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The Substitute 
Sometimes you need to send a boy to do a woman's job. Literally. And that's just what Ellen, a beautiful 39-year-old high school teacher, is forced to do when she needs to get away on an emergency vacation. Since she can't be in two places at once, what's her solution? Get a substitute, of course! Fortunately for her, one of her young male students is up for the job...
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Mother's Love  Also written by slimv 
A Sapphire Place Exclusive!

This is the story of two teenage friends.  Danny's parents are divorced.  He lives with his mom.  Jimmy isn't so lucky.  He's been on his own since his mother died two years earlier, but he's done well by assuming her identity as an on-line stock trader.  As long as his secret is safe he can remain on his own- free of Child Protective Services, who will put him in a foster home if they discover his mother's death.

Jimmy's fragile world is put in jeopardy when his teacher demands a meeting with his mother.  Having no one else to turn to, he asks his best friend to become his mom for one night.

This story contains teenager and smoking.  However it is not my standard smoking fetish tale and should appeal to a broader base.  I hope the readers I've offended in the past will give this story a chance to be read and enjoyed.
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