The way the flag SHOULD be flying.
The way this flag SHOULD be flying.


MD MIGHT continue.

It all depends on whether or not I want to continue writing for such a bigoted populace.

I AM NOT an american. I only live here due to an accident of birth.   DO NOT associate me with the millions of…I hesitate to say people, people care for other people. People care how the rest of the world view them. People don’t walk all over the rights and lives of others.

This November, the denizens of the usa -- YES I HAVE chosen that particular way to write it. The united states does NOT deserve capitalisation in anything with the way they have voted to be the next Nazi state. Heil! Da, Comrade! Iss goot! Ve now can continue our plan to subjugate the world and our own country -- americans have made their choice. They made a choice to continue killing and mutilating and maiming citizens of other countries, stealing their resources and padding the wallets of the few. Unjustly imprisoning citizens of this and other countries on trumped up charges. Refusing them access to due process and their ability to live their very lives. Now I get to make a choice. Do I want to write for these assholes?

I’m thinking about it.