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Christopher Leeson speaks about his writing.

Adventures of Billie Brown with Pictures! Billy's Mom had a problem! After his Dad ended up in prison,( what would you expect from a Washington DC lawyer!) Billy was too wild for his Mom to handle. Or maybe it is Billy's problem, you see, Billy's Aunt is a Spell-Caster... WARNING Graphic Intensive!

Adventures of Billie Brown Series #2, Billie Brown's School Days Added 12/7/1999

Adventures of Billie Brown Series 3, Billie Brown's Halloween Party Added 12/9/1999

The Big Switch
A almost flat broke Private Eye who styles himself after his 1920's "Hard Boiled" detective fiction heros, go's up against body switching aliens in Modern Washington DC!

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Re-written with New Graphics HTML format ( 841k ) Added 8/28/2002
Plain Text Format ( 290k ) Added 2/19/2001
Also in Palm Format Palm Format ( pdb ) -  Requires DOC Reader software installed on Handheld !

Bobbi McGee Roberts spiteful ex-girlfriend sends him a magic statuette that turns Roberts world upside down.

The Crusader and the Slave Girl Baron Simon Saint-Mihiel has just plundered a castle when he is talked into saving a poor slave girl. In the throws of passion that night he finds out she is really an evil sorcerer who changes things around and traps him in her slave girl body. As Reha, the sensual slave, she is sold again and again, until....

The Crusader and the Slave Girl with Pictures! Chris has added Pictures to his story! WARNING Graphic Intensive!

The Magic Fountain with Pictures!Prince Ali, is getting ready for his planned wedding, when and evil enemy with an evil plan gets in the way. But a plan to remove the curse and a plan to keep the Prince out of the way forever collide. WARNING Graphic Intensive! Added 12/9/1999

Lukasz's Song A poem dedicated to the Malibu Comics TG Superhero Mantra Updated 12/9/1999 now with graphics!

Noel Mobster Lee Scarp is killed and ends up in Purgatory. Where he lives a life like only in his dreams, anything he wants, or anybody he desires is his for the asking. His only problem is that it keeps being played over and over and over....until he gets it right! Updated 3-25-01  Also in Palm Format Palm Format ( pdb ) -  Requires DOC Reader software installed on Handheld !

Prisoners of Tiresias Aaron is a Corrections Officer that is sent the planet of Tiresias as a result of trumped up sexual harassment charges. Tiresias is the Earth of another dimension. The problem is on Tiresias, the men become woman and the woman become men. And as a woman, Erin becomes a Feminist, fighting for woman's or is that men's rights on the strange planet.

Prisoners of Tiresias REVISED With PICTURES!! The story has been slightly expanded (beginning with Chapter 10) in order to build up the length to classify it as a novel. But the new material also provides information which will have importance in the future sequel.Updated 3/13/01 WARNING Graphic Intensive!

Under the Moons of Eden Captured during a battle in outer space the large all male crew is deposited on a planet by themselves. Their captors, have a strange way of making sure they will survive. Half the crew slowly gets changed into their own fantasy girl.

Under the Moons of Eden REVISEDThe story has been thoroughly re-polished to bring it up closer to professional standards. Updated 3/25/01 Also in Palm Format Palm Format ( pdb ) -  Requires DOC Reader software installed on Handheld !

The Youth Who Became a Maiden A young man saves a princess and falls madly in love with her. But, He knew that her guardians would never let him near her. But with the help of a sorcerer, he does enter her household as a young maiden. Unfortunately our hero/ine is married off to another man, until the sorcerer tries to set thing right. Updated 3-25-01  Also in Palm Format Palm Format ( pdb ) -  Requires DOC Reader software installed on Handheld !

EERIE, ARIZONA, A Song   with Pictures!
Based on a concept created by Christopher Leeson; Characters created by Ellie Dauber.
WARNING Graphic Intensive!

What do we do with the owl-hooters?
Some are killers, all are looters.
How do we deal with five freebooters,
Eerie, Arizona?

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Eerie Saloon
Around Western campfires, they whisper the tales of the Eerie Saloon. They tell how Shamus, the barkeep, has a potion that changes the men -- and the women -- who drink it, changes them in mind and in body in ways that are surely a wonder to behold. This here's the story of the Hanks Gang, five wild men who rode into town on a mission of vengance and who found second chances at life thanks to Shamus' magic.

Written by Ellie Dauber and Chris Leeson

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Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change: Autumn  
"This new tale begins right at the end of September 1871 with Jessie's trial, which is the close of the second story. It goes on t'be telling what happened to the six ladies, and a whole bunch of other people right up t'the splendid New Year's Eve party me and Shamus threw at our saloon.

Written by Ellie Dauber and Chris Leeson

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