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HI! I've been writing stories for since early 1995. Hopefully, this page will give you a little insight into what drives me, what stories I've written and what stories I have planned for the future.

How I got started

One day, not long after I first got onto the internet, I found a series of reposts of TG stories on by The Archivist. Some of the stories I discovered that day have remained favorites of mine.Voodoo Doll for instance.

A few weeks later I was at home, utterly bored. So I decided to try my hand at writing one. In one evening I wrote the first part of DNA I and posted it to a.s.s. The response to that first posting was much better than I could have hoped and I was hooked.

I've been writing ever since.

I've really learnt a lot about writing over the last year through actually doing it. I don't think it will be too long before I start my first proper novel. I already have a couple of ideas.

I used to think writing a whole novel was much more than I could ever cope with, but with DNA II about 200K in total I now know I can do it. Whether it will be any good is another matter, but I won't know unless I try.

The standard of stories around here is very good, certainly better than some stories that made it into print.

The type of stories I like

There are many different types of TG stories around. While I enjoy a good TV or Female Domination story, my favorite type is the magical/sci-fi transformation. Nothing interests me more than the idea of a heterosexual man suddenly finding himself in the body of a beautiful woman. Most of my stories start with this transformation and then go on to show how he/she comes to terms with his/her new life.

Calling all artists

One thing I have never been any good at is drawing. The best I've ever managed are stick figures that look like they have been run over. So I'm always on the lookout for artists who'd like to have a go at illustrating my stories. I've had one firm offer so far,and he is trying to fit it into his busy schedule, but I'd love to see what other artists can come up with.

What I have written

DNA part I

My first story is about a research scientist who conducts an unauthorised test of a DNA-altering virus on her lab assistant.Jim suddenly finds himself an exact copy of Anne's niece and then Anne's boyfriend turns up...

Well, finally I comissioned three b/w illustrations from Adam Walters !
dna1.jpg - 82846 Bytes dna2.jpg - 95032 Bytes dna3.jpg - 67797 Bytes

Click Each Image for Full Size Picture

The three images are the three transformations in DNA I. The first shows the aftermath of Jim's transformation. The second shows Dr Anne Chamberlain preparing a dose of the DNA virus in an attempt to keep at least part of her lover Paul male after he caught the virus from the transformed Jim. The third one is a female to male transformation and shows Julie (whose DNA was used in transforming Jim and part of Paul) drinks some DNA based on Jim.

The Girl in The Moon

Accidentally bitten by a mysterious women while making love to her, Tom finds himself becoming a beautiful nymphomaniac every full moon.

Body and Soul

After being removed from his body before he was supposed to by an apprentice angel, Dan has only one option if he wants to return to life. He must take over a body of a woman and save her husband from damnation. But the Devil isn't about to let a soul slip through his fingers without a fight.

The Locksmith

This short story was the winner of the First Annual Celestial Reviews Writing Competition. I won't tell you what it is about, it would spoil the surprise.


This story was the winner of the Second Annual Celestial Reviews Writing Competition. I won't tell you what it is about, it would spoil the surprise.

Stephanie Between the Stars

Tells the story of how I got the role of an extra on Star Trek: Voyager.


Annoyed at only getting 8/10 from Celeste in her Celestial Reviews, I track her down to teach her a lesson.

DNA part II

Following on directly from DNA I, this tells the story of how Paul, trapped in a half-female half-male body, desperately tries to find a cure.

Bracelet of Love

On vacation in England, David and Diane discover an ancient bracelet that transforms the wearer into the perfect lover of whoever is closest to him or her. Unfortunatly for David, that isn't always his wife.


Julian goes on vacation with his friend, Tony, to the android populated Dodge City. Here you animate an android designed to look exactly like you. Julian's vacation takes an odd turn when he wakes up in a body which is far more feminine than he expected.

Rash Decisions - A DNA story

Set some years after the main DNA sequence and has none of the main cast in it. This story is about Robert, who rather rashly decides to become a centaur so he can get closer to the female centaur he's developed a crush on.

Closing Pandora's Box

I wrote this short story as a break when I was nearing the end of It's Hard to be a Man. It's about Nanotechnology and I may write a longer second part, but that would be a long time from now after I've done

It's Hard to be a Man

Patrick has just dumped his current girlfriend, when he starts finding it hard to be a man. How will he cope with the more feminine form his body keeps taking? Now Complete!



DNA part III  
Following on directly from DNA I and DNA II The continuing story of Jeff, Paul, Jim,Julie, Anne, Michael and Mandy.


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