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Dale is a male chauvinist who gets an education courtesy of his wife's wish that he experience life from the other side.
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Shifting Sands
Ted's love for Sally causes him to refuse the genie's request, and she interprets his wish harshly. But does the "punishment" backfire?

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Scrambled Souls
Exiled from Earth after losing the population lottery, a ship of colonists in suspended animation encounters an unexpected crisis, and they wake up to a new reality as well as a new world.

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Tattle-Tales: A Night At Crystal's
What really happened during Crystal's absence? You decide which of the these six girls is the big fat liar. Co-authored by Prue Walker, Annie-O, Terry, Joan Banks, and Heather Sinclair

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The Girl Next Door
Ryan and Emily grew up together. Ryan is a star linebacker, and Emily is a cute cheerleader who lives next door. A temporary switch, courtesy of the Medallion of Zulo, deprives Ryan of part of his dream -- his chance to play in the big game. When they return to normal he finds himself living in Emily's shadow, and when an accident threatens to steal what's left of his dream Emily takes matters into her own hands.

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Transposed Melody
Brandon is "drafted" to help out when Gwen, the lead singer in his sister's all-girl rock group, defects to another band. The girls in the group make Brandon their special project and the results are amazing, but when the "River Babes" enter a contest and beat Gwen's new group she takes revenge in a most unusual way.

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It's about a future in which there is a shortage of male babies, and changes society undergoes as males and females adapt to a new reality.
Terry Sarkel, who edited the story, describes it as a political piece, though not in the conventional sense. I confess that I was not trying to make a political statement, and it is not political in any partisan or conventional sense. It's just another of my weird stories.
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The Female Spouse  

What happens when you build a hotel on sacred Indian ground - what do you expect - it gets cursed!
Many years later a happly married couple spend their vacation there - and what do you expect ?
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