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Expo Summer
The year was 1967. At the age of eleven, his childhood abruptly ended when he was beaten by classmates. How could he convince his parents that he was really a girl?
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When The Sleeper Wakes
Herbert was a soldier offered the chance for rapid advancement in exchange for participating in a small experiment. Helen awoke on a military base with no idea who she was. Bill had a fateful accident. All became involved with a proscribed technology, and now had to build new lives. But whose lives were they, really?

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I Know
I moved into a new demographic group this morning, something I seem to be doing with dismaying regularity of late...

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Resurrection Mary
Never pick up a hitchhiker on Halloween unless you're prepared to face the consequences.

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Resurrection Mary 2
Last year things went horribly wrong. After all, Halloween is a bad night to hang around the cemetery. You'd think after sixty-three years she'd get the message.

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Retrograde Dreams
Have you ever wondered what it is that keeps Tuck up all night? Here's one answer...

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Complete ( 6k )
( Note - Fan Fiction about Ellen Hayes' Tuck Saga )

I'd do anything to stop my best friend from hurting herself. This isn't quite what I had in mind, though ...

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Chapter 1 ( 14k )

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