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Marlowe My name is Marlowe. I'm a Private Detective. This guy named Waldo wrote a story about one of my big cases. Good thing for him that I'm very busy with other work now or I would look him up to slap him around a couple of times for spilling the beans about that case. After all, I've got client confidentality to worry about and he's telling how I got my new attractive female client into bed. You can't trust writers. I thought that when I was in a bar telling him about the woman and her missing husband (a crossdresser), that he would understand that what I was telling him was just two drunks sharing a story. So what does he do, but write a story as if from my perspective. Good thing that my buxom female client doesn't read trash or she'd put on her leather boots with the big thick high heels and stomp my butt a little. Hum, that's not a bad ideal. Has anyone got a copy of that new Waldo story that I can take over to my client's home?
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Schooldays . "I'll never forget March 7th. It started out as a normal morning with my mother giving me my lunch money and telling me "to have a good day at school." I farted around getting to the bus stop and somehow missed the bus so I had to return home. By the time that I happily skipped back home, Mom was gone to work and the house was totally empty. Gee, an empty house, an algebra test scheduled for second period that I hadn't studied for and I missed the school bus. What should I do?" If you've read any of Waldo's stories before...You KNOW what he wanted to do! Also in PALM FORMAT Palm Format ( pdb ) -  Requires DOC Reader software installed on Handheld ! added 10/20/00

Sword Many years ago, a young son asks his farmer father about a mysterious sword that has always hung over their fireplace. For the first time, the parents tell the son how the father battled beside Hercules and Iolaus to defeat the evil Witch. And the son learns how the brave Iolaus died. It's a simple tale of love, loyalty and bravery. But when the story is finished and everyone has gone to bed, only then do we learn the parts of the story that weren't told to the child.
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Duty A transgender story set sometime in the future when Earth belongs to a Unionization of Planets and is at war with an alien race. The Earth General in charge of the space war is a hard man who has to deal with a personal problem. His son is captured by the enemy and transformed into a woman.
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Flash A Flash Gordon like you've never seen before! Rocketship Tiara has been hit by a meteor and the entire crew execpt Joseph Hurley, the vehicle's cook died. Joseph is rescued, and is stuck adventuring with Doctor Zorkov, Flash and a Dale that shares a body with Flash. Flash and Dale, 29 hours of one then 29 hours of the other. Oh yea.....and everybodys Favorate Merciles Empiror, Ming!
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Mariah - " There are some things in life that you remember forever. Such as your first real love. In my case, she called herself Mariah, although her birth name was Pat. She didn't like to be called Pat or Patricia or Patty. It brought back too many old, painful memories of her childhood that she wanted to forget." This is how Waldo's newest story starts, a story of love in a foriegn land, relevations, discovery, forgivness and finally true love !
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The Mirror - Randell's fater is worried about him. For over a month, when ever he called Randell at his antique shop, some strange woman answers the telephone, and makes some excuse for him not being there. His father is concerned for his safty. So he sends Randall's younger brother Benjamin to drive 400 miles to check and see that his brother is still alright. What happened to Randell? Who is the strange woman, and what plans does she have for both Ben and their father?
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Space Angel: Voyager Adventure - Captain Janeway is caught by aliens and a chemical is injected into her body. As long as that chemical is in her body, she will be an brainwashed enemy to the Voyager & crew. A solution is worked out whereby Janeway and one of the crewmembers (Harry Kim) swaps bodies because the chemical does not affect male brains. Naturally the crew can&39;t know about this, so the new Janeway and Kim work together to guide the ship home. And then comes a threat from another friendly alien race. From someone that has a hard-on for Janeway. Hummm. The new Janeway takes Kim on board the alien vessel for advice on how to please the alien leader.

For Whom the Bells Toll - A short version of a Stepford Wives type of story. Only with a twist that reminds you of some of Alfred Hitchcock's stories. A couple is standing in front of a family dispute judge. The husband is insolent and the judge sends them to see a special family counselor. The husband discovers a suburban area where the women are brainwashed into being the playtoys of their husbands. He takes the wife there, with the intent of turning her into the perfect wife. Only the judge has other plans.

Shaken, not Stirred - Bond, but not as you know him. He is now a middle aged, bureaucrat paper pusher, forced into semi-retirement by a ever changing politically correct government. Then a new assignment comes up. One that only someone of Bonds reputation and skill, can pull off. As usual, the villain wants to kill Bond. Only the villain's trusted Lieutenant wants to wind up in bed with Bond. So how did this story wind up in a group of stories dealing with transgender subjects? Read it to see.

Crusher - Wesley Crusher is in Cadet training on a dying planet and gets into trouble. Only way out, is to use the Transporter, which has problems. Wesley chooses to have the Transporter call up a database image of his physical body and merge his mind with the database image, because he will die otherwise. Only the computer screws up and calls up the image of his mother, Doctor Beverly Crusher. So the new Wesley heads for the nearest Starfleet hospital to restore his correct body, but his ship does not have not fuel. Only enough to get to an Entertainment Resort, where Wesley has to pretend that he is really Beverly while his ship is being repaired. Story line was left open, with the potential of re-visiting to discuss what could happen when Wesley arrives at the Starfleet hospital and finds the real Doctor Crusher waiting on him; with a potential delay in restoring his body.

Death Row When a Death Row inmate is offered a way not only off death row, but out of the prison completely, he is cautious, you see, it involves taking over a beautiful woman's body to accomplish the feat. So he asks his cell buddy to try it first....

Death Row 2 The story continues from Death Row!

Harry - A lawyer goes to Cuba to help his cousin solve an old family mystery - the disappearance of their grandfather. The cousin knows the secret, but doesn't reveal it until after something strange happens to him. Sitting around a campfire in the mountains, the lawyer reads his cousin's diary and learns why his cousin's skin is getting softer, smoother and why his sleeping body is changing. Seems that a magic bracelet placed on the correct arm, turns the person into a female in love with the nearest man. The cousin timed it so that the lawyer was the nearest man. Storyline was left open to allow the two main characters to live their new life, the way Harry wanted to eventually live.

Jumper - Everyone is mixed up over something in their life. Sooner or later, everyone stands on a bridge or something similar, thinking about the difficulties of facing life. This story is about a young man that thinks that he can't deal with life anymore because of his gender confusion. A cop talks the jumper out of jumping, with the promise of helping the young man find a way to deal with his problems. After all, the cop has friends that own boutiques and beauty salons. Very in-depth look at the negative aspects of gender confusion.

Karak - A Conan-like barbarian has only one goal in life, which is to kill his enemy; which killed Karak's family forty years before. His foe, is a powerful magician that has now taken over a complete kingdom and put a spell around the kingdom whereby only women can enter the kingdom. Karak, who will do anything to get in, takes the only way in, which is to become a woman. The new Karak, is captured and is brain-washed into becoming the lover of the magician, who puts his new toy on display to the rest of the world. And the new Karak bears a child by her lover. When she gets her memory back, the fur flies. Storyline was left open, to permit the female barbarian and her child to fight enemies that have magical powers; powers that can enslave minds.

Mind - A man is having marriage problems with his wife after only a few years of marriage. The interior decorator wife gets a new client, who is a hypnotherapist; that tells the man that the wife has major hidden mental problems that need shock treatment. She has to see herself as she really is. The hypnotherapist convinces the man to let the hypnotherapist swap identities between his wife and her best friend (who works for the wife and also has identity problems). The new women will see what they are really like, as they live each other's life. To convince the man to accept this treatment, the hypnotherapist tells the man about some of her successes in treating gender dysphoria patients. Storyline was left open with the potential of bringing in his business partner as a surrogate wife or the therapist introducing some of her gender clients to the couple.

Monk - A mountain climber gets hurt and his buddies carry him to a monastery to die. The monks have a secret. While the world thinks that they are celibate, they have discovered how to enslave women and to use the womens bodies as punishment for wayward monks and pleasure for the rest of the monks. Any wayward monk winds up in one of the womens bodies and has to serve the monastery as a female slave. So wonder what happens to the dying mountain climber?

Nada - Data, the android in Star Trek, The Next Generation is almost destroyed in an explosion. When Geordie is re-building Data, he discovers that the inventor hid a second personality in Data. The main personality is destroyed and will take a year to re-build. So Geordie selects the second personality and let's Data re-build his own body. The new personality is intended to be a companion and re-builds a new body (female) and re-names herself Nada. The new Nada becomes everyone's friend and lover. And more.

Time Warrior - An late middle-aged, set-in-his-way, bachelor, history professor has been having weekly luncheon meetings with a physicist for the last three years. The physicist has a very abnormal desire about history and has in-depth theoretical questions to ask the professor. Then one day, government agents show up. Seems that the physicist was working on a time machine and went back into the past to change history around 1890. They want the prof to go back because he is the only one that knows the physicist or might be able to find him. Seems that the time machine does not transport the person back into time, but puts their brain in the body of an ancestor. The prof volunteers and winds up in the body of his great-grandmother, when she was a teen-age prostitute.

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Remedy - A woman suspects that her husband is seeing someone because there are too many things going wrong in what would otherwise be a perfect marriage. She and her best friend follows him and discovers that he likes to show his feminine side with gay men. She goes home to cry her heart out to her mother and her Aunt gives her a magic potion to swap bodies. After all, the woman does have some masculine traits. The woman uses the potion and changes bodies with her unsuspecting husband. Then the best friend becomes suspicious of the change in both of them as they adapt to their new lives.

Rodeo - A rodeo cowboy is badly injured (ouch) in a bull riding event because of a practical joke. The cowboy is going to have to undergo serious re-constructive surgery and can never function as a man again. He decides to get revenge on his tormentor by slightly changing the reconstructive surgery so that he becomes a woman. The woman goes after the cowboy, intent upon his destruction. This appears to be one of my most requested/commented upon stories. While this storyline was not left open on purpose, potential exists to pick up on what happens after the heroine discovers that her one purpose for living, is gone. Can she survive?

Superman - Luthor has a scheme to exchange bodies with Superman, but decides to compound it by putting Superman in Lois's body, with Lois winding up in Luthor's body. Only something goes wrong with the two part process - whereby memory and personality are switched. Luthor keeps his memory and body, but has Lois's personality. Lois's memory winds up in Superman's body but with Luthor's twisted personality. And Superman's memory and personality winds up in Lois's body. Luthor likes his new lifestyle and sends someone over to help the new Lois adapt to her new lifestyle and sex so that she doesn't want to swap back. While the story briefly discusses what the new Superman and Luthor experience, it concentrates upon Superman in Lois's body trying to avoid the nymphomania desires (with no success) that Luthor also added to the combination.

The WEB - A rich female doctor finds a way to exchange bodies with Batman and to convince him through drugs that he has always been an over-sexed bombshell woman that is in love with Bruce. The new woman loves being the sex bimbo for the rich, handsome playboy. The new Batman finds that he does not have the reflexes or technical skills to do the job; so he has to call upon his new girlfriend to assist/train him, causing some confusion in the new woman's memories. When she recovers her memory, she works upon finding a way to reverse the switch.

The Rifleman that Batman became the Jaguarman. This release restores the intended names. The Batman is targeted by a world-class assassin team, who almost gets our hero. Our injured hero captures one of the team and takes her home, where he swaps bodies with her, then attempts to penetrate the crooks. The other partner of the team is a 7 foot amazon, who is the lover of our hero's new female body. While investigating, our hero gets zonked, loses his memory and thinks that "she" is really an assassin, and goes after Robin. Just in the nick of time, our hero gets his memory back, goes back to his body and then goes after the amazon. The amazon flies to the Florida swamps where Batman has to remove his Batsuit and have a knock-down, drag-out fight with the amazon in the swamp.

Swamp - A man on vacation in a Florida swamp meets an attractive female Indian, who tells him tales of the Fountain of Youth. After a brief test of his personality,the Indian offers to show him the Fountain of Youth. Only thing is, when finished with the fountain, not only does the new person have a estimated new life of 800 years but is also a female. Our new woman has to discover what life is like as a woman and goes home to say good-by. She discovers that his former boss framed him in a crime after discovering that he was missing. So our new heroine teams up with her ex-wife to correct justice. I carried this one on too far and should have shut it down before he went home or made it two parts.

Vamp - A teacher thinks that he is the world's foremost expert on vampires. One day, a beautiful and mysterious woman (who is not one of his students) challenges him in his classroom and makes an offer. The teacher and four students can visit her castle for the summer on a work tour/research project. The woman offers interesting theories about becoming a vampire, with different levels of participation. Ever wonder why there are so many women hanging around full fledged vampires?

Ladyship Fast Eddie believed in making his own luck. While the Kid wasn't his ideal partner for the hustles that Fast Eddie was planning on board the cruise ship, Fast Eddie quickly learned that the Kid had other talents that could put both of them on Easy Street. All they had to do was to survive.

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Argile Captain Janeway is finally home and is looking forward to a much needed vacation. However Starfleet calls her back almost immediatly because they have a new mission that only she can undertake. A former enemy has been placed in a situation where the enemy had to make decisions and Starfleet wants Janeway's opinion about those decisions.

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Billy the Kid Everyone knows that Sheriff Pat Garrett killed Billy the Kid in a gunfight. Or did he? After all, they were good friends and both of them just happened to be placed in a situation where one of them had to die. So they had their battle and Billy was buried. If you think that is the truth, then you haven't read my version of Billy the Kid's life after the famous gunbattle.

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Prince Valiant
It's time for another trip into the past. A past filled with damsels in distress, Knights in full armor and kingdoms at war. Young Prince Valiant's family has just been killed and the evil King is looking for the young boy to kill also. Valiant has to be hid so that he can kept safe until he grows up to be a man that is capable of avenging his parent's death and also saving King Arthur's kingdom. But where do you hide a young boy where he can't be found? Oh well, until we find such a place, we'll just have to occupy our time telling you about beautiful young Princess Valerie and her life as a young damsel; a princess that has to defend her virginity from young Squire Galahad who is in love with her.<

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Being a Detective nearing retirement and also being exiled was almost too much for Detective Bronson. But then he was called back into headquarters and given one more case. Something strange was happening to women down on the Strip and only one man could possible solve the case. But then he discovered the real secret and knew that there was only one solution to this case.

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A mirror is a reflection of the truth that too many of us don't like to see. For Raymond West, mirrors combined with the mystic powers of darkness reflected something that he couldn't explain; nor could Doctor Jennins. While the good Doctor couldn't help his new patient, he found that he did have ways where he could help his patient learn to cope with his strange medical problem.

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A young Viking boy was supposed to grow to take his father's place at the helm of their raiding ship. But sometimes events could cause that boy's life to take a different path. This is the story of a brave young Viking boy who was supposed to grow up to become Eric the Red but instead grew up to become Erica the Red.

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Everyone goes to searching for their Eden with their own perspective of what it takes to become their Paradise. The island of Tonga was Greg's paradise but then strange things started happening to his best friend that came close to destroying Eden for both of them.

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The beautiful women of seventeenth century France had never met anyone like Eric. As a young man, he had a life that made his friends jealous so they tried to steal his precious riches from him. Little did they know, that by doing that, they created someone very different from the young naive boy. Someone who came back to get revenge upon his former friends.

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JFK   A Sapphire Place Premiere !
Professor Ewart was chosen by the government to go back in history to change our current history. His task would be to take over President John F. Kennedy's life and to prevent the assassination as well as history by changing major political projects. Was he successful? You'll have to read the story to find out.

Started this story in 1998 when Bill Clinton was President. Subsequently became sick and the story languished on a hard drive for several years while I slowly recovered my health. So it only took eight years to write.

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