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Looking for Hope
Not so long ago, I lost hope. Hope was like completely gone. There was no sign of Hope. She didn't even respond to her e-mail. What do you do when you lose Hope? You send a hero to search for her, thatís what. Or better yet, you send a heroine, or even better than that, you send a fairy tale heroine. Borrowing shamelessly from Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Huckleberry Finn, and Dr. Seuss, this story sends me, Dawn DeWinter, the most fantastic fantasy heroine youíve ever encountered, on that quest.

Cause this is a fantasy, I have sex with young, beautiful people of every gender and sex imaginable in almost every chapter (thatís how you know itís a fantasy). Even more fantastically, they stay with me even after we have sex, although that may be because they switch to having sex with each other. Oh well, I got to try them first.

While I journey across America in search of Hope, everyone in my caravan thinks they are looking for something else, a job, love, respect, and even freedom from fear. What they donít realize is what they are all missing is Hope. Maybe you are too. If so, climb aboard the caravan (Road Trip!) and see where we eventually find Hope (oops, did I give away the ending?)."
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Chapters 1 - 2  ( 35k ) Chapters 3 - 4 ( 42k ) Chapters 5 - 6 ( 42k ) Chapter 7 ( 18k )
Chapter 8 ( 18k ) Chapter 9 ( 21k ) Chapter 10 - 11 ( 47k ) Chapter 12 - 13 ( 42k )
Chapter 14 - 16 ( 32k ) ;Chapter 17 - 18   Final  ( 42k )

Anything for a Moped! With Graphics by Britney!

Kyle is a reckless teenager, despite early panty-training. When he asks for a moped, his mother decides he has to change his behavior before he kills himself on it. She proposes a deal: He gets the moped if he agrees to wear girls' clothes for a month, clothes that he can choose for himself. It seems like bet he cannot lose, but Kyle's life soon begins to spin completely out of control.
Chapters 1 - 5 Chapters 6 - 10,Chapters 11 - 16Chapters 17 - 20 ,
Chapter 21Chapter 22 "The Finale" Now Complete!

All chapters in Palm Formatin a Zip file Palm Format ( pdb ) -  Requires DOC Reader software installed on Handheld !

Anything for a Fast Wheelchair!  Sequel to Anything for a Moped!

Could this be the sequel to "Anything for a Moped?" Did Dawn and the crystal ball finally make up? And why is this story so short?   Complete Story !

Unlucky at Cards

How can anyone be THAT Unlucky at cards or Love?... well, to quote the Bard " Me thinks thou douth protest too much! "  Complete Story !

The Boy Who Was Hitchhiking

In this road story, Nate Morrow is fleeing for his life. The pre-teen mistakenly believes he can hitchhike in safety because he is one step faster than the predators. He is rescued by Bill, a heterosexual cross-dresser. Is Bill the reason why Nate ends up in skirts? Or is it the boy's destiny? Will they reach their destination safely? And will Nate and Bill find a haven there?
Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Caught in the Oval Office

Kelsey is the teenaged son of the U.S. President -- and a closet transsexual. Who caught him cross-dressing in the Oval Office? And what were the consequences for Kelsey, the Presidency, and the Nation?" (This story replaces 'Hillary's Panties')  Part 1

Daddyís Best Little Girl

A twelve-year-old country boy searches for love.† Which of his parents will give it to him and on what terms?† This story is decidedly not a comedy.† Is it a tragedy?† Thatís for each reader to decide.

Complete !( 33k )
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Jack's Big Secert A Sapphire Place Premiere !
Bobbie Sue is going to find out that deep dark secret that Jack is hiding..... no matter what!

Complete !( 55k )
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Cross-Dressed Fairy Tales A Sapphire Place Premiere !  
Some familiar fables transgendered for a TG audience.† The model for each tale is the classic original, and those of you who know only Disneyís bowdlerized fairy tales may want to search the Internet for the original, often grimmer tale (whose title Iíve generally kept).† †I promise you laughs and a happy ending in each tale (unless you identify with the villain), despite the occasional oven-baked witch or vengeful frog.† The characters come in all sexual orientations.† The stories are definitely intended for an adult audience.

Part 1( 41k )  Part 2( 29k )  Part 3( 62k ) 
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