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NOTE: Many of Eddie's Stories had been missing from this archive, but due to the generous work of " Sir Lee " I have been able to add these " missing " stories! These NEW stories are marked with this icon

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an ongoing story about 5 role-playing gamers trapped in a world where magic not only works, but the "Rules" exact a steep price. NOw totally re-written and almost TWICE the length!
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These stories are Incomplete because Eddie is still writing them....


Weirdest Invasion
The Avengers, the FF, the JLA, along with the Teen Titans all in one world! And Someone is changing the heros into Gender-bent slaves. This is the first part of a two part story. Added 10/18/00

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Part 1  (146k ) 

The Weirdest Invasion 2 The Avengers, the FF, the JLA, along with the Teen Titans all in one world! And Someone is changing the heros into Gender-bent slaves. This is the SECOND part of a two part story. Added 6/18/01

Also in Palm Format Palm Format ( pdb ) -  Requires DOC Reader software installed on Handheld !

The Bimbo Solution So, as a Comic Book artist/writer who as just been told that the entire line of stories will have a new market grabbing crossover, they are going to explode a "Gender Bomb" that will turn all the Heros and Villains in to Busty Bimbos! What Awe Comics doesn't know is that the Comic Book world is REAL, just another world. But when the writer and artist are pulled back and forth between to two, the walls between them start to brake down.....and the real CROSSOVER begins... 9/22/99

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Part 1 ( 73k )

Myxed Up! ( Written with ) This story takes place directly after the events of Onslaught: Return Of Evil part 14------okay, for those who need a scorecard.....the interdimensional imp Myxlyplk has crossed over into the Marvel universe by the actions of a doppleganger of Loki that survived the destuction of his own pocket world. This doppleganger brought Mxy across to defeat the FF during Return Of Evil, only to have Reed Richards outwit the imp into saying his name backwards (the only thing that can stop Mxy). At the end of Return 13 Loki, his doppleganger, and Onslaught basically defeated each other, with some help from Earth's assembled heroes. But in the process reality was dealt a massive blow and many who hadn't been changed before were.Updated with to chapter 12 ( missing chapter 8!) 06/29/08

Reality BombThe Sequel to Timeripper 9/22/99

Wiz TV 2 A return to everyone's favorite TV Network. This takes place about three months after the first story. This time, Kevin Munson, the network owner has problems with another magical who likes the " dark side"... UPDATED 9/10/99

Another Genie's Life a sequel to A Genie's Life Eddie's favorite Genie now has to help UNDO all the trouble it caused in his first story....and THAT will take everything it has to give! Both Now COMPLETE!
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The Bet Here's a little tale about a gambler going too far....

Blood Sword deals with a warrior who carries a sword that demands male blood every so often or the warrior is transformed into a buxom woman with the look of a whore. As with most of my stories it has no sex but deals with how he feels being a she and about the need to kill to keep his manhood..

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Part 1 ( 12k )   Part 2 ( 7k )

The Blue Meteor A glowing meteor bring startling changes as it's power is used in a bid to take over the world! Added 12/23/00 Also in Palm Format Palm Format ( pdb ) -  Requires DOC Reader software installed on Handheld !

Brave New World , Invaders from Space.....ID4 was NEVER like THIS!! Gender Change Ray-Guns, Horny Aliens, and rouge Comets.

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Part 1 ( 25k )

Brox , a hero that makes Conan look like a "sissy-boy " with a mind that makes CHEESE look like Einstein! Brox in his first story "Brox the Absent Minded" In The Return of Brox, our hero has problems in a town faire. and in Brox and the Amazons Our hero stumbles across a group of Amazon Warriors! and Brox and the Critic and Bronx's Wish! and Bride of Brox ( 3k )

By a Nose! Imagine , you've encountered a goddling with magical transformation powers. Imagine that the godling changes you when ever it imagine it's ALLERGY SEASON!!! Now COMPLETE !..( Check out the sequel Cursed!)

Calthizar In a war between the Earth and the Durill, space cruisers from both sides crash land on a planet when the people harness powerful magic. The transformations are as wild as the twists and turns of the plot!

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Challengers an original superhero tale that was posted to rec.creative.comics

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Channel Changer Ever want a TV remote with magical properities? Read about a "clicker" that has a "Gender" and "Swap" button on it! ( continued in GBA-2! )

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Part 1 ( 53k )

Cursed! A spin-off from By A Nose! dealing with some of the people who got zapped during that story. The Thompson Family all desided to Curse each other instead of getting their transformation reversed in "By a Nose".Now Complete! UPDATED 9/10/99

Do Unto Others It's kind of the first in a collection of a strange woman dispensing justice upon those men who deserve it.

A Fair Bit of Revenge this is a piece of my novel Mistrealms, I have decided to put this up for a little feeback.

Fixer Upper This was a challange story...and Eddie came through!

Gender Benders Anonymous ( parts 1-13, three was titled Girl's talk )-It deals with a guy turned into a woman by his girlfriend meeting up with a were-Marilyn Monroe named Crowley who sets up meetings for men turned into women, whether permanent or not. Total gender bender weirdness, but good for a laugh..

Gender Benders Anonymous 2 ( parts 1-6) This story is NOW completed - NEW chapters are have just been added! This continues James' adventures with the GBA!

A Genie's Life Ever wonder what' life is like for the Genie of the bottle? Some masters are good people,...some are NOT! COMPLETE!!

Halloween is the center price of these two tales; in A Halloween Tale: Watch the Road!!! a tale of a man who had trouble keeping his eyes were they belonged!, and in Halloween Fun! The Sorcery School the students of a VERY special school, don't hear their teachers warnings about abusing their powers on the special night!

Hercules and Xena - Love Hurts Episodes you'll never see on TV! Aries Tricks Aphrodite into cursing everyones "Legendary" Hero. This series is also written by FFCSkrull! NOW COMPLETE! UPDATED 9/22/99

JLA: Strange Artifacts Every Hero keeps trophys for their adventures, even the mighty Justice League of America, but imagine the chaos if they got "lost" ?...NOW COMPLETE ! UPDATED 9/17/99

Knight by Night The story of Sir Kaldon, a knight who is cursed to....well, it's better if you read it yourself! Now COMPLETE !

Mythical - an ongoing story about 5 role-playing gamers trapped in a world where magic not only works, but the "Rules" exact a steep price.NOW COMPLETE!

The Revenge Of Mudd It's a Star Trek story. This tale takes place one year after an incident that was in New Voyages 2 entitled The Procrustean Petard. In it about seventy men and women from the ship, including Sulu, Kirk, McCoy, and Uhura were turned into the opposite sex. They had come upon an abandoned planet and a massive force field caught their ship, trapping it as more and more were beamed down. The strongest male from each ship was given an extra male chromosome, making them more lustful and violent. Spock was the one from the earlier Klingon ship was all female by this time save for it's Captian...Kang. Kang and Kirk had been enemies for he saw Kirk transformed into a blonde beauty. They all escaped and returned to Starfleet, still sex-changed, then figured a way to get restored. They returned and all were restored....but before they got there a few relationships were hinted at...

Harry Mudd is a galactic con man who has come across Kirk many times. His Venus pills made some women look gorgeous when he took them aboard the was from these pills that his plan for revenge stems...but there is more to all than meets the eye. Now COMPLETE !

The Name Game Hecate, Artemis and Aphrodite resented the power of some mortals were gaining! Indeed Olympus herself had once been invaded by the superheroes known as the Avengers! A might spell is cast and a transformed Aries is sent to "finish the job" of destroying these so-called Heroes. Earth's Hero's are transformed into their namesakes.......Spiderman, into a real spider, Ironman into being really made of metal, Hawkeye in to a bird, the Vision into a beautiful "Vision" of a Woman.... 7/6/00 - NOW COMPLETE! Also in Palm Format Palm Format ( pdb ) -  Requires DOC Reader software installed on Handheld !

A New World The Sequel to Universal Collision Updated 4/25/2000 NOW COMPLETE !

Onslaught Lives! written with WhLghtnin They continue where Marvel Comics left off with their giant Mutant/X-Men crossover Onslaught and what happens in the "Pocket Universe " of Hero's Reborn! See the Marvel Heros as they have never been before ( outside of what Eddie has done to them !) COMPLETE!

Revenge Of the B-Movie Queen Gerard's favorite movie actress was "Tiffany" the Queen of grade "B" movies! A former Centerfold Model turned Actress who loved writing and staring in movies about gender-changing. Gerard and his friends are planning to spend sometime partying in her old mansion, but Tiffany's spirit, and her demon foe has other plans for the boys...... 5/12/00 - NOW COMPLETE!   Also in Palm FormatPalm Format ( pdb ) -  Requires DOC Reader software installed on Handheld !

The Strangest Days Another Comic Book Tie-In as only Eddie Glover can make it! Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane have had their minds switched ! With each in the others bodies, they both have to learn quickly. Lois to understand and use the power of the Man of Steel, and be a Woman and "Clark's WIFE!" Updated 1/5/2000 NOW COMPLETE

"Spells R' Us" Stories - These three stories are set in a "shared world" about a Magical Shop ( Spells R Us ) in a Mall, run by a wizard with a slightly "off" sense of humor... Spell R' Us:Football Mania all they wanted was a little edge... Spells R' Us: How to Deal With Gangs A cure for roving gangs in the mall... a Reversal Wish Lamp! and Spells R' Us: Shoplifter a ring of wishes, and speaking before you think! Also, sometimes the "powers-that-be" think our favorate shopkeeper has gone to far, as in Spells R' Us: The Nightmare!

Don't miss the complete Spells-R-Us Archive!

Star Wars--Punishment A quickie from the Star Wars Universe - Remember, don't piss off the Emperor!

The Tale A tale of revenge, followers of a insane priestess, and redemption. COMPLETE ! 9/22/99

Timeripper-a gender bending What if? The lead character is a man trapped in a woman's form. He goes back in time and ensures that all those comic characters that have changed sex, Mantra, Lobo, Hawkman, et all stay female. She gains power from these temporal gender fluxes. Not for those who don't like comics.. Now COMPLETE !

Universal Collision With characters from Marvel Comics, DC, and various other companies.

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Unless Darkness FallsThis story is a little different from my usual one, and while it will have some TG it will likely branch into werewolves and pure will be horror so anyone who doesn't like that form should be warned...... Now COMPLETE!!! 8/9/97

The Ultimate Decoy Hiding the Princess with magic is simple.... except that when she turns up missing, it will tip off the invaders! What we need is a Decoy....and Ultimate Decoy! NEW 2/22/01 . Also in Palm Format Palm Format ( pdb ) -  Requires DOC Reader software installed on Handheld !

Winner Takes All! This is something of a sequel to Reversal Of Fortune.......but a wee bit different...(Note: This story uses characters from Marvel and DC comics ) Now COMPLETE !

Wandering Hands -a short story that I actually wrote on paper some time ago. It deals with a drunken sorcerer who gets his comeuppance. Has numerous gender changes, and even a couple of human to animal, insect in one case!

Wiz TV A Wizard run TV Network, done it Eddie's own style!COMPLETE!

Wiz TV 2 - Ratings War A Wizard run TV Network, done it Eddie's own style, continued !

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Part 1 ( 13k )  

Wiz TV - Off the Air A Wizard run TV Network, and Eddie react to the WTC attack

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Complete ( 3k )  

Wiz TV - The Labyrinth A Wizard run TV Network, as seen from other authors point-of-view. Written by by Elrod W.

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Complete ( 169k )  

Wiz-TV Transformation Charades A Wizard run TV Network, as seen from other authors point-of-view. Written by by Randy Potter

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