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Spring Is The Season Of Recovery
What happens to the victims of forced feminization? Who takes them in? Jim and Bill find someone who cares about what’s best for them. The beginning of the Angel saga, written as an unintentional prequel.

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Roadside Attraction
You’ve passed by the town a thousand times. Gas station, motel, dust. A normal boy copes with an extraordinary condition (extreme gynecomastia, male breast development) with the help of his neighbors. In turn he becomes the key to their survival.

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Soft Safe Place
A story of shocks, and how they shape a life.

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Lamb And Lion
The old ‘badger’ game is in play, with CD’s squarely in the crosshairs. Angel arrives to stir the plot while working through some time honored cliches. Third in the Angel Saga.

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Accidental Momma
Bobby survives abuse, pain and threats to his life to hold his family together. A story of love and family devotion despite the odds. Warning: Violence and overuse of the Second Amendment. Strong Women, Strong Men and Very Bad Guys and Dolls.

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Walk On The Street
With 'Sex and The City' over, the women of New York need release. Gerry gets caught up in a new business to provide it. Cops, hookers, pimps and the Big Apple.

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Winter Is The Season of Endings
Forced fem meets their victims and the victims are really mad. Continuation of "Spring Is The Season Of Recovery", this is the second story in the Angel verse and the first where he is the main protagonist. In the tradition of Freddy Krueger meets Jason, two highly twisted people collide. With a good natured nod and wink to another great universe of writing by several other authors.

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I Can See For Miles
A new technology with dark forces behind it threatens Angel and his friends. The fourth story in the Angel verse, brining in characters from many other places

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Alternate Players 

Action, Intrigue and Mayhem follow Robert and Jenny through a universe of alternate realities. An ancient artifact turns their life sideways as they struggle to cope with several new selves while trying to stay alive.
Contains serious bending of genders, adult conversational obscenity and occasional excessive violence.
Does NOT contain fem dom, high school, cheerleader revenge squads, psychotic mothers, mall shopping, and boys ‘who are mistaken for girls by people with good eyesight and normal mental acuity’.
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