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Colonel Curtis Shapiro of the New Terran Federation Armed Forces is under arrest and being transferred to New Terra for court martial because of a disastrous campaign against an alien planet. The enemy, a race reminiscent of ancient Celtic Elves is called the Cheryii and stopped the NTF military machine cold.

Shapiro discovers that he is to be transported with one of the enemy, a prisoner named Morgana, who was the architect of the defeat he is now under arrest for. As an added wrinkle, this particular cheryii female is rumored to have once been human, and a friend of his though in a substantially different form. During the journey, she shares her own story with Shapiro.

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Heaven and Hell: Recruiter
A philandering husband is shot and killed by an enraged husband. He awakens in Hell and is transformed into a Succubus. Then gets embroiled in a plot to eliminate a powerful Human magician.

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Heaven and Hell II: The Ways of Power
Lorilei is back! This time she gets roped into acting as bait for a rogue Angel who plans to initiate Armegeddon. Can you say trouble magnet?

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A Small Matter of Equity
A dealer in expensive antiques is offerred a ring that can grant wishes. Only there is one major catch...

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Ine's Flowers: Black Orchid
Black Orchid begins her quest for revenge and discovers that changes she makes in others are also changes in herself. This story is a part of Ine's Flowers started by Enbreeze and written with her permission. If you like the story, the rest are posted on Fictionmania.

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Another Satisfied Customer
Unhappy with the results of a spell Mama Juju worked, a former customer returns to complain. But the only complaints desk at Mama Juju's is the one with Mama Juju behind it. And her guarantee is that "Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong".

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Heaven And Hell III: A (Hell) Maid's Work Is Never Done
After a magician is killed in a battle with enemies, he awakens in Hell. No surprise there, but what happens next is. A (skewed) retelling of "Ways of Power" from the transformed mage's viewpoint. With a Lascivious Dwarf, an amorous Angel, and other interesting things tossed in.

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Dead Heros A Sapphire Place Exclusive!  
Brian had been poisoned, then set loose in a maze of corridors and hunted like an animal. Near the end of his strength, he stumbled into a company lab operated by an old friend. An old friend who had a way for him to survive the deadly nerve toxin. But did Brian want to take it? The results of accepting would be almost as bad, or worse, than the agony of his dying.

Maggie asked me to remove this because she SOLD the story to a Mainstream publisher, to be included in a forthcoming anthology! Congratulations Maggie from ALL of us!

Worlds of Fantasy Vol I at Amazon 
Some profits from this link helps support Sapphire's Place!

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Balancing Act a Heaven and Hell Story
Angelique is in trouble again. Not long after finishing things up at the Stronghold of the Renegade Angel, Shen-Dai, she and The Hell Maid Sylvanna are sent to investigate suspicions that a powerful Prince of Hell is planning rebellion, They discover that's all too true, but too late to do anything but warn those soon to be under attack.
Story contains violence, strong language at times, and my own brand of humor.

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Everyone dreams of finding the perfect girl for them. For Joe Anderson, single, twenty-eight years old, and at constant loose ends, that girl of his dreams was beautiful, athletic, smart, and Asian.

When she unexpectedly fell into his unsteady arms asking for help one night while he was walking home from a party, he found that this particular dream girl was all that and more. There was one Major problem though, she was dying, and had a gift she desperately needed to pass on to someone before that happened. Since Joe was the only other person around that very early morning...

The gift came with baggage. Nanites swarming through his body, really nasty enemies, some interesting, if rather odd friends, and a job Joe wanted nothing to do with but seemed stuck with no mater how much he protested. And he wasn't a he after the nanites got through with him... Oh, my...

Anyone remember Clarke's Law?

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Best and Brightest  A Sapphire Place Exclusive!  

A Care Giver Adventure
When astronaut Eric Chartrand awakened following the shuttle accident he felt as if life was over for him. Physical and nerve damage he had suffered would keep him out of space for the rest of his life. Until he met Naomi Foster and learned about Care Givers. But was he willing to pay the price to get back 'out there'?
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A Whateley Academy Tale
Nikki Riley. Georgeous, Magically talented, The very image of a Fairie Princess. What's the problem with that? She's a guy!
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Part 1  (130k )


Peace Bringer

When a Vampyri makes another, the new one, the fledgling, is always of the opposite sex to the maker.

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Lillith’s Ransom a Heaven and Hell Story

Uh oh.  Our favorite little hellion is at it again.  With Lillith in a bottle at Jade's Neutral Grounds coffee shop, Lorilie has to find a way of getting her freed.  Toss in a Wedding, problems with The Hall of Mages, and an assassination attempt by other Demons and... well you get the idea.  Oh yeah, just what is Lor doing with that chainsaw?!!

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Quoth The Ninja, Nevermore! by Maggie Finson, Bek D Corbin, Babs Yerunkle, and Starwolf A Sapphire Place Premiere !

A Whateley Academy Tale
The kids are finally settled into their rooms in Poe Cottage and are planning a good night's sleep before the start of classes the next day. Then a bunch of black clad burglars steal the bust of Edgar Allen Poe, the cottage's namesake. Who needs sleep? The honor of Poe Cottage is a stake!
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Fey: PMS and Other Problems  by Maggie Finson A Sapphire Place Premiere !

A Whateley Academy Tale
Ninjas in the dead of night? Nothing. First day of classes at Whateley? Scary. Especially while Nikki is feeling more than a bit under the weather. A Faerie mage with PMS...uh, oh. RUN!!
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Everything Goes With Blackmail by Bek D Corbin, Maggie Finson, E. E. Nalley, and Starwolf
A Circle of Friends Story
Miranda's Life was coming crashing around her ears. The secret of her transsexualism was being threatened. But Miranda also has three girlfriends who have the same secret. And they may be Sissies, but they aren't Wimps!

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The Song of Corazon   A Sapphire Place Premiere !

A Care Giver Adventure
Corazon Gutierrez had been a Care Giver a long time, almost from the inception of the company. She had watched, and participated as the fledgling colonies grew, blossomed, then flowred into the Spacer culture that she knew deep down was the true hope for Humanity's future. But seventy years, no matter how good weigh on a person, and she had grown weary.

She had seen so many come, and just as many go, in her capacity, and privately wondered if she was even capable of giving even a bit more when she was posted to a newly built ship and given a task that truly tested her abilities.
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Eurydice   A Sapphire Place Premiere !

Chaiama Ariyanuntaka has herself a very eventful vacation, though that was unplanned. She gets a contract from the local Themis Office where she's supposedly taking a break from work and gets herself tangled up in a real mess. Missing reporters, Illegal genetic experiments, a new love in her life, and oh yeah... A homicidally insane super soldier on the loose.

Set in Bek Corvin's Erinyes Universe, this story contains violence, some strong language, and in this one, minimal TG content. You've been warned.
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