The Tiger Lady
by Leslie Josette Gill
and Edited by Sapphire

Chapter 15


The Order would know they had a powerful enemy and we knew there would be retaliation. But there was no way they could know who their enemy was. After all, we had been very careful to make sure we were intractable. Then, Smith asked me a question.

"How much cash did you keep out of the account?"


"Do you still have any of the money?"


"Lets look at that money!"

The lab results on the money showed that it had been treated with some very unusual chemicals. We had a problem.

While the money itself was not traceable, it left a chemical trail that could be used to find the person handling the money. It was a simple and cheep way to trace anyone who had handled the money. Neutralization was easy once we knew it was there. Everything that I had used to carry the money in was disposed of in the incinerator. Thank goodness that most of my clothes were ok.

We caught it this time. But what would they try next?

The FBI was working a high profile case with very unusual markings. They had a paw print of an extinct sabertooth tiger. Smith promised to see what he could find out.

Mell went back to the FBI case pool and I waited for the next assignment.

Smith had several little assignments where a person who could change bodies would be useful. Seems that the Dominatrix stuff was very popular. While I didn't like the Sex stuff, it was in demand and would be a good cover. After the creep case, I fully understood the mentality. I thought it was sick. But to get into some of the places we needed to go, I would have to play the game.

The only problem was that I had to come up with a new body for the Dominatrix. This would be a new character. Tiger lady had to be used very sparingly. I also had to let Kat do his thing with the body I was using at the moment. I had up to this point, been doing the killing as the Tiger lady. She didn't mind this. But sooner or later, the cops would have a description. We had to cool this.

Me, Mell, Storm, Howard, and Angel were the main operatives. We had to make some decisions. I had to come up with a play book. We would all be working together sooner or later. I, as the shape shifter, had to come up with a new character.

We in fact, had to come up with two characters. A male and a Female. One was going to be a nerd and one a dominatrix. My male self would be the model of the male. I would make some changes to my self that would make me untraceable and the Dominatrix would be a composite character that the girls and I would come up with. That was one of the reasons I wanted to have their help.

The other reason was I needed Bill, Angel and Storms help to force a trigger so that I would not remember any of the things I knew about the village. And most importantly, the Tigerlady. They would create a place to put her and my memories. She and part of myself would watch from our hiding place and when it was needed, I would be restored. It would be done by mental command. Only Tigerlady would know the command. She would do the work. Only under the most dire circumstances would she act and bring out help. I would still have most of my remaining powers. But I would not use them unless necessary. It was the Tigerlady who would have to hide here. It would take several weeks of intensive training for me to operate as a woman on my own. It would also take several weeks of mental work to do what I felt would almost be impossible. To make myself into a self imposed dual personality.

The female character would have to be ruthless. To be a total bitch. Someone we all would hate to be around.

The other character would be a Nerd. Someone who would be dominated and changed if necessary. I had the feeling that this was necessary. I had been having dreams of a place where women used forced feminization to get wealth and power from men. I had made these dreams known to the group. I wasn't joking. I had had these dreams before. They usually came true. I wasn't going to be caught unprepared like I almost was last time when I finally killed the two Drag queens on the side street there in the French Quarter. I had dreamed of that meeting. It came true. I had had another dream. I felt very bad for the two girls. But they would have killed me. So the new dream was being taken seriously. That is what I showed Storm. She agreed.

I was keeping the code word to initiate the change to within the group. They only would know the code word. I liked it that way. We were going to be fighting the most evil group I ever ran into. Secrets were necessary.

The male character's cover, we would call him Joseph, was that he would be a rich computer programmer and owner of a small company with around 50 Million in assets. He would be a transvestite. A person who dressed for sexual gratification. This was the part that made me feel uneasy. But necessary for the cover. He would have a strong personality. The people who we were dealing with, would, and most probably succeed in breaking Joseph, but we wanted it to be hard. If it was too easy, then, it would mess with our cover and things would not work out.

The Female character would be my alter ego. The Tigerlady with a mean streak. I needed to be physically striking and beautiful. So I would be 5' 10" with jet black soft curly hair. I would be of Indian descent and very buxom. I would have a body that could handle a rigid corset and very high heels.. I didn't like ankle boots, but the feet I needed would have to be able to walk in them. (These are fetish boots that are like ballerina shoes with 8 to 9" heels. The wearer walked on her toes.)

My facial features would also be striking. I liked upswept eyes. So my face and cheekbones would be so that I looked somewhat like Angelica Houston. This would do. Then we sat out to create personalities. Bitch, as I called her, would be a true dominatrix. Completely evil.

Most of the group were confused about my motives while they watched me train in the fetish stuff. While I knew the articles, my regular body had to be trained in their use. The corsets were not that severe, but, were designed to get me use to being all bound up. I knew this would be necessary if I the dream came true, and I felt it was going to.

I wore the wigs, makeup, corset and heels all the time as Joe to get used to them. I was supposed to be a transvestite. So for time being, I became female in all respects except for one.

I didn't take the hormones. I felt that it would be something the capturing group to do to me. I went through a month of this and by the end of the month, I looked good enough and was comfortable enough to fool any one in believing I had done this all my life.

The dominatrix was much easier to do. She was a generated personality and she would have the modifications to her memory that Joe did. She would have no inhibitions in hurting a person. Otherwise, She also held a password which released her from the generated character. Tigerlady knew the password of both.

Now, before anyone gets confused, I can only be one character at a time except for the Tiger himself. So I could be only one person at a time. But we needed the extra characters generated in advanced. Also, Tigerlady could appear and explore while I was supposedly under sedation or restraint. This would be very useful in tight situations.

Smith understood that I was training for a mission. He sensed the fact that I knew things before they happened. So the strange behavior that I presented as Joe was accepted. He really understood what was happening when all hell started to break lose in several new cases.

The Order was making strange moves. A business man named Joe Watson had disappeared. His wife Gloria had told authorities that he was ok, but that had taken a long vacation. The company He ran had placed several missing person reports and clamed privately that they thought Gloria was doing something illegal. Then the reports of Joe's death was very suspicious. The case was closed by law enforcement, but in Smith's head, this was on his continuing list of things to watch.

He put a trace on Joe's money. When 5 million was deposited in an overseas account, Smith felt he had enough evidence to investigate further. He traced the account. It was a slush fund used by several large bio-medical companies. It was for overseas experimentation. The money was being parceled out to several firms run by doctors. Then the name Van Dame came up. This lady was connected to all of them. If it had not been for the computer network Smith had access to, No one could have traced the money going back and forth between dummy accounts.

There was this island in the Bahamas close to St. Thomas. IT was a small island, but large enough to maintain a power station and Lots of buildings.

Smith ran a Satellite scan of the island and found people moving around and several boats moving around. The island even had a landing strip capable of landing a twin engine airplane. There were microwave links to the mainland and Data links going everywhere. The sat links were there too. All of them could be tapped. Smith had never done this to a private facility before, but this was too much of a military type site to not to. He initiated the full data and voice taps. His computer network would find this task to take up half his computer resources.

I got the call the next day. I went to Smiths office.

"Joe, you will not believe what I just found out." Smith said in his most serious tone. "You know all that training you been going through?"


"You're physic again. Let me tell you the story of Joe and Bob Watson. Father and son." (* - see note at end )

"Go On".

"They now no longer exist as men. They are now female sex slaves for two of the nastiest drug lords in South America. All done to them by a Bitch named Dr. Van Dame. She transformed them with special surgery and drugs, took their money and inheritance and sold them as sex slaves to these men. They, with the cooperation of their wife and mother, did this. It seems that Van Dame is in the business of this kind of perversion and from what I can tell from computer records, have around 50 cases pending."

"Is it the Order again?"

"You know they are involved. This is advanced stuff. But I cannot get all the records. There are notations for private files. It seems that this lady is very smart. She does not believe in putting her records on a net of any kind. Her computer had everything separated. We need to put an end to this. We need to look at those records. I also need to know what they are doing and how. You are the perfect person to do this as we can get minute by minute updates from your mind link. This is going to be very grizzly stuff. But once you see the records of this, you will get sick. Poor Joe and Bob are completely brainwashed and I have taken somewhat of a personal interest in getting them away from their situation. We also will have to restore them to their normal minds."

"Let me see what you have already."

We went to the computer. Joe and Bob Watson were now bizarre sex slaves. We had satellite pictures of what appeared to be two exactly identical women with breasts of which I had never seen the size of before. The hair and clothing was that of a very kinky operation. That was all the information we could get. It was obvious that they were no longer the men they once were. I saw this and made comment.

"Its obvious that who ever did this does not like men very well."

"You want to put an end to this?"

"Can we also shut down the drug operations too?"

"That is the Idea. I want to cripple the drug operation and shut down Dr. Van Dame. I want to find all her victims and free them. I also want to hurt all the people who were responsible for this outrage."

"Smith, your taking this pretty bad. What gives?"

"Joe, I have never talked about my life to anyone outside these walls. I had a son. 10 years ago, he disappeared."

"I am sorry to hear this. What happened to him?"

"I could never prove what I suspected, but I think Van Dame got him."

"HOW and why would someone like this person do this?"

"My son was following my steps and becoming military intelligence."

"So he got caught?"

"We think so. He was reported missing in action. But how he ended up there no one has ever been able to figure out. We think he was grabbed by the order when they discovered he was close to finding them. Instead of killing him, they turned him into a female and sold him into slavery. I figure there has to be thousands of men in this very same situation. This is personal."

"Shit! So that is why the big deal over us. OK how did you find all this out?"

"Two years ago, I got a letter. I am not going to show it to you, but, to be brief, it told of how he had been captured and changed. I didn't believe it at first and almost shredded it. But, I had analysis done, and the letter was real. But I couldn't trace it back. It was a dead end. I never heard from him again. He didn't know the name of the island, but that he was somewhere in the Virgin Islands and he was being sold to a slave dealer. I don't know what is worse, His being dead or like this."

"You want your son back."


"Even if he is a girl sex slave?"


"He probably will not remember much of his previous life. You sure that if we find him, you can stand this?"

"That is what all this is about. I want an end to the Order and Dr. Van Dame. You will be authorized to wipe out the entire island once we have all the information on where all the men are. Then we will get them all back, every one of them. This will be your mission from now on. I also will get every cent of the money connected to them and finance their doom. We will take care of the men in what ever condition they are in now and restore them to normal human beings. We will probably not be able to change them back, but If I can gain access to their computers, I can download what was done and how. Maybe we can learn what we can do to help them."

And so the adventure begins.........

(*) note: The story of Joe and Bob Watson and Dr. Van Dame were first written in the stories "Guinea Pig" and "Bob" by A Dietrech

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