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Note - all of Bek's stories except his Whateley Stories have been edit by Steve Zink !

Of Masks and Marvels A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
In a world populated with Superheros and Supervillians, Dan Maxham's accident had him joining their ranks! While he thought he would be using the name " Thunderbolt", what they call him now is " Lady Lighting!

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The Horror of it All   A Sapphire Place Premiere !
A "Of Masks and Marvels / Lady Lighting" Fan Fiction
Approved by Bek D. Corbin, but "non-canon" ( which means that it doen't effect the storyline, no matter what happens.)

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Trading Faces - an SRU Tale !
Angela had always gotten everything she ever wanted, and then she heard a tale about the "Old Man" and the "Spells R Us " shop told by drunken Sorority girls at college. She was SURE she had this all figured out! What Anglea wanted, Angela gets... you see, she had this "little weakness"

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Mermaid Lure - an SRU Tale !
The Mermaid Lure was just a bizarre kind of bait to Roger, bait for his hated rival. But when Love is the hook, who gets caught- the fish or the fisherman? There are prices to be paid, and choices to be made, and even the reader is not left out of the story!

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Crimson Rose - an Femcorp Tale !
Set in Sarah Barndt's FemCorps Universe. Elaine Harris is set the daunting task of selling the English on the idea of saving the Human Race by turning Men into fertile Women! But as the firey Elaine discovers, it's not really the Sales Pitch that really sells, it's the Salesperson!

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The Lady and the Tigress
What is the measure of a Hero? For Mandy Gilbert, it's a purely academic question. Then her comic book creation, Tigress, walks off the drawing board, and the question becomes one of survival

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Foxglove new.gif
All Role Playing Gamers dream of stepping into the shoes of their characters. But when Simon Brewer finds himself really living the life of his favorite character, the saucy thief Foxglove, he discovers that Dungeons are no fun in real life, and Dragons are hazardous to your health!

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Part 7 ( 81k )  Part 8 ( 77k )  Part 9 ( 113k )  Part 10 ( 78k )  new.gif

The Mighty Morphing Gender Rangers 

It HAD to happen! They've gone Turbo, they've gone in Space, they've gone to the Lost Galaxy, they've even gone through Time, but have they ever gone in DRAG?
Actually, this has nothing to do with the licensed characters we're familiar with from Bandai - it's a story of heroes whose steady villain decides that the perfect weapon can be found in the SPELLS R US shop!  Sorry, Giant transforming Robots not enclosed.!
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Town and Gown
We are always told to beware of a Witches' wrath. But Jordan Winters IS the witch in question, and he's willing to go to great lengths to see that righteous vengence is brought down on a false friend. And if that means dressing as a girl, meeting an interesting new boy, and getting kissed?

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One Blackmail Ring To Rule Them All

A Jordan Winters Adventure
Jordan Winters, the Teenage Witch (no, not that one, the one from Town & Gown!) has her hands full when every TG's worst nightmare sneaks up on her. Can Jordan find the escape clause when she has to make contracts with her personal demons?
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Third Party Hardy

Set in Maggie Finson's "Heaven & Hell" universe, with her blessing. Heaven and Hell play hardball- which can be rather hard on the ball! Elijah finds himself the ball in a game of gender ping-pong between the Succubus Lorelei and another Succubus with a millennia old grudge! Can the chameleonic Elijah find a happy medium between the Ultimate Irreconcilable Forces?
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Complete  ( 234k )

Birds of a Feather

A Jordan Winters Adventure
Wisdom states that what you do comes back to you threefold. Jordan Winters, teenage sorcerer, thinks that he has a way around this. But then, Jordan doesn't always think these things through..
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Complete  ( 81k )
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Bittersweet Tea
Guy Hastings was a master of the Game. But so was Miss Wilks. When a Financial Wizard with nerves of steel faces off against a Witch with a heart of stone, the stakes are fortune, freedom, identity, life, and even love.

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Complete  ( 195k )

Joy to the World 

( Set in Maggie Finson's "Heaven & Hell" universe, with her blessing ) The Heaven and Hell Saga takes the High Road, as Talent Agent Ralph Beldon answers the Highest of all callings! To become one of the Angels, Ralph is willing to give up his career, his family, and even his life- But his MANHOOD?

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Complete  ( 367k )

Skeleton Crew
Doctor Zheng was a burned out has been doctor, stuck on a run-down patched together star freighter that was just a slower than light boat to nowhere. He wasn't the man to save the entire crew from a horrible death. But maybe he is the right woman for the job

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Complete  ( 162k ) 

Threefold Returns A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
A Yuletide Present for Sapphire. Since Pagans don't observe Christmas, I've written a Yuletide story that shows the important things are truly universal: Love, Family, Truth, Honor and following your heart. A man seeking wisdom finds his heart's true desire. But, what are the costs of finding his fulfillment, and who will pay it?'

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Complete  ( 122k )

The Report from Silver Lake
Based on an idea by Jimmyinwhite. In the near future, a group of Transsexuals create a TG Homeland. But a mysterious think tank has decided that this strange sanctuary cannot be allowed to survive. Can one young TG girl prevent her new homeland from being destroyed?

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Complete  ( 168k )

The Hand of Justice   A Sapphire Place Exclusive!  
Lindsey wanted revenge on her hard-nosed teacher, Mr. McCarty. When all other efforts failed, she envoked the dreaded 'Hand of Justice'. Of course, there is always the touchy question of whose side the Hand of Justice is really on...

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Complete  ( 28k ) 

The Price of Grace   A Sapphire Place Exclusive!  
There is a price for everything in this world. If you suddenly woke up in the paradise that you never knew that you yearned for, would you ask what the price is? And what if you couldn't pay?

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Complete  ( 57k ) 

Intaglio   A Sapphire Place Premiere !  
Ed was always on the winning side, no matter what that side was. But a walk through a maze of unusual mirrors shows him that there are two sides to every incident, and he may not like what he winds up winning.

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Complete  ( 26k ) 

Glamour Girl   A Sapphire Place Exclusive!  

A Jordan Winters Adventure
Jordan Winters is Back! Jordan's recipe for an afternoon at the Mall- Take two parts friendly favors, one part family obligation, three parts old feuds, and one part romantic tryst. Bring to a boil in a small town Mall, and garnish with a spell gone bad. Hopefully, the resultant concoction won't cook Jordan's goose!
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Complete  ( 78k ) 

The Other Side   A Sapphire Place Premiere!
A Halloween Story: Have you ever wondered what the Boogeyman's side of the horror story might be? A trip to a haunted lake teaches group of children that, the hard way.

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Complete  ( 108k ) 

Cat On A Hotwired Roof   A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
A Birthday gift for Steve Zink, in appreciation for all his good work over the years. A different kind of Genie in the lamp story, filled with several of Steve's favorite kinks.

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Complete  ( 280k )>

Hellcats   A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
For devil hunter Greg Scott, the problem isn't breaking a contract with a devil, it's handling all the people that want to muscle in on the action. Then, as Grace Scott, she discovers that, as always, the devil is in the details!

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Complete  ( 163k )

Match-22   A Sapphire Place Exclusive!

A Jordan Winters Adventure
Jordan and Dan playing a RPG? Jazz and Griff ? Add to the mix a swiftly moving Fools Cap and a massive Vorpal Bunny attack! This is one you can't miss!
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Complete  ( 74k )

The TLC War   A Sapphire Place Exclusive!

A Care Giver Adventure
Care Giver Trudy Masaryk has been taken prisoner by the ISP! The Enforcers have a state of the art warship, personal armor, and heavy weapons. Trudy has her skills, her wits and her feminine wiles. Anyone wanna lay the Odds on the outcome
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Complete  ( 167k )


Enter The Chaka  A Sapphire Place Premiere !

A Whateley Academy Tale
Nikki Riley. Georgeous, Magically talented, The very image of a Fairie Princess. What's the problem with that? She's a guy!
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Part 1  (121k )


Quoth The Ninja, Nevermore! by Maggie Finson, Bek D Corbin, Babs Yerunkle, and Starwolf A Sapphire Place Premiere !

A Whateley Academy Tale
The kids are finally settled into their rooms in Poe Cottage and are planning a good night's sleep before the start of classes the next day. Then a bunch of black clad burglars steal the bust of Edgar Allen Poe, the cottage's namesake. Who needs sleep? The honor of Poe Cottage is a stake!
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Complete  (79k )


Chaka - Dual Damsel by Bek D. Corbin  A Sapphire Place Premiere !

A Whateley Academy Tale
Never one to let a friend get shafted without a fight, Toni 'Chaka' Chandler rises to the occasion and issues a challenge! Now she has a problem, a big HAIRY problem. Well, Chaka's put her fuot in it again, and she learns a few painful lesson.
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Complete  (33k )


Out of the Woods   A Sapphire Place Exclusive!

A Jordan Winters Adventure
There are things that even Witches fear. And Jordan Winters can run, but she can't hide from the thing that the Witches of Millbridge fear beyond all other things.
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Complete  ( 88k )


Everything Goes With Blackmail by Bek D Corbin, Maggie Finson, E. E. Nalley, and Starwolf
A Circle of Friends Story
Miranda's Life was coming crashing around her ears. The secret of her transsexualism was being threatened. But Miranda also has three girlfriends who have the same secret. And they may be Sissies, but they aren't Wimps!

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Complete  (217k )

Making The Upgrade   A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
The more things change, the more they stay the same, they say. But some things are definitely NOT the same at a High School Reunion in the near future. Someone's coming back for something special, and some people may not be walking out the way that walked in.

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Complete  ( 83k )

Merlin High - The Art of the Duel   A Sapphire Place Exclusive!  
It's Merlin High, a high school for teenagers with magical powers, set in a world where recently Magic returned to the world. Vic O'Bryan is a student at Merlin High, and he is literally his own worst enemy. Unfortunately for Vic, Vickie, his worst enemy, has friends. And a new element has entered their lives to upset their stalemate.

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Complete  ( 318k )


The Catch   A Sapphire Place Exclusive!

A Jordan Winters Adventure
Just barely
'Out Of The Woods' , Jordan should be the town hero. But when did things ever go that way for Jordan? Nope, as always, there's a catch...
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Complete  ( 130k )


The Curse of the Brewsters   A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
For fans of P.G. Wodehouse. In precis, 'Bertie Wooster as a sorcerer'. Need one say more?

Warning, I'm going to print this one out and send it to Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine, so some time in the future, we MAY have to pull it. Of course, I haven't even printed it out yet....

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Complete  ( 259k )


The Wicked Flee   A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
Guns! Babes in skintight latex combat suits! Reckless Action! What else do you need to hear? Oh, yeah, and a story with some cross-dressing, too.

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Complete  ( 326k )


There's An Angel In Father John's Basement   A Sapphire Place Premiere !
Corbin's Chrismas Present to the Community!.

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Part 1  ( 392k )   Part 2  ( 182k )

The Big Idea   A Sapphire Place Premiere !

A Whateley Academy Tale What's the Big Idea? That's what Harlan wants to know! The Spy Kidz have gotten the big idea that he's a screw-up. His girlfriend, Jenny, has gotten a big idea that could put her on the map. Her girlfriend has gotten the big idea that he's bad for Jenny. And someone has gotten the big idea that they can try to kill him and get away with it. But Harlan has a few ideas of his own, even if his way of getting to them is a bit of a reach.
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