Stories by George Martin

A new erotic fantasy from the author of Perfect Bodies. Christie is a short story of sexual transformation, adultery, and greed. Chris will do anything to inherit control of the company.
For mature adults only.
completed May 20, 2000
Chapter 1 "Be Nice to Your Grandmother"
Chapter 2 "Lies, Videotape and Sex"
Chapter 3 "A Star is Born"

Perfect Bodies
An erotic fantasy in serial-novel format. Perfect Bodiesis a twenty-part tale of sexual transformation, adventure and lust. Dennis is about to become a whole new person.
For mature adults only.
completed January 17, 2000
Chapter 1 "Once Upon a Time"
Chapter 2 "In Public"
Chapter 3 "Surrender"
Chapter 4 "Shopping Spree"
Chapter 5 "Makeover"
Chapter 6 "Dress Rehersal"
Chapter 7 "Mrs Jackson"
Chapter 8 "School & Schoolmates"
Chapter 9 "What are Friends For?"
Chapter 10 "Graduation"
Chapter 11 "Daddy"
Chapter 12 "The Morning After"
Chapter 13 "Debbie in the Morning"
Chapter 14 "Debbie, Denise and Jack"
Chapter 15 "Homecoming"
Chapter 16 "New Beginning"
Chapter 17 "Wild West"
Chapter 18 "Island"
Chapter 19 "Double"
Chapter 20 "Married Life"
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Actual quotes from "satisfied" readers:
"It's just the most perfect story!!!" - K
"Excellent story man I mean it was fantastic wow." - J
"Wish I could find some of that drug! Ha!" - F

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