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Shadows and Dust
Life is hard on the street.  For a smart 'Runner, with a hand full of Chummers, life stays, shall we say, interesting. In Seattle during the 2060's. the street is a happening place. Corporate brokers and executives move people and teams around on a board in the ultimate game, corporate power play. However some of the pieces won’t fit the tight little molds that are made out for them.  Enter Victoria Laughing Crow, Runner and chosen of Raven as she searches for Big Wins, Better Tech, Flash Magic, and most importantly of all, herself. Set in the Shadowrun™ Universe.
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Belle of the Ball
In a world were exposure to the Mckimpson Strain grants seemingly limitless powers and abilities one new Super Heroine learns that 'With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility along with everything else a young woman has to worry about! As my way of homage to the great Bek D Corbin and Babs Yerunkle, meet Jim Anderson, AKA the Southern Belle.

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My Life as a Woman
Have you ever had a dream about yourself that seemed real, but different? Some of the important facts were wrong, or just out of sequence? Maybe what you dreamed about isn't a dream at all, but rather what happened to a version you on some other plane of reality. Take a look into my dream. Some of it happened to me, some not. But, either way, it's the story of My Life As A Woman.

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Death Wish
Toby was a man without a purpose in his life, at war with his own transsexualism. Alexander was adrift in time, awoken in an alien and unfamiliar land. Neither could over come their problems alone. A door will close as another opens and together two halves will make a whole.

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Guardians of the Gates of Madness
One hundred years from now, space travel will become the last hope of an overcrowded Earth. New businesses will flurish and form in the dark beyond of our Solar System. For Ken Yagimura, a young Japanese boy, dreams of a life among the stars spur him to face the greatest challenge of his young life. Join with me now as I introduce you to a new Universe: The Care Givers Company Tales.

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Rebecca's Tale  A Heaven and Hell Story
Some people don't handle being handed everything. Take Ricardo Estabon for instance. 1st Generation Immigrant son of a well to do Spanish Banker in Miami, he wanted for nothing. Certainly not the attention of the ladies, but after a wrong choice or three, he gets the attention of Lilith, Mother of the Succubae. Now Rebecca has to think fast and work faster to stay one step ahead of the Legions of Hell. Set in Maggie Fenson's Heaven and Hell Universe, with her blessing.

**Author's Note: I'm not a theologian, but some of the ideas in this story are fairly advanced comcepts of Theology. It is not my intention to cause anyone to doubt what ever path they may be on to God, or how the Universe works. I don't know myself. But it is every author's desire to make their reader Think. I cannot speak for any church or religion, but I think everyone would tell you to Path to God is worth traveling. Enjoy with an open mind, but understand. This is fiction. Thanks for reading. E. E. Nalley**

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Wedding of the Century   A Sapphire Place Premiere !
A Heaven and Hell Story
Life can be pretty interesting as a Bride's Maid. As the Maid of Honor? Well, Rebecca has her hands full trying to keep a wedding on track, get her personal life in order, and oh, yeah, just keep the Truce between Heaven and Hell from falling apart. Set in Maggie Finson's Heaven and Hell Universe, with her blessing. This is the sequel to Rebecca's Tale. Images provided courtesy of MJ Designs and Rion Vernon's

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Everything Goes With Blackmail by Bek D Corbin, Maggie Finson, E. E. Nalley, and Starwolf
Miranda's Life was coming crashing around her ears. The secret of her transsexualism was being threatened. But Miranda also has three girlfriends who have the same secret. And they may be Sissies, but they aren't Wimps!

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The Martian Conspiracy  A Sapphire Place Exclusive!  

A Care Giver Adventure
The Robert Heinlein has arrived at Mars, but the Red Planet is far from safe for Masako and her friends. Intrigue and conspiracy swirl like heavy cream in thick coffee, placing both her and the nascent Independent Spacer Movement in jeopardy. Masako will need to use all of her training to survive the dangers and discoveries on the Red Planet. This is the sequel to
Guardians of the Gates of Madness
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Drilled Weekend  A Sapphire Place Exclusive!  

A Circle of Friends Story
Constance Mitchell has a lot of secrets. Being the first Transgendered Army officer is cause for a good bit of her stress, even if her unit is aware of her condition. But noteriety is the bane of any new girl trying to stay in the closet and Silver Star winners are nothing if not notable.
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Waiting on the Wind  A Sapphire Place Exclusive!  
It's only a game, right? John Lascomb thought that way too when he settled in for a marathon session of his favorite Role Playing Game with a handful of his closest friends. But now things are deadily serious in more way than one. Girth your sword, string your bow and strap on your bra; things are about to get ugly.

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Chapter 1  (46k )  Chapter 2  (37k )   Chapter 3  (35k )   Chapter 4  (41k )  Chapter 5  (29k ) 

Professional Courtesy  A Sapphire Place Exclusive!  

A Care Giver Adventure
While this is not a TG story, it is a transcribed copy of the story that I started when the idea popped into my head. It is extremely short and, as I've already warned you, isn't TG in the strictest of senses, but it is the seed from which this universe sprang.
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