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Career Opportunities
Endotech, Inc. went the way of a lot of "tech slump" startups. But maybe Endotech, with their cutting edge research, didn't go belly up on its own. Maybe it had some help, from one of its largest competitors.
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Part 1  (45k) Part 2  (40k) Part 3  (54k)  Part 4 (56k) Part 5  (45k)

Second Coming

  • Part 1 - After the Nbaru came from the stars, the human race struggled to keep itself alive. Seeking knowledge of their alien adversaries, Lt. David Camden and his platoon soon found out much more than they ever wanted to know.
  • Part 2 - Groups A, B, C and D struggle to hold on to their identities as their roles in Nbaru society become clearer. Their role in the war to come is over - or is it?
  • Part 3 - The new additions to the Nbaru war effort are released to the Earth to set up their new idea for the force of occupation. But some of the inadequacies of Nbaru mental control begin to make April suspect that perhaps the mission isn't over after all.
  • Part 4 - The last in the Second Coming series. The girls finally answer all their questions about the Nbaru invasion - and take action!
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    Part 1 - As Easy As ABC (60k ) Part 2 - Working Girls  (41k )
    Part 3 - The Truth Will Set You Free  (36k )  Part 4 - Pulling Teeth  (49k )

    Shown the Way
    When the explosion that took his legs, leaving him in the hospital with the rest of his men, Justin Abbott thought life was over. Until a mysterious Army colonel with a Top Secret Project offered him a way to get revenge on the man who had ruined his life - if the price wasn't too high for Justin and his men to pay. But somewehre in his adjustment to the new life he had been given, Justin found that there might just be a chance at salvation after all. If he could survive long enough to find it.

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    The Music Of Change
  • Part 1 - "Nice Girls" - Heath's wife Jenna seeks a way to become the woman his husband secretly desires. But the treatment she receives from the mysterious Dr. Renfro works a little too well for Jenna and Heath both.
  • Part 2 - "The Bonus" - Dr. Renfro's Music of Change becomes the key to the happiness of two men with misspent and boring lives. But with new lives come new dangers, as Gary and Vic's saviors will come to painfully discover.
  • Part 3 - "We Could Be Heroes" - Joshua uses the Music of Change to help a firefighter with a hard time being understood. But forces he wasn't aware of finally make their move against Dr. Renfro, with consequences that no one expected.
  • Part 4 - "Fire Support" - Dr. Renfro's unexpected transformation leaves Joshua, Jenna and Heather at a loss as to how to proceed. Luckily, Danielle knows just the solution in the form of a burned-out detective named Kincaid. Only Kincaid's analytical mind almost proves a match, even for the Music of Change.
  • Part 5 - "Thrill Of The Hunt" - Grace delves deeper into the mysterious circumstances around Dr. Renfro's attack, and finds herself in need of assistance. But the three men from her previous life who can help her may be in need of some help themselves.
  • Part 6 - "Hired Muscle" - Deeper investigation into the strange events surrounding Dr. Renfro's transformation gives Jenna, Grace and Heather some *very* unlikely allies...
  • Part 7 - "Mid-Life Crisis" - Grace's investigation into the attempt on Dr. Renfro's life leads to some very troubling suspects, and help from a very unlikely source.
  • Part 8 - "Mother of Invention" - One gains when one loses: Grace's loss of Joshua gains her a new lead into the case she's investigating. But her delving into Dr. Renfro's past gains her a little more insight on the nature of the Music itself.
  • Part 9 - "This O'erhanging Firmament" - The final in the Music of Change cycle - Grace's investigation points to just one man after the night Sam Michealis tried to kill Joshua. But a tragic series of events lead to a confrontation that only the Music's creator - Karla Renfro - can solve.

    Even though this is the last in the storyline, anyone who wants to keep it alive by writing in this universe can feel free to do so, and use any of these characters, under one condition: no Crime/Punishment or Sexual Punishment stories. I mean for the Music to be a force for healing, not for revenge.

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    Part 1 - Nice Girls (88k ) Part 2 - The Bonus  (68k )  Part 3 - We Could Be Heroes  (54k )  Part 4 - Fire Support  (40k )
    Part 5 - Thrill Of The Hunt  (59k )  Part 6 - Hired Muscle  (40k )  Part 7 - Mid-Life Crisis  (69k )  Part 8 - Mother of Invention  (95k )
    Part 9 - This O'erhanging Firmament  (104k )

    Slider's Pet 
    Genies aren't the only ones able to grant wishes. But one should be very carefulwhat one wishes for...

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    Bikini Beach: Guardian Angel 
    A brutal attack happens near the park, and a guardian angel of sorts appears to help Anya and her Grandmother. But the man never bargained for the direction his life would take in the process, and the old woman might just have met her match...

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