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Lions, Tigers, and Bears.... oh, wrong story there. Those things wouldn't go near Whateley Academy if they were wise. Whateley is a Prep School for different teens. VERY different ones. Where else could a kid go to a school that has a resident demon living in the furnace? Or meet magic users, mutants of every imaginable kind, get trained in how to handle some rather odd abilities, and worry about flunking Freshman English?

Come visit Whateley Academy, nestled in the lovely hills of New Hampshire. Just down the road from a town named Dunwich...


Submission Guide for inclusion in "Official" Whateley Stories.

Offical Guide  (130k )

Whateley Fan Fiction?

The various authors have been thrashing it around a bit, and settled on the following:

Want to add to Whateley? No authorization needed, just add this to the top of your story:

"This is fan fiction for the Whateley Academy series. It may or may not match the timeline, characters, and continuity, but since it's fan fiction, who cares? To see the canon Whateley Stories, check out either Sapphire's Place ( or the Big Closet ("

Bakers Dozen by Kristin Darken Email Author  Email Author
No Submitted Story Discription

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Complete  (13k )

Half Time by Renae Email Author  Email Author
This story, in an edited format is now part of the "Offical" Whateley Acadamy Univerce. The NEW updated story is now on the Whateley Page

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Willow Wisp  by Black Rose Email Author  Email Author
No Submitted Story Discription

Note from Sapphire - because of a misunderstanding the two parts were misnamed. They are now in the correct order

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The Beginning  (64k ) Part 1  (91k )

Joni's Story by Kitn Email Author  Email Author
No Submitted Story Discription

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Part 1  (24k )

Chancing Changes  by C. Rhodes Email Author  Email Author  
Magic is a chancy thing. Magic fueled by ambition, greed and vanity can spell disaster for everyone involved. A lesson every young Warlock in training has to learn someday.

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Chapter 1  (61k )  Chapter 2  (70k )   Chapter 3  (49k ) Chapter 4  (81k )  

Arianrhod by Kitsune Email Author  Email Author
What would you do if the future of an ancient race was suddenly dropped on your shoulders? That is the question that awaits Kevin Parker - or is it Abbie Parker? The fates are conspiring to give the ancient Tuata race one last chance before extinction, but who will step up to bear the burden of bringing it home?

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Chapter 1  (155k )


Ma-at by Itinerant Email Author  Email Author
An expedition to an ancient Egyptian city becomes a life-changing experience for a retired professor.

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Chapter 1 (47k )  Chapter 2 (48k ) Chapter 3 (54k ) Chapter 4 (98k )
Chapter 5 (86k ) Chapter 6 (85k )  Chapter 7 (132k )  


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