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No Obligation
Jack's early-morning trip to the supermarket winds up a textbook example of why there truly is "no such thing as a free lunch." A cautionary tale about not being able to read the fine print in a verbal contract, and the dangers of a free demon-stration.
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Stark #1 : Best Served Cold
An innocent man, trapped by a woman with a taste for revenge and her sadistic friends, finds an unusual savior with her own ideas of vengeance -- and a past that taught her own tormenters why it's a bad idea to break something as complex as a human mind...

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Stark #2: Just Another Day In Hell
A pretty puppet hung by her own strings and hating every minute of it. Wake up with Stark on a typical morning, and get a glimpse of why "live and let live" isn't in her vocabulary anymore. It's a new definition of "One Day at a Time." It's Her Hell ... and welcome to it.

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Stark #3: Ghost at the Banquet
A well-tended house on a quiet suburban street hides a crime Stark must avenge, and a criminal that must be punished. When a wife's CD plays a different tune, someone has to pay the piper and Stark's the new DJ. The song's not pretty, but someone's going to dance to it ... for a long, long time.

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Stark #4: Childhood's End
Stark's search for the legendary Medallion of Zulo leads her to a playground in a park, and a little girl who isn't -- or shouldn't be. It's rescue, not revenge this time for our heroine, but is she truly up to the task? And who's rescuing who, exactly?

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Stark #5: Due Process
In a break from tradition, Stark lets the law take down her target -- but when it comes to cruel and unusual punishment, Stark is the judge and jury. In her court, you have the right to remain silent ... but she'd really prefer it if you'd scream.

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Stark #6: The Best Revenge  
It's Halloween night, six years after another Halloween went bad for three boys who didn't realize mischief carried a life sentence in skirts. Now Stark's in town, seeing if she needs to pick up the pieces and lay down some justice. But the next generation just might be a few steps ahead of her this time. Maybe ... just maybe ... she can take the night off.

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Bewitched: A Meeting of the Minds at the Pussywillow Lounge
Pigs fly, hell freezes over ... and Darrin and Endora discover common ground in a two-bit strip club in Bayonne, New Jersey.

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The Hardest Battle
Lord Drax has a peculiar hobby. He collects kingdoms ... and turns their high-ranking nobles into pretty"pets" for his amusement. Reginald, prince of the realm and heir to the throne, is about to fight the hardest battle of his life ... as a woman. Can she do what she must to win, without losing the man she was?

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The Nick of Time  
When Ian McKinnon decides that this Christmas will be his last, he gets a surprise visit that changes everything. Yes, McKinnon, there IS a Santa Claus ... he's just not quite what you might have expected.
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A story about the wages of betrayal, inspired by a story written by Jezzi Belle Stewart and posted on BigCloset. WARNING: Contains excessive cruelty and unintended consequences, which are both far less amusing in real life than you might think -- and way less entertaining in a work of fiction than public humiliation.
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