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Mike versus Michelle  Kindle
Most people who know me...and I mean really know me, can't understand how or why I could have given up my life as a boy to become a girl. Of course the reason they don't understand is because they don't know me as well as they think they do.

Its hard to tell by looking at me now, but up until last year, I was a regular looking boy who was leading a rather average life. I had friends and played sports. Girls liked me and I liked them. I didn't look, act, or talk like a sissy. As a matter of fact, and I'm ashamed to admit this now, but I was downright hateful towards people like me. Publicly hating them was my way of putting up a front. No one ever suspected a thing. No one that it is, except for my mom. Mothers have a sixth sense when it comes to their children's likes and dislikes.

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Teenage Sissy Smoking Grandma   Kindle
18 year old crossdresser Brian Oldham thinks his life would be better if he could look like an adult woman. He and his mother, Barbara, hatch a plan for him to live out his dreams for the summer, working as a 45 year old chain-smoking waitress in a diner. Not content with stage make-up, Brian takes the aging too far and the changes are permanent! Watch out, Papaw Frank!
This is a transgendered / crossdressing, smoking fetish story with age progression.

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