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I'm a Freak, Sue Me.
Jericho is many things, blind, pudgy and maniacal. The Leader of Outcast Corner is here to regale the newbies with the tales of random havoc and horror that fill a typical day at Whateley Academy. There will be thrills! Chills! Extra-strong Devisor coffee vats and more! Come and hear the twisted tales of a warped mind as he talks about his friends, the school, and catch a glimpse of what even he is unaware of creeping into the lives of the Outcasts.
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Child of Confusion
My name is Diamondback, and I'm sure you've seen me around right before pretending you weren't staring. This is the tale of one of the weirdest times I've had at Whateley since I came to the school. Lucky you, you get a peek as I tell my story to the newbies here. Walking between worlds, fights with things I can't see, and my ever-enjoyable running feud with my roomie, Trisha. When I'm done with the tale I want you to bear one thing in mind, as weird as my tale gets. This ain't shit.

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Yet Another Day as an Outcast
Here's the last story of the evening kiddies. You came to Whateley hoping for some support and personal attention. Sucks to be you, you got us. So sit back and relax while this Ultraviolent tells you about the fun and games to be had at Whateley Academy in the sims, and maybe a bit more. Sorry if this story's not as havoc-ridden as Jericho's, or as Pathos-infused as Diamond's, but they have the gift of gab. All I have is this stupid vodor. Maybe the story will give you an idea what combat instruction's like then Sensei-Ito's not in the house. But for now I need to break another noise-box. *CRASH*

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Erik Mahren is an Heavy Weapons Instructor for Whateley Academy, training students in the fine art of mayhem. Unfortunately all is not well in his world, and over the span of twenty four hours, and he discovers what it truly means to have one's life and identity torn apart. He also discovers that sometimes mutations have the potential for great things, or to trap one in something worse than hell itself...

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Part 1: Instructor (81k )   Part 2: New Friends, New Problems (86k )   Part 3: Walk Alone (85k ) 

Call The Thunder
Welcome to Whateley Academy, where the Kimbas, the Grunts, S.T.A.R. League Jr., the Pack, Outcast Corner and many more are just beginning to get a hint of what comes on the horizon. Here answers the questions many have asked. Why is Gunny Bardue scheming? Are the Combat Finals as innocent as they sound? And why are enemies, both old and new so quiet of late? Join the kids of Whateley Academy as they look into the maw of the oncoming storm and try to make sense of everything coming at them.

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