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Bayville High School seems like a fairly ordinary place. Sure, there's the occasional battle between super-powered mutants. Everyone else might be fooled, but Professor Trautwein has been studying the X-gene for decades he knows what's REALLY going on. But when a certain stripe-haired girl came to him for help, his world was changed completely. And now he's about to discover that he was wrong about everything.
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I Blame my Hormones
Bob is obsessed with sex. He could also be a bit more attentive to his female partners. Fortunately (?!) one of his girlfriends is a budding mad scientist, and she comes up to an experimental drug that just demands inappropriate human testing. Lucky for Bob, it does make him a better lover. Unlucky for Bob, there are at least two huge side-effects. And after that... hilarity ensues.


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Coming Out  A Sapphire Place Premiere !  

A Whateley Academy Tale
Jared finally found a way to fight back against his abusive father. Jinn was a projection of his inner self, but why was jade a girl? And... Was Jared, now calling himself Jade, EVER going to start growing up?
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Part 1  (252k )


Quoth The Ninja, Nevermore! by Maggie Finson, Bek D Corbin, Babs Yerunkle, and Starwolf   A Sapphire Place Premiere !

A Whateley Academy Tale
The kids are finally settled into their rooms in Poe Cottage and are planning a good night's sleep before the start of classes the next day. Then a bunch of black clad burglars steal the bust of Edgar Allen Poe, the cottage's namesake. Who needs sleep? The honor of Poe Cottage is a stake!
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Jade: Being a Girl  by Babs Yerunkle A Sapphire Place Premiere !

A Whateley Academy Tale
Well, she's there. At Whateley just like she wanted. But to keep going to school there Jade gets a JOB! With one of the strangest maintenence crews in fact or fiction.
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