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One Lousy Credit!
A high school student is missing one credit to get into the Massachusetts Institute of Thaumaturgy.
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Chat Log ( NOT A STORY )
A log of the FM Chat Night with Sapphire

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Woman by Witchcraft  A Sapphire Place Exclusive!  
Patrick happens opon a magical ritual in his own basement, and sneaks away, not knowing he was seen. The " Law " says that " No Man may witness these rights and live ", but since Morgana dosen't kill her brother.....

Sapphire's Note: I started this story in 1980, handwriting it in a notebook. At the time, no one was writing "magic transformation" stories... hell, in 1980 what was to become the Internet was still called the ARPANET, and only had just over 200 hosts! While NOW, magical transformations can be found in any Mall, this was new then. I hope you all enjoy this.

Note Two - 3/29/03
ARGGG.... The first file I posted was an "older" verison of the story. I found the one that had ben "worked on" more recently... so now it's up-to-date.

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Part 1 ( chapters 1-4 )( 31k )  Part 2 ( chapters 5-6 )( 27k )  Part 3 ( chapters 7-8 )( 40k )  Part 4 ( chapter 9 )( 13k ) 

Night Raider A Sapphire Place Exclusive!

Sapphire's Note:

This is a short story that Gem, my wife wrote for a story contest for the site a few years ago. I thought you all would like to read it.

The contest required the story be in an historical setting of at LEAST 100 years ago, the most recent plot can be in 1897! Also the use of Magic or any modern science is also forbidden! And finally the story should be about a "forced" transformation . The Forcer, should be someone in a position of authority. the story should explore intense emotions between the forcer and forced. ( almost like the "bodice - ripper" romances ) .Length is not the key, but detail is! Make the reader feel and see and experience everything about the transformation.

This is what Gem submitted.

PS: In case you are thinking that having my wife submit a story was unfair, the contest was judged by the readers.

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Captioned Photos

Yes... I too have been bitten by the "Captioned Photo" bug.

Clicking on the Thumbnail will give you the full size photo.

WARNING.... some of these photos are NOT "G" rated!

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Sapphire's When I feel-like-it Blog

The name says it all, my place to make announcments and comments!

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