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Absolute Power

First Season

Chapter 1 "Abilities"( 23k ) Chapter 2 "Nemesis"( 67k ) Chapter 3 "The Quest"  ( 63k ) ,
Chapter 4 "Crusade 1" ( 45k ) , Chapter 5"Crusade 2"  ( 35k )

Second Season

Chapter 6 "Little Things"( 37k ) , Chapter 7 "Incognito" ( 51k ) , Chapter 8 "Lamp Quest " (49k ) Chapter 9 "Tug o War" ( 28k )Chapter 10 "Infirmity" ( 34k ) ,Chapter 11 "Mind Game"  ( 11k )

Third Season

Chapter 12 "Rock-A-Bye" ( 64k )  Chapter 13 "False Profit" ( 64k ) 
Chapters 1 - 11 in Palm Format in a Zip file Palm Format ( pdb ) -  Requires DOC Reader software installed on Handheld !
Chapter ( 12 ) in Palm Format Palm Format ( pdb ) -  Requires DOC Reader software installed on Handheld !

Reader Comments for Absolute Power Saga

The Morphite

Prequel - What led up to the events in The Morphite. Why are they intent on changing David into a woman?
Complete ( 20k )

Part 1 - David falls into a web of mind control and physical changes.
Complete ( 178k )

Part 2 - Events following those in The Morphite
Complete ( 33k )

Part 3 - Confrontation - What will happen to Jay. Will he be the next Morphite?
Complete ( 28k )

Part 4 - DJ has figured out the brainwashing she has been going through. What will she do?
Complete ( 19k )

Part 5 - Vengeance is Mine - Pete has vowed revenge on DJ. His vengeance takes the form of a slow transformation into womanhood of every man who means something to her. Stephen, being DJ's first boyfriend is the first unsuspecting target.
Complete ( 94k )

Reader Comments for Morphite Saga


Tailhook - Witchhunt (The Morphite Solution)
The Tailhook scandal left many calling for justice. A Congresswoman sets up a plan to make her own.

Complete ( 28k )

SRU: Tailhook - Wings of Gold
The Spells 'R Us wizard takes a crack at righting the wrongs of Tailhook.
Complete ( 26k )

Hugglebugs: Tailhook - AWOL
At Tailhook Randy is accused of a heinous crime. In order to get away from violent mobs he must hide. What better way than to change everything about yourself?
Complete ( 81k )

AF: Tailhook - Medallion of Honor
Petty Officer Franks wants a promotion and uses the Medallion to become her boss. And to make sure he doesn't swap back, she's built a few obstacles to slow him down.

Complete ( 47k )

Bikini Beach: Tailhook - The Glass Sky
Another in the Tailhook thread. Guy learns about the glass ceiling with the help of Bikini Beach.
Complete ( 47k )

Reader Comments for Tailhook Saga

Laurie really is a woman trapped in a mans body. She must learn to deal with the facts of manhood...and the sacrifices.

Reader Comments

Complete (26k )

Just A Boy
A woman claiming to be Jon's cousin offers him his dreams...

Reader Comments

Complete ( 19k )

A genie changed my life
A drabble by Joan Banks

Complete ( 536 bytes )

Pursuit of Happiness : The Coffee Shop 
A planned meeting with the girl of his dreams...

Reader Comments
Complete ( 4k ) 

Essays and Poems

An Essey by Joan Banks

Complete ( 2k )

Missed, Have, Lost and Hope
An Poem by Joan Banks

Complete ( 1k )

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