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Note From Sapphire: Janet has sent me her entire colection of stories, 157 strong, which will appear here over the the spring and summer - keep watching!
What happens when you have the chance to unleash that girl you have inside? I found out, and it was great!
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Revenge is a dish best served cold. How far would you be willing to go to extract your revenge after a power hungry and wealthy man kills your wife and daughter in a car accident and gets away with it? And that revenge would be?
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Sapphire's Note: The next six ( 6 ) stories were readed for me by my good friend, and a good frind to the community, Beverly Colleen ( who runs Beverly's Balcony ) . When she saw the choas in my life effecting the site, with out any asking or prompting , she got these six stories of Janet's ready for me to post to this page and then without any fanfare, simply sent them to me!

I owe her a huge PUBLIC thank you!

He was always blessed with a great singing voice, until an accident that damages his vocal cords. Will he be able to sing ever again? Will his career as a professional singer be over before it even really started? After the accident, he is forced to live with the fact that his singing voice will never be the same. He is astonished to find that, due to the accident, he is even more blessed. He now has the perfect singing voice...At least for a girl, anyway!

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The New Little Girl
He thought it was just a harmless prank, locking those girls inside the girls locker room, at least until he got caught! That wasn't so bad until he found out that the girls involved were to decide his punishment...
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Nathaniel has always been the introverted, shy type, even more so after losing his father and sister. His mother, Gail, just didn't know what to do to bring him out of his shell, not until she found a few things he had been downloading off the internet. After that she knew exactly what needed to be done...
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The Prom Queen
Chad and Claire had always been competitive. He was good in some classes, while she was better in others. This inevitably led to them trying to get the better grades in the classes they shared. Chad, in his smug and chauvinistic way, should have known better than to take that bet with his sister...
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The Senior class thought of a great idea for a fund raiser. Why not do a fashion show? Well everything was set, the stage, the clothes, everything except the girls who would be in the show. Greg and his friends, in their egotistical and conceited way, thought they themselves would pick the girls to be in the show. What they didn't count on is how the Principal would react to their choices. Well, she came up with her own ideas on who would be the models for the show...
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The Wrong Class
You never know what kind of trouble you can get into if you don't pay attention to details, as Kevin finds out when he fills out the forms for his class schedule. He thought he was getting into a Computer Club, but he accidentally signed up for Ballet and Dance! That normally wouldn't be a problem, but they never expected a boy to be in that class and as it eventually turns out, there never was...
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Not an Alien 
He thought he would have time, and he got dressed in the only outfit he had. Unfortunately, it made him look like a 7 year old. Then, the worst happened, and he was caught, dressed in the cute little outfit. But his life changes when it is decided that he should look more like a girl his age.
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Bad Pills 
He thought he was taking vitamins, just like his mother, but those little purple pills he took every morning for over a year is finally having an effect......
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The escalation of his desire to dress and become a girl had compelled him to take many chances, but the person that caught him was his best friend! As the shock of surprise settled in, one saw the answer to his problem, the other saw his eminent demise just ahead. Then things took a turn, and the chance to become a girl became more than just a dream, and he took it. Whatever it was that was compelling him to dress as a girl grew and slowly took over the family.
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The Explosion 
An Explosion took his family, and a chemical spill put him in girls cloths, leading to not only a reason to continue living, but love.
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14 year Tommy has run away from his abusive father and whore mother to find his way in Chicago at the turn of the century. Getting off the train in Chicago he stumbles into a beautiful lady and her male companion. I guess you could say he stumbled into a new life of love and happiness he never knew before. (most of the story is told in his teen years and is marked as such)
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Young Mother 
When a disquise goes too far - something just has to give!
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