it properly, there's only a few pages."

"Want some coffee, Chris?"

"Yeah, thanks, bring it in the study."

". . . Well, that's it. All done."

"Well, what's it say about the bracelets?" asked Ruth.

"They're sort of portable clocks except they don't have a timer. You use them when you're traveling. There's a male and female bracelet, here, this is yours and this is mine. See the F and M, woman and man. If you wear it on your right arm it makes you a man, your left arm makes you a woman. If you wear it with the figures looking up your arm your mind thinks you are what the figure sees, turn it the other way and it looks back at your previous self. Now here's the important part. If you pick it up and put it on your arm, then you're inviting anyone who comes near you to take control of you. If I hand it to you and you put it on, then you're my slave. No one can put it on you, only you. It doesn't have endurance and desire settings, if you want me to fuck you and I'm your slave, all you have to do is ask and I'll be able to do it as much as you want. "Oh, if the bracelets were in the drawer when we used the clock, they remember what the clock did. The reason we didn't find the drawer is that it won't open unless the one who opens it is under the clock's spell."

"What holds it on my arm? There's no catch?"

"It holds itself on, once you put it on you can't get it off, sort of like the clock door."

"Can I put it on now?"

"Sure, just turn it the right way, left arm with the figure looking at you. Remember, I gave it to you."

"I'm your slave," purred Ruth as she closed the bracelet around her left wrist. "Look, it sort of fused itself together, it's all one piece. Here, put yours on."

"I'm your slave now," smiled Chris as he closed the bracelet around his wrist. "I want to test it. I'll change your hair to blonde."

"It works," said Ruth as she looked down at the long blonde hair hanging over her shoulder. "Do you like it blonde?"

"Not really. I'll change it back . . . there."

"I want to test it," said Ruth.

"Go ahead."

"Fuck me."

"If you insist," answered Chris, watching his cock swell to Ruth's transgender fuck version.

"I had that in me! I'd forgotten how big it was."

"All of it, and loved it," said Chris, "I'll get your juices flowing first, . . . I love to put my face in your pussy, It's so soft and warm; it's taste and odors really turn me on, faint this morning though. Did you really like to eat me? I know you said you did but did it excite you to do it?"

"I loved it, it was a real turn-on. You tasted good too. I douched this morning, remember? That's why the taste is so faint, a pussy has to season for awhile before it comes to full flavor," purred Ruth.

"Yeah, it's getting better."

"Do me from behind, here, let me put some K-Y on it. Go slow . . . that's it . . . push . . . ahhh . . . it's in, it feels so good . . . move it's head in and out of me . . . you could do that forever. . . . Go a little deeper each time . . . just a tinny bit deeper each time . . . I love to feel it coming in my cunt like this, each stroke is like a new fuck. You're too slickey, pull it out and wipe it off with this towel. Now you've got to start all over . . . I can feel you stretching me. How much more of that thing is there?"

"It's almost in, push yourself back on me. I guess it goes in deeper this way. Can you take all of it?"

"Yeah, you push, keep easing it in, it feels good when it pushes up inside me like that . . . I think it's all in. Take it all the way out and fill me in one stroke, ahhh, again, fuck me . . . ohhh . . . come on, fuck me e e e."

"Try rubbing your clit with your hand while I massage your breasts. If this feels any better to you than it does to me I don't see how you can stand it . . . I'm cumming."

"Me too, do it harder . . . your turn . . . next. Don't take it out, I'm going to turn around . . . hold me."

"What did you mean 'your turn next'?" asked Chris as he broke their kiss.

"Give me your arm and I'll show you," said Ruth as she rolled off of Chris and reached for his bracelet. "How do I get this thing off? I just pull it apart don't I. It just popped open! Hi, Cindy. Okay, put it on your other arm."

"It is me isn't it," smiled Cindy, "Now what are we going to do?"

Ruth just sat there, a pained look on her face.

"Ruth, what do you want me to do? Oh, you can't ask can you. Give me your arm. . . . There, it's off. Hi, Rick."

"I felt so helpless," said Rick as he put his bracelet on his other arm. "I couldn't say or do anything to get you to take it off. I really was your slave."

"Did you mind?"

"Mind? Oh, mind being your slave. No, I already gave myself to you when I married you."

"You're sweet, now I suppose you're going to show me how you felt?"

"Right on, lay back and let me warm you up . . . you taste good . . . I really do like to eat you, eating you even made me cum one night last month."

"Stop talking and pay attention to what you're doing," purred Cindy as she pressed his face to her vulva and looked at his cock. "I think I'm as ready as I'll ever be for that thing."

"It's just the way you made it," smiled Rick as he moved in behind her. "I'm going to do it just like you did it to me, I can remember every inch of every stroke."

"Stop talking and fuck me," whispered Cindy as she felt his cock-head pop into her cunt.

"You almost pass out when Ruth reaches her climax don't you," said Cindy as she lay in Rick's arms.

"I guess I do. I'm off on a cloud somewhere."

"I got all giddy when I reached my climax just now."

"Does a bigger cock feel better?"

"It does to me, I can close my cunt down on a small one and it feels good, but having one in me that really fills me completely feels great. Having sex with you just massaging my clit is good, but I have to feel a cock moving in my cunt for it to be great sex. That big cock doesn't just slide in and out of me, I can feel its head rippling through the folds of my cunt when it comes in and feel my cunt closing in behind it when you pull it out. And feeling it pressing against the top of my cunt when you drove it all the way in was out of this world. Some women don't like for a cock to press on their cervix but I sure do. The best was when you let your cock just touch my cunt lips and then thrust it through them and up against the top of my cunt in one smooth stroke."

"Well, is it better to fuck or be fucked?"

"You tell me," said Cindy as she reached for Rick's bracelet.

"Hi, Ruth," said Cindy as Ruth reached for Cindy's arm.

"Hi, Chris. Fuck me."

"Your request is my command oh mistress," replied Chris, "which end?"

"This one silly," laughed Ruth as she turned to her stomach and raised her butt.

"I have to prepare you first mistress," replied Chris as he rolled her over and closed his mouth over her nipple.

"You don't need the K-Y when I'm already hot and wet and you ease it in like that. It feels better with just my juices. If you promise to keep doing this, I'll never change back. . . . Take it out and then thrust all of it up into me . . . again . . . again. Now fuck me the way you want to. If I arch my back can you reach my breasts and still get it all the way in? Yeah. I'm going to tilt your pelvis up a little. That's it, . . . harder, . . . I'm cumming, ah ah ah ah ah ahhhh."

"Ruth, are you all right?" asked a worried Chris as he held her in his arms. "Your face looks so funny."

"That's my fresh-fucked look, I'll be okay if you put your cock back in me and kiss me. It's definitely better to be fucked than fuck unless it gets old with time, at least for me. How about you?"

"I'm completely satisfied either way, And eating your pussy is getting better each time, it almost made me cum just now."

"Chris, we've got to find out about the rest of this change. I think there's more to life than sex."

"There is?"

"Probably," laughed Ruth. "That's what we have to find out. I think I can handle our finances so we'll be safe there and we don't have to worry about jobs. No one's going to be looking for Cindy and Rick that knew them so we should just change names along with our gender. I want to stay this way for two months. I'll stay on the pill and we can find out about life beyond sex. There's something else. I never thought I would say this . . . I think I want to bear a child."

"We could change back and then I could bear one too couldn't we?" said Chris, remembering how he had felt about children before he had changed.

"I don't see why not, Rick," smiled Ruth, "call me Cindy. Can you wait nine months?"

". . . Yes. It would be better to do it that way while the clock is working properly," said Rick. "Who knows how long it's going to last. If something happens to it, I'll change back automatically and so will you after you give birth; at least that's what your translation of the instructions said."

"Yes, they did. They also told how to make childbirth painless. You enlarge my birth canal and make my cervix more resilient so it can dilate enough for the baby to just slip through.

"I'm hungry, lets eat lunch. I'll fix something until you learn how to cook," said Rick.

"Is this part of this learning to be a woman thing? Why don't you cook?"

"Why don't we find out who the best cook is?"

"I'll buy that. We've got to get our clothes straightened out after we eat, your bras will never fit me."

"My blouses probably won't either. I think your men's stuff will do me for awhile."

"Want a slice of pie?"

"Okay. What does it take for a man's basic wardrobe?" asked Rick.

"Socks, a pair of casual shoes, dress shoes, underwear boxer shorts for your big cock and T shirts jeans and dress slacks, sport shirts and dress shirts, a sweater and a light jacket, a blue blazer and a belt."

"That's not all that much."

"No, it's not. What do I need?"

"A lot," said Rick. "Hose and pantyhose, socks, sport shoes, low heel medium heal and high heal shoes to match your clothes with matching handbags, panties, seamless front close cotton bras in different colors, plunging neckline bras in different colors, jeans, slacks, shorts, skirts, blouses, T shirts, tops, dresses, sweaters, jackets and a coat."


"Yeah, lets go in the bedroom and look in the closets."

"Rick, are you sure you want my hips this big?"

"Yeah, they're not fat. You just have a wide pelvis, you look good to a man. Stand in front of that full length mirror and open your robe, see the smooth curve of your hip and thigh, that looks sexy as hell to a man. You know how Flo Ziegfeld used to pick his chorus girls?"


"Stand with your ankles tight together. Now, see these three coins. I'm going to see if you can hold one between your knees, calves and thighs."

"My knees don't touch."

"They do now," smiled Rick as he adjusted her knee joints, "and so do your calves, your thighs don't quite touch but I always thought his girl's thighs were too plump. Would you have whistled at that figure?"

"Yeah, it is sort of sexy isn't it."

"Sort of?"

"Okay, you win, it's sexy," smiled Cindy, "Dress me up,"

"Not much is going to fit, you're taller than I was. I can get you to the store with these panties, shoes, jeans and a loose sweater."

Cindy put them on and Rick laid out examples of every thing else she needed on the bed. Cindy made a list of them and they guessed at the sizes. Rick came out better. He needed larger shirts, shoes and socks and boxer shorts.

"How are we going to pay for all of this?" asked Rick.

"I keep a couple of thousand in the floor safe for things like this, we'll each take a stack of twenties and a few hundreds. I keep drawing it out of the ATM each time I go to the grocery store and putting it in the safe."

The cab took them to the mall and let them out at the Penney's entrance. Cindy helped Rick with his things and then they started in on Cindy's list. The lingerie was first.

"May I help you?" asked the middle-aged sales lady.

"Yes, My husband thinks I need a new wardrobe and I need a number of things. I've gained a little weight and I'll need to check the sizes."

"Lets measure you first and then we can select some things, the fitting room is over here. I wish I had your figure," sighed the lady, "you're certainly not overweight. Would you remove your sweater please, I need to get your bra size. Oh my, 34, 38, 34 D cup, oh my."

Rick followed close behind Cindy, nudging her when she came to the right thing as they picked out the lingerie, getting her some seamless soft cotton bras to wear under her tight spandex tops. The sales lady helped her try things on, placed the items on the counter and led them to the next area. Cindy did pretty well with the rest of the items herself and they added them to the pile.

"Can I leave these things here? I need some shoes."

"Of course, the shoe department is right over there."

The shoes went pretty well and they both got what they wanted.

"I think we're finished now," said Cindy.

"How do you wish to pay?"




"That will be six hundred thirty six dollars and forty-two cents," said the sales lady, watching Cindy's face to see her expression.

Cindy calmly opened her purse and counted out six hundred dollar bills and three twenties, handed them to the lady and waited for her change.

"Could you have these things sent to package pick up?" asked Cindy.

"Certainly. Here's your receipt."

"Thank you for shopping at Penney's."

"You're welcome, and thank you."

"I want to get you some more things at another store," said Rick.

"What things?"

"Never mind, just come with me."

Rick found "Victoria's Secret" and led her in.

"I want you to get one of those seamless sheer silk bras and matching high leg panties and that sheer underwire bra and thong panty."

"Rick, my nipples will show through, in fact that one may not even cover my nipples."

"I know, you won't look like you're wearing a bra and you'll still jiggle some, now get them," smiled Rick. "Think how you'll feel wearing them."

"That's what I am thinking about, I'll be hot all the time."


"You're right," purred Cindy. "That's what they're for aren't they."

"Yeah, and for me."

"May I help you?" asked a young sales clerk who was about Cindy's age.

"Yes, I would like to try on these two sets."

"Do you know your size?" asked the young lady as she looked at the smile on Rick's face.

"Thirty-four D and thirty-six."

"D?" she asked, trying to tell what was hidden under Cindy's sweater.


"The fitting room is over here . . . lets start with this set."

Cindy hesitated for a moment before she unbuttoned her jeans, what was left of her male mind looking at the attractive young woman she was about to undress in front of. The clerk's eyes bulged as Cindy's sweater rose above her breasts.

"This one fits you perfectly, like a second skin," sighed the young lady as she ran her fingers under the edges of the bra, checking the fit. "And these panties . . . you'd better be careful when your husband sees you in this," she said smiling.

"What about this set?" asked Cindy blushing as she adjusted the Bra. "It doesn't cover my areolae."

"That's right, wait 'till you see what the panties don't cover. . . . You'll have to shave off a little more along the sides, the top is okay. I'm not sure you should let him see you in this at all, not with your body."

"That's why I'm getting them," purred Cindy. "I've never worn one of these thongs before, it feels funny between my cheeks. I'm not sure it's very comfortable."

"You have a wide pelvis, you'll get used to it quickly. I have one on and I don't even notice it."

"My husband likes it, I think I'll take two of each set, one in black and one in flesh tone."

"I think you'll like wearing it just for yourself. Sometimes I wear mine to the mall just to walk around and feel sexy."

"Will that be all?" the sales clerk asked as they returned to the counter, smiling at Rick.

"Yes, thank you."

Cindy paid for the purchase and they went outside to find a cab. The driver stopped at Penney's package pick up for their purchases and then took them home.

"Well, Rick, we made it home in one piece."

"Was there ever any doubt?"

"There was when I had to strip naked in front of that woman to try on those clothes."

"She's a woman, you're a woman. She was just doing her job."

"Try arguing that the next time you're undressing in a locker room with a bunch of men," laughed Cindy. "Lets put our things away and eat supper."

"I finished putting mine up, I didn't have much. I'll finish fixing supper while you put your stuff up."

Rick had put a roast in the oven and set the timer so it would be ready for supper. He had put on jeans and a new sport shirt and was wearing loafers. The shoes were okay but the shirt and jeans were not as soft as his woman's clothes had been and the boxer shorts felt like, well, boxer shorts. He finished the rest of the things and put them on the table and waited for Cindy in the family room.

"Cindy, you look Nice."

"It's just shorts and a blouse."

"Yeah, but outside of that stuff you wore shopping, the only other way I've seen you is naked or with my old robe on."

"Which way's best?"


"I thought you'd say that," laughed Cindy.

"Supper's on the table."

"You're wearing a bra! Do you like it?"

"It stopped my breasts from bouncing and jiggling so much, but then I liked to feel them do that."

"All day long?"

"A day and a half, the novelty was beginning to wear off."

"I liked to go without one sometime. There's a good movie on the dish in a few minutes."

"Turn it on, I'll do the dishes."

"It's started, sit beside me on the sofa."

"Couldn't keep me away."

"Cindy, what are we going to do tomorrow?"

"I'll stay in bed and you can fuck me."

"I thought that's what we were going to do tonight."

"It is. I'll just stay there and you can keep fucking me. We're on our first real honeymoon and I want to spend a lot of time in bed with you. Do we have to sleep with these bracelets on?"

"No, in fact we shouldn't do it. The bracelets can't tell when we're dreaming and will try to respond. The clock can tell when we're dreaming."

"Ughh," shuddered Cindy, remembering some of the nightmares she'd had. "What about the changes we made to ourselves with the bracelets?"

"When we put the bracelets in the drawer, they update the clock. The only problem is that I think we change back until we reset the clock and then it takes over again."

"I guess we shouldn't use the bracelets except when we have to go outside or something."

"Lets go in the bedroom and change to the clock."

"Okay, Rick, give me your arm. There it's in the drawer."

"Give me your arm. Now yours is in the drawer," said Rick. "Did you feel anything?"

"Just a little in my breasts. I guess the clock just took over and then reset itself, the timer's still running," replied Cindy, "I probably just felt the changes you made to me, I'm going to set your timer for twelve days."

"I'll set yours."

"Want a fuck or a blowjob?" purred Cindy.

"69. Lie on top of me with your pussy on my face. . . . That's nice; stay there 'til we fall asleep."

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