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Clothes Horse: A Hugglebugs story
Bill's wife has had enough of him bugging her to wear sexy clothes, so using Hugglebugs technology, she gives him a chance to see how it feels to dress that way. In the the process, they gain a deeper understanding of each other.
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Clothes Horse - The Sequel
Hugglebug transformations can be fun, but watch out if there's no adults around.
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Andersonville 20 -The Cure
In a special episode written by Prudence Walker, and an Introduction written by Kelly Davidson, we see that even Gods can make mistakes!
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Maidens Curse
After hiding in a mummy’s case, Bob undergoes physical and mental changes. Are they a curse or a blessing, and do they help in the quest to defeat an ancient threat, that’s fast approaching earth? A prophesy from the time of the pyramid building now has the world in fear. A search for an alien artefact that is crucial the worlds survival, is now in the hands of ‘Bob,’ is he ‘man’ enough for the challenge?

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The Inheritor
Dying, he found salvation from a can of mysteriously-mutated HuggleBugs spray, and sanctuary in the form of a dead girl.

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Part One ( 24k )  Part Two ( 22k )  Part Three ( 28k )  Part Four ( 24k )  Part Five ( 18k )  Part Six ( 29k )

The S.E.T.I. Machine
What if life is really out there? just how will they communicate? are they hostile? these are questions that Jose finds out to his cost...or is that her cost?

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As a fictional extra, my life was a series of brief appearances between minutes/days in limbo, as either man or woman, depending on what the director needed at the time. Then things changed and I became real flesh and blood…well sort of. I was still an extra with the ability to morph into forms, not my choosing, I was still under the control of the director.

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Head Case
Robin has one problem he is not alone in his own head. An alter ego lives there too…only Robyn is female, left in an orphanage, they both struggle to survive. Mutant genes from his parent’s scientific experiments altered his body while still in the womb so now when his alter ego takes control; she physically changes his body to conform to her unconscious needs. When he falls ill complications set in and he ends up stuck in his alter egos body.

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Part 1 ( 54k )  Part 2 ( 56k )  Part 3 ( 50k )  Part 4 ( 50k )

The Dream   A Sapphire Place Premiere!  
Everyone has a dream, where they have the perfect body, the perfect life. What if one day, that dream came true? This is one such story.

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TV Soap
Beauty soap can have a whole different meaning, once an alien gives it special properties.

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Robyn Hoodwink
Robin finds his chameleonic abilities very useful in his job as a private eye. His first case becomes deadly serious, as he uncovers a sinister terrorist plot that could overshadow the deaths of 9/11.

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Polly Merman
A research company, working for NASA, use cutting edge technology in the search for new polymers for use in space. One scientist uses an unsanctioned experimental DNA in a mix of polymer and after an explosion that causes one death, another has to endure the unexpected effects after being contaminated.

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Part 1 ( 56k )   Part 2 ( 59k )   Part 3 ( 64k )     Part 4 ( 56k )
Part 5 ( 63k )   Part 6 ( 76k )   Part 7 ( 65k )   Part 8 ( 61k )
Part 9 ( 50k )   Part 10 ( 40xk )   Part 11 ( 45k )   Part 12 ( 46 k )
Part 13 - END ( 47 k )


Ian Baxter was resigned to driving a desk, after a bullet from a blown undercover job, nearly killed him, leaving him a cripple with constant pain in his life.  Seen as expendable, he was asked, no, ordered, to test out an experimental piece of equipment, designed to help identify and catch criminals.  This device was made up of a part out a UFO, that the US government thought was useless.  Once it was proven to work, both a certain government agency and another unknown group were determined to obtain it at any cost.  Baxter goes on the run with the device, after having assumed another identity, taking two friends along with him.  What made it difficult was the identity he had assumed, was that of a woman.

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Part 1 (42k )   Part 2 ( 37k )   Part 3 (36k )   Part 4 ( 61k ) 
Part 5 ( 54k )   Part 6 ( 51k )   Part 7 - END ( 44k )  


Having a wife who wears clothes too small for you, is very frustrating for a crossdresser. What if you had a wish granted that would allow your body to fit any sized clothes, forming your body to fit? Is it a crossdressers dream? What if, when part of your body wearing the clothes of another, became a near duplicate of the owner of those clothes. Would it still be as great? Add the fact that reality would change to make it normal for that to happen, still interested? Well read on.

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The Teg Legacy 
While looking for souvenirs from the fallen NASA space platform Skylab, which had crashed into the hot desert of Western Australia, Gary found something else that had fallen from space.  Something non-terrestrial which would change his life forever.  A legacy from an ancient race would see his life transformed beyond any expectations.

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