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Doorway into Summer
Fictionmania's 5000th Story, and the high bidder of the First Fictionmania Bake Sale.
The South Harbor Island Irregulars meet after three years to finish an uncompleted game of Dungeons & Dragons. However, Billy uses a puzzle ring given to him by his Grandad as a prop in the game. When Kevin puts the ring on, he is transformed into beauty with strange abilities from another dimension. A land called "Summer". There may be only one way to turn Kevin back into a guy, but a dark and dangerous man is near. This is a role playing game that become all too real!
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Doorway into Summer( 202k )

Through an online encounter Raven slowly lives his/her TG fantasty in an artificial world with her new love.

Stephen is distraught with his life and his desire to be a woman and seeks out a Gender Doctor to help. Dr. Harding has the perfect cure for Stephan or Lorilei or the other.

A Cautionary Tale
Trystyn having lost the love of Ariel, searches far and wide for the help in understanding woman. Seeking a magicians help he is transformed into Daphne to complete his quest.
The lessoned learned is a poweful one for Trysthn now Daphne.

Child's Play
What happens when the lamp falls into the hands of 3 year old Crissy, and she wishes here Dad could understand her better. And Scheherazde aka Tony, comes under the influence of the evil Black Djinn. And Hal the person who started this all, gets a taste of his own medicine.

The Circus Is In Town
written with Caleb Jones "Paige running away from an abussive relationship, ends up on a Ferris Wheel at the Circus with Steve. The Ferris wheel goes crazy and...Mrs Hill, A Hooters Girl...Oh My!

Cosmic Joke with Eric
Ginger thinks that there was this Big Cosmic Joke when the world was created and men's brains should be in female bodies and girls in mens. To prove her point she makes a bet with Derek to see if she is right. Of course a little Devine intervention to prove a point doesn't hurt :)

John Hill is the perfect ATF agent to go undercover in the mountains of Kentucky to break up a moonshine operation and feud between the Hills and the Millers. Unfortunately for John the plan goes wrong, when Granny Hill puts her powers to work. And since he was under cover as a long lost family member, Granny just had to make him part of the family now!
Daisy - with GRAPHICSsoon.gif - 904 Bytes

Tony goes to a costume party as a genie. Mysteriously he ends up becoming a true Genie and his friend Hal, who went to the same party in costume as Tony, takes over his much better life. This is the first story in the Tales of Djinnar Universe. And lays out the ground work of this universe.

Altered Fates: Fait Accompli
Mark needs his dad's car for a date with the hottest girl on campus. After Dad turns him down, he bails on the date for fear of ridicule and logs onto AOL and in a chat room meets TheWitch. She gives him a spell to use, gain mind control over his father. Once cast...wait a minute just who is the TheWitch and what are her motives?

The Great Shift: The Shift Hits the Fan
Steve drags his friend Eric off to see the Wrestling matches. But Steve is there with ome goal see Miss Elizabeth, the First Lady of Wrestling...and there she is and then the Great Shift takes place.
The Great Shift: The Shift Hits the Fan - with GRAPHICSsoon.gif - 904 Bytes

The Great Shift:The Shift Hits the Fan II
Raven drags a group of TG writers, Caleb, Steve, Morthien, Morpheus and Eric, to a night at the wrestling matches. Actucally he wants to show them the beautiful Nitro Girls, when all of a sudden the Great Shift occurs. This is part 1 of what should be a multi-part story, with a chapter written by each of the above people.( these stories are NOT in this archive )
The Great Shift:The Shift Hits the Fan II - with GRAPHICSsoon.gif - 904 Bytes

The Heart Of A Hero
Jimmy finds Lois Lane mortally wounded, and in her last dying gasp asks Jimmy Olsen to help make sure Superman keeps up his good work and never has a lonely heart.

In the Flesh (or I Was My Girlfriend's Teenage Daughter)
Hank tells the story like looking in a mirror, of how he body swapped with his girlfriend's teen aged daughter. What it is like and what he is now faced with in his new life.
In the Flesh with GRAPHICSsoon.gif - 904 Bytes

In Your Dreams
Philip wants to win the Allen prize for his dreamwalker invention. To get Judge Howards deciding vote he agrees to treat the Judge's daughter Magnolia. But when he does he discovers strange things in her mind that soon become his. Philip must now fight what appears to be a lost cause...
(the images enclosed with this story match it's rating)
In Your Dreams - with GRAPHICSsoon.gif - 904 Bytes

Instant FameTwo friends belive they've hit the jackpot! Asked to party with Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson Lee, but soon they wake up to find that the famous pair had been body-jacked, and now THEY are stuck in Pamela's and Tommy's body! Enter Mulder and Scully from X-Files fame! This will tie into M.I.B. later ! This was a Sapphire's Channel Feature!

James Bond: Pussywillow with Kismet
James Bond has to save the world from a M2F Transgender nightmare. Pussywillow is about to spread a virus that will turn all women into men! Oh my Gawd, not that! Does James save the day?

SRU: Lover's (K)not with Morpheus
Jake, Man about campus, needs something special for a private party he is having with his girl and another couple at his house. Oh no...he buys a board game at the Spells R Us shop called the Lovers Knot. And Jakes life appears to be all knotted up now.

Magic Kingdom, At The Character Breakfast
Tommy has a sad experience at Disney World looking at all the familes and wanting one. Problem is the big cheese, Mickey Mouse, doesn't allow sad experiences and the Genie from Aladdin, grants a wish.

The Mark Of The Wolf
With 2 days left on his vacation Dale is driving through Scottland to his new hotel, when he stops at a small pub to fill his empty stomach. Inside he meets some very strange people, including Siobhan, the protector of the Scott clan. What is the Mark of the Wolf, and what does it mean?

A body swapping alien is loose, and it's swapping bodies as it runs. But unfortunately for Agent J, it grabbed a innocent passerby and left him in a black hookers body! Agent J and the new "Denise" chase the body thief. This was a Sapphire's Channel Feature!

The Muses
The start of a suggested new story universe by Raven. In which a person purchases a book, movie, song, poem in this special store and they get to live out the theme as one of the characters in the media they chose.

A guy at the beach discovers a ring that contains the Blue Djinn, and wishes to be an beautiful women to attract attention. A bump on the head and he forgets who he is and....

Other Places, Other Faces: The Pearl
Not being able to get over the break up with his last girlfriend, he takes a vacation to Bangkok with his best friend David. There he decides to try out a prostitute who begs him to take her back to America with him and away from this life. When he declines...?

The Outlands
Stucked through a portal into another time, his girl friend becomes a muscle bound barbarian male. The only fix left to the problem according to Elric the Mystic, is that if you truely still love her then....

The Pool of the Truest Reflection
John down on his luck with his lovelife, listens to Aleem, his friend, explain the Pool of the Truest Reflection. After ordering a Black Djinn for a drink, John find the pool. Problem the real Black Djinn is a trickster.

SRU: Roadhouse
Andy inherits an old Roadhouse(bar) on the outskirts of town and needs a miracle to stay in business. Two SRU delivery drivers end up with a spare jukebox and know the wizard will be mad that they goofed on their deliviers and they know what he can do. They need to get rid of it. Burt and Jack are returning from a fishing trip, that Burt arranged after a break-up with his girlfriend. And all end up in the Roadhouse at the same time, where Burt is the first to put money in the jukebox.
Warning: leave the machine on autoplay, never put money in a jukebox!

She Moos in Mysterious Ways
Jack was too busy with his cars CD to notice the Cow in the road. But when he offered to replace it to the farmer......

Jeff can't take a hint that he is really a bad actor. But when he stumbles into the Spell's R Us shop the old man guarantees him a part equal to his talent.

The Soul Exchange
Peter the archangel put an apprentice in charge while he takes a coffee break. The Problem is the apprentice, Noelle, makes a few mistakes and must correct them. She opens a website where people write in with stories of how she helped them. This is one such story call At First Site.

South Park
Elementary class barrows a sixth grade science project brain switching machine to try to teach tolerance amoung the students.

The Strange Case of Bimbo Maserati
Dr. Symthe treats a strange patient with hypnosis so she accepts herself. But the good Doctor is not all he appears to be in the town of Helleston.

The Thief's Story
A thief who steal the magic bottle has trouble wording his wishes correctly..or is it Scheherazde that has a little fun.

On a special Friday the 13th, Mother and Son wish each other would know what it would like to be them. And then after finding away to change back, lives are shifted again.

To Cheat Fate
Written with Caleb Jones and Eric  Sebastian Rose have been warned that you can not Cheat Fate. That a White Man would be his undoing for the evil he had brought the world. Rose thought he had the perfect plan to Cheat Fate...Agent Ross was that White Man, with Madam T'Jal's help he could Cheat Fate.
To Cheat Fate - with GRAPHICsoon.gif - 904 Bytes

Warm and Wet Little Slit
Alec planned to expose his mentor as the foul Child Pornographer he was. That is until his mentor turned him into a little Nymph.

What Goes Around, Cums Around
There is thin line between love and hate. Heather has learned to hate her life and the way Jimmy treats her. Yet she loves him. Maybe a day in my shoes would make him understand. Heather hatches a plan to punish Jimmy. Not to spoil a bizarre plot and twist at the end of this story, the authors have asked that I mark this story An Erotic Vengance Most Foul! It is triple X rated, but a very good read.

What is the Essence of True Love
Stephan is given a fortune cookie by the owners of his favorite Chineese restaurant. After eating the cookie, it calls up the Yellow Djinn and Stephan makes a wish to find the meaning of true, love. A trailer park, overweight and married..

Ye Olde Body Shoppe: Reborn
Edward is given the bad news about his terminal cancer. His boss, mentor and father figure, has a brain dead 1 yr old daughter as a result of SIDS that would crush Henri's wife if disconnected from life support. Henri has the perfect solution with the help of Ye Olde Body Shoppe.

The Wayfarer with Caleb Jones
Robbie is chucking his past life and heading west to start a new one. Driving along a lonesome road, somewhere between Ovid and Zenith, he picks up Jenna, a pregnant, teenage runaway hitch hiking her way west to escape an unhappy home. But after an argument at a little diner some changes are made at the Wayfarer Inn. Robbie and Jenna start a new life neither ever expected. And that's just the start of the story...

YOBS:Verbal Exchange at the Body Exchange
Bill visits the Ye Ole Body Shoppe looking to be swapped out with another women. Unfortunatley he can't find what he is looking for until he meets Candy Monroe in the lobby. Tee Hee!

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