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The Witness
When ducking into an alley to avoid a bully, 15 year old Tony stumbles onto a gangland murder. Government agents want him to testify at the murder trial of the crime boss. They hide Tony in a "safe" apartment and disguise him as a woman for his own protection, while he waits to testify. Tony's accidental resemblence to a "B-List" actress, however, causes him a few humorous problems
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Little Barbara

Set in 1962. 19 year old Barbara Ainsworth has a problem. Her boss at the Library,where she works, has demanded that she attend a lecture at the librairians conference. Unfortunately, it is to be held at the same night that she had promised to attend a "special dinner" with her boy friend. (perhaps he has finally decided to "propose"?) As none of Barbara's friends can attend the confrence meeting in her place, she finds herself in a desparate situation. Her only hope is to convince 13 year old Marty Wright, the son of her mother's best friend, to attend the meeting. Of course he must be disguised as a "short, attractive 19 year old brunette" that Barbara's suspicious boss has told one of her contacts at the conference to be watching for.
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Troi Times Two

I think that THIS is definately my best work and only took me four days. Despite a strong TG element, it is a generally "straight up" Star Trek TNG episode. It would need only a little modification for a general audience. The story revolves around a transporter accident that results in 15 year old Wesley Crusher being "reconstructed" from Councelor Troi's phisical pattern.---(I thought seriously about a body switch, but found this approach to have more possibilities). A few initial humorus incidents involving mistaken idenity, forces Deanna Troi to give her "troublesome doubleganger" a new idenity as her "sister" , Ilissa.
The SUBPLOT involves the Enterprise being selected to deliver a 200 billion Federation Credit ransom to Quentin Styles, a "charming space rogue" who has stolen the prototype serum for the "Rigelian Plague". It seems that Troi had a short affair with him the year previously, (unaware of his true idenity) Now he wants her to be the "bag lady" to drop off the ransom, a development that Picard sees possibly to the Federation's advantage.
My apoligies to any Trekers out there, for any technical or spelling errors.
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The Last Frontier

This is a rewrite of an original 8 episode story.  Now expanded and improved.

 “The Last Frontier”, is set in a universe some two hundred years in our future. While high tech, the conditions closely resemble the early years of the settlement of the American West. There is a relatively thin population of homesteaders, farmers and mining concerns spread throughout the accessible universe. Crime and lawlessness, especially that supported by a criminal organization called "The Syndicate" run rampant. The thinly spread Terran Confederation’s Space Command is assigned to protect the shipping and transport lanes.

One man, Leslie Webber, Captain of the Star Cruiser "Proteus" does a particularly good job at maintaining order in his district. Unfortunately, some "Syndicate operatives" in the government think he does his job all too well. And are determined to make an example of him.  Leslie Webber will serve as an example and a warning to other Space Command officers “who dare to interfere with Syndicate business”.   Leslie loses everything, his career, his family even his sex.  But Webber’s enemies underestimate her resolve and her thirst for revenge.  Even as a woman, Leslie Webber is still the “deadliest gun in the confederation”. And the down but not quite out hero(ine) now has acquired a near psychotic homicidal viciousness.  If they thought Webber was a “bad ass” before, just wait until they meet “The Bitch From Hell”.
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Complete  Re-Written 2/02

Having trouble following the "Techno" talk in "Last Frontier"?
Check out it's Glossary!
Update 7/26/01

She Looks So Natural

When His Uncle, the owner of a funeral home, accidently cremates the body of a tragically desceased Prom Queen, the day before what was to have been an open casket funeral, Fifteen year old Rick Hartley is asked to do him a BIG favor.
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One Hundred Over Ten

Webber is Called back to duty with the Space Command and her ship and crew are commandeered by the government. She is ordered into "Rep" territory to find out who has been providing the "hostile" race with Jump Technology---and put an END to it. AND what about that SC regulation that demands that she share command (of her own ship) with a male of equal rank?

Captain Gideon Morris, of the Battle Cruiser "Formalhault" learns that he will not be returning to his ship. Still grieving from the loss of his own first officer in a recent "Reptoid" confrontation, he is about to embark on the most dangerous mission in his life. All this while trying to earn the trust of a very resentful new first officer, the notorious Leslie Webber herself.
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Blind Sided

In this G rated CD fest, 14 year old Tim Morris is pressed to substitute for a bridesmaid who had to drop out ten days before his sister’s wedding.  Neither Tim or his sister is keen on the idea, but the situation is desperate. Tim is their only hope and his performance must be perfect, otherwise he could embarrass both himself and his sister and ruin “the perfect wedding” for which their father is shelling out over 35 grand.
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The Fifth Vector a Last Frontier Story

A Space-Jump malfunction sends Leslie and the crew of the Retribution into a parallel reality where there never was an ambush and Leslie’s change never happened.  When they encounter Leslie’s MALE counterpart, Captain Leslie Webber of the Space Command Cruiser Proteus, In an unregistered ship, and Leslie looking like a ‘dead ringer’ for the wanted Criminal Kora Horst, they have a lot of explaining to do.
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Dark Noise a Last Frontier Story

This fourth Story in the LAST FRONIER Series has more of a TG element in it than its predecessors.  Be it Reincarnation or something else, a certain story author wakes up to find him/herself in the body of his own creation—or IS she a creation?  The only thing M12 knows to do is to use her knowledge of Webber to “fake” being her until she can figure out what is going on and how to fix it.  Things get more complicated when Zee is kidnapped and our author is forced to take actions more suited to a real heroine than a mere storywriter.
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