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Season One:
Thousands of years ago there was a war in the heavens, between the gods of old and the new arrivals. During the process the earth was almost destroyed by fire and floods as our war ran unchecked.† Finally, after centuries of conflict, an uneasy peace was achieved between our two people.† Both sides recognized they needed the other, but neither side was willing to trust the other.† However, as man grew in power and knowledge he challenged the gods themselves. To maintain the balance and keep the peace, a buffer zone was needed.

Itís a small town -- just like thousands of others spread across the land.† Quiet streets, family-run businesses, and Saturday afternoon picnics. But this town is different. Itís a place for lost souls, for misguided individuals, and for those who are in need of a second chance.† Itís also the last, best chance I have of freeing my people from their captors.† The name of the project is Restoration; the name of the town is Andersonville!†

Andersonville 1 - Home Sweet Home
Tom, Jennifer, and the Anderson's are captured and taken to Area 51, where Tom is given an unusual offer.
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Andersonville 2 - Judge-less
Tom's first few days working for Judge Jasper don't go very well. He also discovers some important information about the town of Andersonville
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Andersonville 3 - The Price of Revenge
A man chases his daughters killer into Andersonville and discovers what the price of his revenge has cost him.
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Andersonville 4 - Fallen Star
Mack Davis once was a football star, but through drug abuse und robbing he landed in jail. He is given an offer to get a new identity and out of jail.
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Andersonville 5 - The Guilty Soul
Keith and Cynthia Bennett are brought to Andersonville and re-united with Linda and Steve. Once Keith's and Cynthia's minds are merged, they are given a choice to become a male again or remain a female for the rest of their lives.
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Andersonville 6 - Friendship Lines
Two men stumble into Andersonville and discover it's secret. One wants desperately to stay; the other wants to leave and rejoin his family. Judge Herns offers them a package deal.
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Andersonville 7 - Soul Mates
Judge Jasper agrees to allow Steve Anderson to leave Andersonville and convice his old girlfriend, Sally Johnston, to come back with him. But there's a catch to the agreement.
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Andersonville 8 - The Return of Tom McClain
When Linda goes after a killer, her actions put her on a collision course with both Judge Jasper and Judge Herns.
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Andersonville 9 - Never Cry Wolf
After Peggy Wilson is captured for the third time while trying to escape from Andersonville, Stephanie Hall is brought in from Peace River to defend her claim that someone attacked and forced her to run. Linda Anderson joins the investigation and the two set out to find the truth about what really happened that night.
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Andersonville 10 -Boy Trouble
Season Finale: Trisha Brown saves a young woman (Shannon Royal) from killing herself and brings her to Andersonville. However Judge Herns changes her into a young man and the results are disastrous. It's now up to Trisha to convince everyone that Shannon Royal deserves to be in Andersonville, but first she has the impossible task of getting the young woman/man to trust her.
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Season Two
Voice of Judge Jasper Ė We are the Roman Gods, who fell to your world long ago when your people were still learning how to crawl. We have guided you through the years, rewarded you for good deeds, and punished you when needed. With our leadership, we helped you defeat the Titans in a terrible but glorious war. Once your path was set, we went to sleep, waiting for the day you would reach for the stars and take us home. But the Titans interfered, and turned you away from your destiny. When we awoke, we found much work to do; so we established a base and called it Peace River.

The Titans, with our help, established their own base later on. Itís a town where we can work together, a last ditch effort to avoid another war that may destroy the human race forever. Some would like to see the town and your people destroyed, others would like to see it work Ė to have peace at last. There is much hatred between our people, and the road ahead wonít be easy but the rewards if we do are great. The name of this last chance for peace is called Andersonville.

Andersonville 11 - The God Slayer
Start of the second season -- this story takes place in Peace River. A distraught inventor down on his luck goes to Peace River to rescue his friends. He quickly finds himself involved in a battle between a rogue Titan and the Roman Gods.
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Andersonville 12 -The day Linda Anderson came to town
Linda Anderson arrives in Peace River to take over for Ashlee Gang while she is on maternity leave. Her reception is not what she expects, and what she finds out about Peace River leaves her shaking in her heels.
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Andersonville 13 -Three Finger Jack
Ashlee Gang tells Linda about the beginning of Peace River back in the 1800's, and it's very first transformed resident.
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Andersonville 14 -The Mailman
Someone on the outside knows all about Peace River, and is bringing TG people into the town.
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Andersonville 15 -The Rich Bitch
A spoiled brat lands herself in trouble in Peace River, and finds out that money can't buy her everything, like her freedom.
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Andersonville 16 -Venus Child
When a lonely old man rescues Mrs. Marshall (Venus) from the Titans, Judge Jasper rewards him; only not in the way the old man may have hoped for.
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Andersonville 17 -Childhood
When Linda gets caught teasing Tracy, Judge Jasper decides to teach his secretary a lesson by making her six years old. But will this situation bring Linda and Tracy together, or have them at each other's throats?
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Andersonville 18 -Love and War
When Officer Merrick (Mercury) becomes the second victim of a Titan attack, his girlfriend (Sherry Felton) is brought in to try and revive him. However, saving him may be a moot point when Judge Jasper declares war on the Titans and Andersonville.
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Andersonville 19 -P.O.W.
Three years ago Judy escaped from Peace River and started a new life. When the young woman is finally found, she is brought back to Peace River to face Judge Jasper. Stephanie Hall is appointed to defend her in the hopes of winning her freedom, but has her fate already been decided before the trial starts?
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Andersonville 20 -The Cure
In a special episode written by Prudence Walker, and an Introduction written by Kelly, we see that even Gods can make mistakes!
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Andersonville 21 - Sins of the Father, Sins of the Son
A past visitor shows up in Andersonville, and quickly lands himself in trouble. However, Judge Herns suspects there is something behind his visit, and starts looking for the truth.
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Andersonville 22 - The Awakening
A young woman born with a severe handicap is brought to Andersonville to become Jennifer Anderson. However problems soon arise when one of her parents remembers their past, and threatens to destroy everything that Dennis Butz has worked so hard to bring together
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Andersonville 23 - A twinkle in her fatherís eye
A computer hacker breaks into the Andersonville computer system, leading to a disastrous turn of events
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Andersonville 24 - Dr. Jensen I presume
Dr. Jensen arrives in Andersonville as a new person, determined to improve on her serum. She selects one of the residents, Helen Johnston, and forces her to do things against her will. When Steve becomes suspicious of the Helen's actions, he searches for the truth - a truth that could get him killed.
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Season Three

Voice of Linda Anderson - They say to judge someone; you must first walk a mile in their shoes. When I first came here, I regarded this town as a prison. In many ways that's still true, but only if you look at it superficially. Years later, with the benefit of hindsight, I can now see the town for what it is; a last attempt to bring peace between the Titans, the Olympians, and us, the human race. If the town succeeds, the people imprisoned in Peace River will finally be free and there will be peace. If it fails, the resulting war could end the world as we know it. There are some on all sides of this conflict who have their own reasons for wanting to see the project fail.

These are the stories of the men and women who made a difference during those dark days, and shaped history. It's also about those who had to face their deepest, darkest problems and what they gained from conquering them. It's a place of second chances, hope, and peace. The name of this town is Andersonville.

Andersonville 25 - Dr. Jensen I presume ( part II )
The conclusion of the cliffhanger from last season. Dr. Jensen arrives in Andersonville as Dr. Ramsey, and quickly settles in. However, when Steve figures out who she is, his life becomes expendable.
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Andersonville 26 - Hate Crimes
Judge Herns catches two bigots in the act of a hate crime and decides to teach them a lesson. However, even the Judge has to answer to someone for her actions.
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Andersonville 27 - What If
What if -- Linda is given the opportunity to change a decision in her life and see how it affects everyone around her.
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Andersonville 28 - Freedom Fighters
Cell 25 is just one of the groups of Freedom Fighters in Peace River. When they're asked by their leader to make contact with two people, one of them Linda Anderson, things start to spin out of control.
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Andersonville 29 - Terror from the Sky
A new threat arrives that endangers the world. When the Olympians and Titans refused to work together, the hopeless task of stopping it falls on the human race - and time is running out.
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Andersonville 30 - The Day Dennis Butz Died   Series Finale !
50 years ago Dennis Butz disappeared without a trace, leaving all kinds of rumors about what happened to him. Now on her deathbed, Linda tells the story about what really happened to Dennis Butz.
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The Life and Death of Al Parker
( Note from Sapphire - this is the Pre-Prequel for Andersonville ! )
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Part 1 - Jennifer's Beginnings ( 160k ) 
Based on the story called, "I, my sister" that was written by Diana Christy (07/97). This explains how Jennifer Anderson comes to be in Dr. Jensen's house

Part 2 - What ever happened to Al Parker? ( 215k ) 
After Al Parker disappears Tom starts searching for him. But will he be happy when he finds his friend. Keith Bennett accidentally gets his sister killed and pays the ultimate price for it.

Part 3 - - Beyond the Lines of Friendship ( 217k ) 
The final part. Explains what happens to Jennifer, Keith, Tom and the others.

Spaced Warped  

Nothing could have prepared me for the morning I logged onto my computer and saw the note from Genniís spouse informing me that she had passed away. I was in total shock. My response was to reply back and tell him that I didnít find this funny. He wrote back later to tell me it was no joke. I lost it. It was a Saturday, so I went to my office where I could be alone. There I yelled, screamed, cried, and finally sat at my desk in stone silence asking God how he could take Genni from us? A part of my heart had been ripped away. Genni Smith was a friend, one who I cherished.

I remember a few months back just after I had finished writing Andersonville 28 (which featured four other friends I cherish). I asked Genni if I could use her in a story I was kicking around in my head. She laughed, and told me I could if I made her a queen in my story. I chuckled, and told her she already was in my eyes. After her death my desire to finish this story grew, and I started putting down the foundations of the story, ĎSpace Warpedí in my computer. Now that itís finished, I can feel a great burden rising off my shoulders.

While I wanted to post this story on the anniversary of Genniís passing, I realized that wasnít what was important to me. It was remembering her in a way that showed my love and gratitude for her friendship she provided. Genni was a good friend, and I miss her dearly. I will think of her every time I read her stories, or feel that lonely tugging at my heart.

Although Genni passing is painful, it made me stop and appreciate the love and friendship I have with so many of you here. Sapphireís list goes beyond just being a place where you can post stories. Being here is like being a part of a family. We fight, we laugh, and along the way we learn about ourselves through each other. When I remember my past ≠ growing up being different from other kids and being teased for feeling this way, I smile knowing Iím with a group of a thousand plus people who understand how I really feel.

Enjoy this story my friends. Although the story is dedicated to Genni Smith, it was also written for you. Thank you for being there when I needed you.

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