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Zyprexa   A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
Darrel's dad is getting out of prison. Fearing for their lives, his mother transforms him into a girl and they go on the lam in this "Good Boy" to "Bad Girl" tale. Story includes smoking.

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Between Friends   A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
Mike and his best friend Tim are both 14 and very straight. Tim has a crush on Mike's mom. It seems he has a fetish for women that smoke and Mike's mother is more than he can resist. He also has a thing for women's clothes. One night Tim breaks into Mike's house to try on his mother's clothes. He gets away and his friend takes the heat when his mother finds the clothes in his room. See what happens next.

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Cigarettes Are A Girl's Best Friend
A Sapphire Place Kindle eBook !
13-year-old Jimmy gets caught dressing in his mother's clothes and smoking her cigarettes. Is he a big girl now?

Warning - : This story contains smoking fetish content. Don't read this story or any of my stories if smoking offends you.
Warning - :Chapter 4 also contains incest.

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The Double Date   A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
Kyle is 15 and a mamma's boy in the custody of his father (even though he doesn't come from a broken home). He envies his sister. Deep down he wishes he could live her life. His father is sure there is a man inside his son waiting to come out. His mother, on the other hand, feels there is a woman in her son and tries to bring her to the surface while her husband is on an extended business trip. Who will he find when he comes back home? Kyle or Kaila

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Caught in the Act   A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
This story takes place in the year 2010.  Women smoke for reasons that will be explained in the story, while men don't.  15-year-old Jeff is caught smoking his sister's cigarettes.  The women in the family punish him by dressing him as a girl and taking him to the mall.  The story contains very little sex and smoking is presented in a positive light.

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Mother's Love  Also written by Victor G. 
A Sapphire Place Exclusive!

This is the story of two teenage friends.  Danny's parents are divorced.  He lives with his mom.  Jimmy isn't so lucky.  He's been on his own since his mother died two years earlier, but he's done well by assuming her identity as an on-line stock trader.  As long as his secret is safe he can remain on his own- free of Child Protective Services, who will put him in a foster home if they discover his mother's death.

Jimmy's fragile world is put in jeopardy when his teacher demands a meeting with his mother.  Having no one else to turn to, he asks his best friend to become his mom for one night.

This story contains teenager and smoking.  However it is not my standard smoking fetish tale and should appeal to a broader base.  I hope the readers I've offended in the past will give this story a chance to be read and enjoyed.
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Halloween Continues   A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
Sam decides that this year, in his new town, that he and his cousin go tricker-treating as Mother and Baby. The problem is that while Samuel doesn't really look like a "mother" , he does look like a pretty teenage girl. Misunderstandings follow one after another, pulling Sam into Samantha... and it's getting worse.....

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Mother of the Year   A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
This is a short/complete story about a husband’s love and appreciation for this wife.  Includes smoking and TG.

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Tony's Family   A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
This is a complete story about a 13 year old boy named Tony who becomes Toni and the relationship he has with his family.  It’s rated ‘G’ – no sex.  It does contain smoking (of course).  I hope to write a sequel to this story called “Tony’s Friends”.

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Betty Davis Eyes   A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
A loving mother uses Halloween to teach her 13-year-old son about life and raise his self-esteem. Part of our Halloween Contest.

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