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Candy Cane Club
A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
There is a serial killer at work, and Detective Inspector Bruce Appleby has only one lead, there is a common link to all the deceased men!  The Candy Cane Club!

This is a private and exclusive TG club in the heart of Reading, and he finds it resistant to any form of intrusive investigation!  No females are employed in the club, and only males of a certain persuasion!  All the staff are transgendered in some way, and Bruce has to try to unlock the intelligence which can only be inside, either from the clients or the staff!

The only answer is to get someone inside, but what cop would ever volunteer for such an assignment!

One did, and for Police Constable Nick Winton, a whole new life is opened up!  The question is: where will it take him?
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Shit Happens, but so do Miracles!
A Sapphire Place Exclusive!

Young Martin Collins was the youngest of five brothers, and no sisters!  His mother, Jenny, had always wanted a girl, and although slightly disappointed, treated him no differently! 

However, from a very early age, Martin himself realised that things weren’t quite right, and when playing with some girls his age, he made the discovery that was to charge his life!

He was in the wrong body!

Childhood should be a time of fun and laughter, but for Martin it was to prove a depressing and miserable time, until things started to change, and a light shone at the end of his tunnel!

Miracles are few and far between, but for Martin, his life went from bad to brilliant!
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Gruesome Tuesday
A Sapphire Place Exclusive!

Fifteen-year old Sophie wants to go to a Justin Timberlake concert, but Dad doesn’t want to let her go!  The have an argument, and she accuses him of not understanding what it is like to be young! 

He remembers his youth well, and says that she has it easy compared to him!

A freaky electric shock transports her into her father’s fifteen-year old body in a boys’ boarding school in the 1970s, and he ends up as her!

Things then get very interesting indeed!
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Chapter 1 (19k )   Chapter 2 (22k )  Chapter 3 (19k )  Chapter 4 (19k )
Chapter 5 (24k )  Chapter 6 (26k )  Chapter 7 (23k )  Chapter 8 (22k )
Chapter 9 (24k )  Chapter 10 (25k )  Chapter 11 (24k )  Chapter 12 (21k )
Chapter 13 (21k )  Chapter 14 (18k )

A Sapphire Place Exclusive!

Seventeen-year old Matthew Thwaites is trapped snooping in his father’s study when his father returns home unexpectedly with two strange men!  He hides under the desk, and is horrified to see his father gunned down just inches away from him!
Given an opportunity to flee, he does so, and finds himself framed for the murder!
Alone, and powerless, he hides out at a busy airport, and his appearance is such that he is mistaken for a girl.  Given an idea, he makes the most of this, and goes whole hog into the deception. He becomes Monique, his French cousin!  He manages to find an ally in an officer investigating corrupt police officers, and together they try to piece together the puzzle.
He is then pitched into an international conspiracy involving terrorists, corrupt police and double agents!
But Monique is twice the person that Matthew ever was, and given the chance, she decides to take over!
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Chapter 1 - 3 (45k )  Chapter 4 - 6 (43k )  Chapter 7 - 9 (45k )  Chapter 10 - 12 (34k )  Chapter 13 - 15 (53k )
Chapter 16  (18k )  Chapter 17  (16k )  Chapter 18  (14k )  Chapter 19  (12k )  Chapter 20  (14k )
Chapter 21  (14k )  Chapter 22  (15k )   Chapter 23  (18k )  Chapter 24  (15k )  Chapter 25  (15k )

Whispers in the Mind: Book One
A Sapphire Place Exclusive!

Police Sergeant Mike Dunwoody is a small-town cop, nearing the end of his service in New Mexico.
One evening, whilst waiting for two local miscreants who use the highway as a drag strip for their pickups, he sees something odd in the desert and goes to investigate.
A flash flood fills the dry gulch with swirling water, and he sees what he believes is a child being swept off to certain death.
He risks his life to save the child, but as he reaches dry land, he discovers that it is not a child, at least not a human child, and as his heart suffers a potentially fatal attack, his sacrifice leaves the commander of the alien ship with something of a quandary.
Mikes body is beyond repair, but as the individual that was saved was special, the captain decides to revive Mike, but so as not to risk certain exposure, the cloned body is slightly modified so the new Mike will not be able to tell of the experience.
The modifications?
Mike wakes up as Michelle.
And Michelle is an awful lot more efficient than most girls.
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Sir Guy the Gay
A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
TG poetry...humorous and very tongue in cheek!

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Russell Drysdale, a fifteen-year old boy at a British Boys Public (private) School.  The only son of a wealthy industrialist, who died when the boy was eight.  However, he has left his millions to the boy in a trust fund, and he can’t touch it until he is twenty-one.
Brigette Drysdale, the attractive yet bitter French born mother, who seeks to separate her son from the trust by fair means or foul.
Monksreach Hall, the archaic institution that encourages bullying as a means of discipline, and in which Russell is totally miserable.
The surprise. The morning he wakes up to find he is a girl.  Suddenly, life in an all boys’ school is even less attractive, and using the name Emma, the girl runs away, and into a whole new world.
More than capable, she thwarts her mother, and her mother’s vicious boyfriend, the police, and manages to show the world that some girls are the next best thing to angels.
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Weird Wednesday

Richard Williamson leaves attractive 35 year-old Vanessa and their teenage son, Simon, in the lurch for another woman. After a gruelling twelve months, Vanessa is tired of fighting for pennies to just exist. Called to her son’s school, as Simon appears to be having a breakdown, she is at the end of her emotional tether.
Simon, on the other hand, driven by equally powerful emotions is determined to make his father pay for his betrayal of his mother and for hurting her so deeply.
On the way home from the school they are involved in a freak accident, whereby the car leaves the road and is hit suddenly by thousands of volts of electricity.
Simon wakes up in hospital to find he is now in his mother’s body.  Lying in the bed next to him is his body, but who’s inside it?
Richard, returning to the UK on a false passport to realise some undeclared assets, unwittingly sets off a chain of events that threatens to engulf all.
No one took into account a plucky young woman, calling herself Nessa, and her very fresh perspective on life. A baffled young boy, reluctantly answering to the name of Simon finds himself back at school for the second time around, but the first time had been as a girl!
The problems double as a way to change back is discovered, but someone decides she doesn’t want to go back to being a boy!
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Modern Masquerade
Peter and Katie Marriott are returning to the UK after a lifetime abroad.  The brother and sister are simply acting on their father’s directions.  He has a plan, and intends joining them a little later, but they have to fulfil certain obligations prior to his return.
However, whilst at an airport hotel, the pair become entangled with a shady character who is intent on seizing the assets of a beautiful but somewhat scatty heiress, Letty Greyson.  Using quick wits and dubious skills, they manage to rescue the girl and return her to the bosom of her family.
However, the attractive Katie and handsome Peter are not quite what they appear.
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Part 1 (17k )   Part 2 (16k )   Part 3 (18k )  Part 4 (24k )
Part 5 (23k )  Part 6 (23k )  Part 7 (21k )  Part 8 (20k)
Part 9 (24k )  Part 10 (34k )  Part 11 (15k )   Part 12 (14k )
Part 13 (32k )   Part 14 (17k )  Part 15 (20k )   Epilogue (7k ) 

You can buy the The Masqueraders by Georgette Heyer, the inspiration of this story
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A Fairy's Tale

A wealthy and beautiful Spanish Countess prepares for a private dinner party with her husband and children at the White House with the President and First Lady.
As she arrives, she casts her mind back to a very different life.
bJim, a young boy, is brought up in a deprived and abusive home in London’s East End   Aware of his TS condition, he suffers abuse and humiliation, culminating in a homosexual predator taking advantage of him.
Finding himself in jail, undergoing special ‘treatment’ to combat his ‘anger’ problems, the young man finally is abused by the state.
When you hit the bottom, there is only one way to go.  And a girl called Jemma decides to go up.
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The Hard Way

Young Kyle Manning lives with a problem that seeks to take over his waking hours.  Sally is a girl who fancies Kyle and is at a loss to know why he doesn’t seem to notice her.
She confronts him and is astounded when he confesses his inner turmoil. She rises to the challenge and begins to help Kyle become the person he always wanted to be.
With school and inquisitive friends, Sally devises a cunning plan for Kyle to become his Swedish cousin, Kayla…then things get very complicated.
A gentle tale of yearning, discovery and love.
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Fortune’s Soldier

Jamie Cameron is a young British army officer trapped behind enemy lines at Arnhem in the Netherlands, in September 1944.  Forced to hide as the Waffen SS wipe out his unit, he then has to make some hard decisions as to how best to evade the enemy and return to Allied lines.  The problem is that only female attire is in the house in which he is hiding.
However, Jamie himself unwittingly holds a secret of which even he is unaware, that may help, or hinder his plans.
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Chapter 1  (51k )   Chapter 2  (77k )   Chapter 3  (32k )
Chapter 4  (41k )   Chapter 5  (31k ) Chapter 6  (58k )

Flight or Fight  

How can a funeral of an old soldier in Canada have any links with some momentous events in war torn Europe of the 1940s? For one fortunate journalist, in the right place at the right time, the opportunity to find out presented itself on a very cold day in Ontario in 2003. A chance meeting with the elderly widow revealed a past that at first seemed to incredible to be true. “Did you know I flew Spitfires in 1943?” the widow asked the young woman.
However, as she came to know the widow and learned her story, she came to believe her amazing tale. With the widow’s consent, the journalist began her biography, on condition that she publish the book after the elderly lady’s death.
It started in 1943, in the rain, when a young pilot officer, called Stephen Wilkie arrived in South East England to join 132 Squadron, equipped with Spitfire fighters. A gifted pilot, he fought over the skies of Britain and Western Europe, downing many enemy aircraft. However, lady luck wasn’t on his side, as he was shot down over enemy territory a few months later. Captured and interred in a POW camp, Stephen’s problems had not even begun, for unbeknown to him, he had a condition that was to prove exceptionally challenging, considering his circumstances. For, although physically appearing a male, genetically, Stephen Wilkie was a female .
Somehow, he contrived an escape plan, to disguise himself as a female and attempt to steal his way back to England. But events were to upset this plan, as before he’d even managed to breach the wire, the girl within began to awaken.

The Author will be donating the Royalties to Disaster Relief for the first 60 days of Sales!

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Every Little Girl's Dream  

Tom Stewart is a rough, tough, seasoned, twenty-nine year veteran Police Inspector.  Used to command, he is a popular, dedicated family man, on the eve of his half-century and facing the end of his career.  He has lived with a secret for most of his life, successfully managing it.  With retirement, he stands to lose the major factor in that success and he is very uncertain about how he will control the hidden urges.
Jenny Adams, a sixteen year-old schoolgirl, has her whole life ahead of her. She is bright, sensitive and pretty, she has everything going for her. She is returning from a day’s shopping with her mother on a train. 
The train is derailed in tragic circumstances.  Jenny’s mother is killed while Jenny sustains serious head injuries and is in a coma.
Inspector Stewart is aware of the incident, but not directly involved.  Time, however, is perhaps up for Tom, as he is rushed to the same hospital in which Jenny lies on the brink of death.
One of them survives, but which one?
Join me in a voyage of true discovery.
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Chapter 1  (286k )  

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