Mind Swapping

Mind Swapping

.......... Chapter 9

.......... When I awoke Friday morning, I felt as if I needed to go to the bathroom very badly. I scrambled out of bed and the movement caused a light cramping in my belly. Then I remembered that Carol and Barbara had insisted that I leave the butt plug in all night. As I passed the full length mirror, I could see that I gave the appearance of being a petite blonde with huge breasts dressed in a blue satin garter belt holding up a pair of black nylon stockings. Today, it would be one week since the memory transfer experiment had swapped Carol's mind into my body and my mind into hers. I pushed my disheveled curly blonde hair out of my blue eyes and stood up straight to see if there were any visual differences between what I remember Carol looking like in this body and what I now looked like. I saw none. However, I was aware of the retainer on the butt plug between my buttocks and a feeling of fullness in my intestines. I went to the toilet and slowly, very slowly, pulled the butt plug from my permanently stretched bottom. I sighed as it pulled free and I sat on the toilet.

.......... I filled the tub with bubble bath and bath oils, stripped off what little clothing I still wore and sat down in the warm soothing water. I thought of all the events that had taken place this last week and that Carol and I were scheduled to swap back this weekend. Tom had asked me out tonight, Carol and Barbara both insisted that I go out with him, I could collect data, they had said. The memory of the size of his penis and what it had felt like when he was stroking it into my vagina made me want to see him one last time before I changed back to my male body. I knew that I, as a man, should not be so eager to have sex with another man, but, at least until sometime this weekend, I was in a woman's body that lusted for Tom's big cock.

.......... I felt of my legs and decided to shave them and my under arms again. I was just about finished when Carol came into the bathroom. She sleepily walked over to the commode, raised the seat, aimed her penis at the bowl and peed. She said, "I see you already removed your butt plug. Are you sore?" She finished, shook her penis and turned to look at me as I answered.

.......... "A little. It was causing me to have cramps and I didn't have Barbara rubbing my clit while I pulled it out like she did when she put it in." Carol apologized, bent down, kissed my forehead, took the safety razor from me and shaved the backs of my legs were it was difficult for me to see.

.......... I got out of the tub and brushed my teeth while Carol stepped into the shower. I put on my thin pink house coat and pink high heel slippers and went down to fix breakfast. Later, after we had eaten, Carol and Barbara discussed my date for tonight and what I should wear. They decided that I needed the blue cocktail dress that we had seen in the dress shop window next to the lingerie shop where we had bought my lingerie. Barbara volunteered to take me to pick up the dress.

.......... We decided to pull my hair back into a pony tail for the afternoon. I selected a white lace garter belt, cinnamon stockings, white lace bikini panties, a white lace brassiere, and a white knit dress. For accessories, I chose a red belt, red shoes, a red shoulder bag and a red scarf to tie around my neck. Since it was still morning, I chose to only wear some mascara, red lipstick, red fingernail polish and a little perfume. I finished it off with a pair of gold hoop earrings. Barbara and Carol said I had excellent taste and was really becoming quite a lady. I secretly felt pleased.

.......... Carol said she had somewhere to go today and would be needing her Mustang. Somehow, my six year old economy car, with the faded paint job and several parking lot dents, that had been so serviceable when I was a man, now seemed to be very ugly and I really didn't want to drive it anywhere. We rode to the mall in Barbara's BMW.

.......... The store had the dress in my size. I tried it on in the dressing room. It was made of a spandex type of material covered in blue sequins with spaghetti shoulder straps. The hem length came to about mid thigh. My white bra straps showed. Barbara said I would need a strapless bra or I would have to go bra less. Otherwise, it looked really good on me and I couldn't help but turn this way and that to see my glittering reflection in the mirror. We bought the dress along with a matching hand bag and three inch high heel shoes. Barbara had me try on a red floral print wrap dress and a couple of full cut mini skirts. She insisted that I buy them as well. Then we walked next door to the lingerie shop.

.......... Linda saw us come in the door. She was smiling and acting as if she was happy to see us. She told the younger saleslady that she would take care of us and asked, "How may I be of service today?" Barbara told her that I needed a strapless brassiere to wear under a new dress and told me to show her the dress. "Wow! That's a beautiful dress. It must be a special occasion. I'm sure we have a strapless brassiere in your size, honey." She went to a set of shelves and picked out several bras for me to try on. "Would you like to try on the matching panties and garter belts at the same time?" Barbara said that I would. She had the two leather corsets that we had bought and didn't fit properly and said we wanted to exchange them while we were here. Linda picked out several black leather corsets and said, "That twenty inch waist could be a fifteen inch waist with a few months of corset figure training." She seemed to have a gleam in her eye as she looked at my narrow waist.

.......... Barbara told me, "I remember how long it took you to try on your lingerie the last time we were here. I'm going to walk around and do some of my own shopping. I'll meet you in the restaurant where we had supper the other night in three hours." She kissed me on the cheek and said, "Enjoy," turned and walked out of the shop.

.......... Linda smiled as she whispered, "We have three hours. Let's not waste it." Then she told the other saleslady that we were going to be busy for the next three hours and led me toward the dressing rooms. I can still remember the envious look that the young brunette saleslady gave us as we disappeared through the door to the dressing rooms.

.......... We entered the same dressing room we had used last time. It had two mirrored walls, the sofa and the small table where Linda laid the lingerie. She turned to face me, "I hoped you would return." She undid my belt and tossed it onto the table and slipped her arms around my waist and reached for my zipper, "I was hoping that I would get to see you again." Our breasts were touching as her fingers found the zipper at the back of my dress and pulled it down. It made a slight hissing sound. She whispered, "Don't you love the sound of a zipper as its being unzipped?" Her tongue licked my ear and I felt a cold chill run down my spine.

.......... Her fingers pulled my dress off my shoulders and it slid down over my body to land on the floor around my feet. "Your new lingerie accentuates your body and makes you even more beautiful." She reached back around me to unhook my back opening white lace brassiere. This too she pulled off and tossed onto the table. "Step out of your dress so I can pick it up." I did as she instructed. Now I stood before her wearing only my white lace bikini panties, white lace garter belt, cinnamon stockings, red high heel shoes, red scarf around my neck, hoop earrings and red lipstick. She looked me up and down, studied all my reflections in the mirrors, and said, "You are undoubtedly the most beautiful creature that I've ever seen."

.......... Linda knelt before me and, while she looked up into my eyes, hooked her fingers in the waist band of my panties, began to pull downwards and slid them down over my nylon covered legs. I stepped out of them when they were down around my feet. She stared straight into the blonde hair covering my vagina. "Even your pussy is beautiful," she said as I blushed. She leaned forward and planted kisses on my smooth belly between my garter belt and my pubic hair. Her hands wrapped around my hips to prevent me from backing away from the tickling sensation that she was causing. Her hands gripped my buttocks and pulled my crotch to her as she lowered her lips to the top of my vaginal opening. Her tongue dipped into my split and licked my clitoris. My sudden gasp for breath evidently encouraged her to lick harder and faster. Within two minutes, I had shifted my feet so that my legs could be parted and I had laced my fingers in her hair to make sure that she didn't stop. Three minutes later, I gave a small scream as I had the first of many orgasms for the day.

.......... After I had cum, Linda stood and took me in her arms to hold me. When she offered her lips, I eagerly kissed her, tasting my juices as her tongue entered my mouth. She said, "Why don't you undo the buttons down the front of my dress so that I can help you try on your new lingerie without wrinkling my dress."

.......... I unbuttoned all the buttons down the front of her blue silk dress. When my trembling fingers parted the dress, I saw that she was wearing a blue silk shelf brassiere, a blue silk garter belt, white silk bikini panties, black nylon stockings and black high heel shoes. Her nipples were lifted by the shelf brassiere so that they stood out proud and erect. They seemed to beckon to me. I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around her left nipple and began to apply suction while my tongue licked it. She gasped for breath and I switched to the other nipple. Linda's hands found both of my nipples and she began to pinch them, instantly causing my vagina to heat up again.

.......... I removed her dress and dropped to my knees in front of her. My hands reached up and took hold of each side of her panties and slowly pulled them down and off. I looked back up to the black pubic hair covered mound and unconsciously licked my lips. My hands went around her hips and gripped each of her buttocks and pulled her to my face. I could smell her pleasant perfumed odor as my nose penetrated her pubic hair and my lips nuzzled into her slit. My tongue found her clitoris, then I wrapped my lips around it and sucked on it as if it were a small penis. Within five minutes, she was cuming for me. Her fingers pulled my face deeper into her vagina as she came. She released me just before I thought I was going to suffocate. We both sat on the sofa for a few minutes until we caught our breath, our bare breasts rising and falling as our breathing returned to normal.

.......... "Well, that was half an hour well spent." Linda said as she nuzzled my neck. "Let's see how these undies look on that delicious body of yours."

.......... We started with a black silk and lace garter belt, bikini panties and strapless longline brassiere. Linda had selected the correct sizes and they fit very well. The bra held my DD cup breasts in such a way so that the upper halves were exposed to almost the nipples. Linda had me turn so that I could see how my profile looked in the mirror. "Your breasts are so big and beautiful, a flimsy strapless brassiere would never do," Linda kissed the tops of my boobs when she turned me to face her.

.......... For the next thirty minutes, I tried on various articles of lingerie. Carol and Barbara had told me not to skimp on price, to buy everything that looked good. Unfortunately, everything that Linda had selected for me to try on, looked good on me. Then, it was time to try on the first leather corset.

.......... Linda helped me remove all my lingerie except for my nylons and high heels. She went to the table and picked up one of the corsets and told me to stand up so she could fit it around my body. I watched in the mirror as she wrapped the black leather garment around my middle. It had two cutouts which fit below my breasts and it extended down to just above my hip bones.

.......... "This type of corset is called a waist cincher," Linda informed me as she made sure that all the hooks on the front opening cincher were hooked. "You need to make sure that it is positioned correctly before you pull the laces tight in the back." She must have decided that it was positioned correctly because she began to tug on the laces. The cincher began to constrict my already small waist. "Take a deep breath and hold your tummy in while I pull on the laces." She pulled harder and I began to feel as if I was caught in a vice. "Raise your arms and hold onto the handles over your head," she said. I hadn't really noticed the pipes that extended from the ceiling before, and, if I had, I would have assumed that they were for hanging clothes hangers on.

.......... I reached up, but, was to short to grasp the pipes. Had I been in my original male body, I could have reached the overhead pipes, but, even in high heels, I was now to short. Linda said, "I have just the what we need," and opened a drawer in the table and pulled out two strips of black leather with metal attachments on each. She had me extend my right arm, wrapped the three inch wide bracelet around my small wrist and buckled it in place. With some trepidation, I held out my left hand as well when she told me to.

.......... Linda attached a small but sturdy chain about ten feet long to each leather bracelet and passed the chains over the pipes. "Raise your arms again, Sweetie," she told me as she pulled down on the ends of the two chains. She hooked the ends of the chains to two hooks on the wall leaving me dangling from the overhead pipes with my high heels just barely touching the floor.

.......... "Linda, please let me go," I said. I felt uncomfortable being hung up in a dressing room like this. I could see my reflection in the wall mirrors and could see just how helpless and vulnerable I appeared.

.......... She stepped in front of me, placed her arms around my nipped in waist and she looked into my eyes as she said, "Relax, momma's not going to hurt her favorite baby girl." She gave me a quick kiss on the lips and continued. "This position will allow me to tighten your waist cincher to its smallest position. You already have a small waist and now it will be even smaller."

.......... I watched in the mirror as the brunette in the white satin shelf brassiere, white satin garter belt, nylon stockings and high heel shoes moved behind me and began to tug at the laces again. She was pulling so hard, if my wrists had not been firmly attached to the overhead pipes, she would have been pulling me across the room. As it was, my feet were nearly lifted from the floor. It felt as if my internal organs were being rearranged by the cincher cutting into my middle. She watched my face as she caused the back edges of the cinch to meet.

.......... "Carol, congratulations! You now have a seventeen inch waist." To prove it, she picked up a tape measure from the table and measured around my wasp shaped waist. I struggled for every breath as I hung from the ceiling. My breasts rose and fell quickly as I could only take shallow breaths. My reflection showed a young woman who appeared to be almost squeezed in two.

.......... "You are so beautiful," she whispered into my ear as she stood behind me and looked over my shoulder at our images in the mirror. I could see her hands gliding up and down over my newly reshaped figure. "Everyone, male and female, would stare at you if you walked around in public like this. They'd all be wanting to do nasty things to your sweet little pussy." One of her hands went to my vagina and she inserted a finger deep into my already wet opening. Her other hand came up to cover one of my breasts. My nipples seemed to be unusually swollen and sensitive as she played with them. "Even with a dress over your waist cincher, you would attract attention!"

.......... Linda's finger was stroking deep in me as one of her other fingers found my clitoris. The erotic image in the mirror and the sensations that my female body was generating were more than I could stand. I reached another climax. The cincher limited my ability to breath and I found myself gasping for air as I was cuming. The room spun for several minutes and I nearly blacked out from the excitement and lack of air.

.......... "You enjoyed that cum, didn't you?" Linda asked. I raised my head only to find my vision obscured my the locks of blonde hair hanging in my face. I didn't answer. "Of course you did. Momma's baby girl had herself a good cum. And, baby wants to have more." Her fingers were still moving in my vagina. It was making squishing noises as she asked if I wanted her to release me from my bonds. I nodded yes.

.......... When Linda unhooked the chains from my leather bracelets, I almost dropped to the floor. She put her arms around me and held me against her. Her lips found mine and she gave me a long slow kiss that seemed to take what was left of my breath away. Our breasts were crushed together as Linda's tongue played with mine. Linda pushed me down on the sofa as she excitedly said, "Looking at you has made me so wet I can't help myself and if you don't eat my pussy, I'll explode!" She sat on the sofa and pulled me down onto my knees in front of her spread open thighs. The white satin garter belt and dark nylons framed her juicy black haired pussy and I found myself being pulled towards it. Her fingers were in my hair drawing my lips neared, but I would have done it anyway. I ate her, using every trick I knew. She came as she watched my face buried in her vagina while I sucked her clitoris and my fingers penetrated as deep as they would reach into her lubricated vagina. She wrapped her thighs around my head and pulled my face into her so far that I was worried that I might suffocate. She finished cuming and released me just before I passed out.

.......... Linda sat up and saw that I was having trouble breathing and said, "I'm sorry about getting carried away when I came. That waist cincher isn't helping you breathe better, either. If you wore it all the time, your insides would move around and you wouldn't be so uncomfortable. Here, let me help you up." I took her offered hand and she helped me to my feet. I asked her if she could remove the cincher now. She told me to look at myself in the mirror for a moment and she would help me take it off.

.......... I turned to see a lovely young blonde female with full glistening wet pouting lips, huge breasts with strawberry sized nipples, an impossibly small waist in a black leather waist cincher, flaring hips and protruding ass cheeks, a pair of nylons which, since nothing was holding them up, had fallen down around my ankles and high heel shoes. I realized that I was very sexy looking.

.......... "If you only realized how much of a turn on it is to see you standing there with that tiny waist. You'd give any man a hard on!" Linda looked at the clock. "Damn! We only have an hour to try on the other corset." She loosened the laces a little and showed me how to unhook the front opening to remove the cincher. I inhaled deeply for the first time in twenty minutes.

.......... My break didn't last very long, Linda had already picked up the other black leather corset and was wrapping it around my torso. The sewn in brassiere cupped my breasts and the sides extended downwards to cover my flat stomach and ended at my pubic hair. Six garter straps dangled from the lower edge of the leather garment. Linda instructed me to hold the corset in place while she laced it up in back.

.......... Linda had finished running all the laces through the eyelets and began to pull the laces tight. I could see, in the mirror, as the corset became tighter and tighter, the effect it had on my small waist. Linda lowered herself to her knees, pulled my fallen stockings up my legs and attached the garter straps to the reinforced tops. She planted kisses along the top of my thighs before she stood up.

.......... She reattached the chains to the leather bracelets and pulled the other ends until I was practically suspended in the air. Then she began to tug on my laces in earnest. "This is referred to as a Merry Widow corset," she said. "It has an extra amount of pinch at the waist to give a girl that hour glass look. On you, it will look especially good." She was pulling on the laces so hard that my feet did come off the floor this time. My body was suspended in the air by my wrists and corset laces. I was making moaning sounds as my feet and legs flailed uselessly in the air. Linda ruthlessly tugged the laces even tighter.

.......... "It feels like I'm being cut in half," I managed to whisper as the edges of the figure training corset met in back. My boobs were being forced out at the top, while my buttocks seem to become larger at the same time. My abdominal internal organs were being pushed up into my solar plexus and I was experiencing difficulty breathing. "Please," I whispered, "I can't breathe." Linda tied the laces and came around to inspect the results.

.......... "Don't panic. You'll be alright as soon as you adjust to the corset. I've put corsets on forty or fifty women. They all learned to adjust and they really enjoyed the interest that men paid them when they wore their corsets." She walked all the way around me to admire my wasp like figure. "Look at yourself in the mirror. See how pretty you are. You now have a sixteen inch waist! I just want to eat you up!" She dropped to her knees in front of my corseted figure and began to lick the slit between my legs until my legs parted, then, she wrapped her lips around my clitoris and began sucking it and licking it with her tongue. I only lasted three minutes before I was cuming again. She pulled my legs out to the side as I came, causing me to hang by my wrist bracelets as I wriggled in my climax. I passed out while hanging in mid air.

.......... When I came to, I found that Linda had lowered me to the sofa and had loosened the laces on my corset. She said, "In the old days, when all women wore corsets, women would faint all the time. Men though that those women were so sexy." She held me in her arms, holding a cool damp cloth to my forehead. When I felt as if I could sit up, she had to help me, since I still had on the long length corset.

.......... I stood beside the sofa and looked at my figure in the mirror. Even with the laces loosened, my waist was an incredible eighteen inches. I turned to admire my enhanced figure and was pleased.

.......... Linda interrupted my thoughts, "You have thirty minutes to meet your friend, Barbara. Unless you want to go home with me, and you are certainly welcome anytime, we had better get you dressed." She unhooked the garter tabs, loosened the laces all the way and I wiggled out of the corset. I discovered that I was covered in a light film of perspiration. "We have a shower in the rest room if you want to rinse off before you put your other clothes on." I quickly freshened up.

.......... Linda had dressed while I was in the shower. I hooked the whit lace suspender belt around my waist and noticed that it actually seemed loose. Linda brought me a new pair of beige silk stockings to replace my cinnamon colored nylons, which now had runs. I slid them up my wobbly legs and hooked the garter tabs, slipped my feet into my shoes and stepped into my white lace panties and pulled them up my legs until they were snugly in place. I slid the brassiere straps up my arms and fitted the cups over my large breasts. Linda went behind me to fasten the hooks for me. I stepped into my dress and she zipped the back. I tied the scarf around my neck and buckled the belt around my waist. I was dressed.

.......... Linda gave me a long tongue swapping kiss before I put my lipstick on and we went to the front of the store. She asked if I wanted to take the clothes that I needed for tonight and have the rest delivered. I gave her my address without thinking about the consequences. I looked at the clock and saw that I was already late. I thanked her and left to go to the restaurant where Barbara was waiting.

.......... I barely noticed that all the men I passed turned to watch me as they passed by. My mind was occupied with the events of this afternoon and the anticipation of seeing Tom again tonight.

.......... When I found Barbara, she was talking to a young black man. I thought I recognized him, but, wasn't sure. Barbara said, "Carol, you remember Roger Jones don't you, our school's star basketball player?" Now I remembered were I had seen him. He scored so many points each game our university played that the whole state treated him like a hero. He had won trophies as the outstanding athlete in our state. He gave me a broad grin.

.......... "Hello," I said. He pulled out a chair for me and motioned for me to sit down next to him. I said, "I'm afraid we don't have time to stay. We must be going." He had a strange expression on his face as he looked at first me, then Barbara, then at me again.

.......... Barbara said, "We have a little time to set and talk about old times."

.......... I shook my head. "You know that I have a date tonight." I turned to see Roger still looking at me. "Sorry, Roger, maybe next time."

.......... We left the mall and as Barbara drove towards home she said, "I always knew that you had something against black people but you have to remember that Carol does not and you are supposed to be Carol." I tried to explain that I just wanted to be home in time to get ready for my date and not be late. She thought for a moment and said, "You must really like this guy. Are you falling in love with him?" I assured her that I wasn't.




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