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A Day of Change
The roguish Dentriel explains why curses are not always seen as such

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The Gate to Aragnatha
Four players involved in a fantasy role-playing game find the lines between themselves and their characters broken. Thrust into the perilous lives of their fantasy counterparts, they find the game spilling out into the real world.

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Majorette: Day One A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
In a world where superhuman powers are real, Glen Camdon faces very real problems of self-identity. In one day, he finds himself thrust into the role of hero and leader of an unlikely band of teen paranormals.

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Majorette 2: Night of Fire A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
The paranormal teens of Marshal High are all speculating about Majorette's Identity. The team reassembles to face a much more lethal foe.

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Majorette 3: No More Masks A Sapphire Place Exclusive! Majorette teeters on the brink of death as investigators try to unravel the events of the previous forty-eight hours.

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Iris A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
Brandon Shay is once again plunged into the world of paranormals when he's caught up in a plot which threatens his own identity, his school, and perhaps the world. Only the skills of the armored paranormal Talon can hope to stop the madness, but even his skills may not be enough.

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Down with Sickness A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
A very disturbing responce to many of the Forced Fem stories on the net today.

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Recycling Program A Sapphire Place Exclusive!  
Two down-and-out men on a space station get a new career. This story is written in a 'Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy' style

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Pretty Little Thing A Sapphire Place Exclusive!  
A cross-dresser gains an admirer, and things go too far...

Caution: Violence

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