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  • Facets What's Happening?

  • The Tenant ( Part 2 ) A Short Story by Jan Williams, a final TG story from her. a Sapphire's Place Exclusive!

    "Rick, are you asleep?"

    "Huh, . . . no. I guess I was daydreaming. I was thinking about all we've been through in the past few months. Our marriage has been the only bright spot. It would have been difficult without you, very difficult."

    "You're sweet, Rick. Lets take a shower and see if we can forget about those things, at least for the night."

    "You can make me forget them in a minute," smiled Rick. "Then we can get a new start tomorrow."

    "I want to suck your cock some more. I think I can almost get it in my throat without gagging now, I've been practicing."


    "Yeah. I got a dildo and I've been practicing pushing it to the back of my throat. It's pretty stiff but I finally got it started into my throat, it took me a week before I didn't gag on it."

    "You must really like doing it," smiled Rick. "I'm glad you do because I like for you to do it."

    "According to our book, all it takes is practice, I just have to get used to it being in me. . . . Aggh. Almost. I went to fast."

    "Try swallowing when you feel a gag coming on."

    "Okay . . . yeah, that helps. This time should do it. Don't move, I want to just hold it there for awhile. . . . I did it, it went in my throat some. . . . I did it again. Once it starts in it goes easy, one more time. . . . I can do it. I took it all in. I need to finish you don't I."

    ". . . I'm cumming . . . ahhh, thank you. That was great. Did you like that, taking it in your throat?"

    "Yes, It felt sort of sexy. I guess it felt good once I got it in there. I want to do it again tomorrow."

    They got up the next morning, had breakfast and took a cab to 2316, Pine Ridge Drive to see what they had bought. The house would have been considered somewhat unusual anywhere but San Francisco with its steep hills. It was basically a surprisingly large one floor plan with the typical garage underneath, no yard to speak of and a small second floor apartment. The apartment was partly over the main house and partly on the ground where the hill rose steeply beside the main house. The part of the main house that was under the apartment had been dug into the hill and contained a small study and a recreation room with no windows on the side. There had been a stairwell up to the apartment but it had been walled off at the top and bottom when the apartment had been created from the original servant quarters.

  • Reluctant Girlfriend - the series Chapter 7 by ML , a Sapphire's Place Exclusive!

    Chris's mother is busy in the kitchen when the front door suddenly opens and in steps June, his sister.

    "I'm home", she yells.

    "In the kitchen dear".

    June immediately goes to the kitchen and hugs her mother.

    "Mom I'm so sorry"!

    "I know dear but there's nothing anyone could do".

    "But it was so sudden mom"!

    "I know, now have a seat and we'll catch up".

    Just then the doorbell rings.

    "I'll be right back dear help yourself to some breakfast dear".

    Chriss's mother opens the front door to reveal Mrs. Abernathy the next door neighbor.

    "I'm sorry to hear of your husbands passing Martha it's such a shame".

    "Thank you".

    "I brought you a little something", she says as shes hands Martha a dish. "I hope you like it".

    "I'm sure we will thank you".

    Chris's mother returns to the kitchen and heads to the refrigerator. Opening the door she says "now where am I going to put this, I know they mean well but people have brought over enough food to last a lifetime". "Have anything you want for breakfast June".

    "Thanks I will mom". "By the way where's Chris".

  • Soccer Queen Chapter 12 by Andrew!

    As the car pulled out of the practice field parking lot, David took the towel out of his sports bag and started rubbing his face. He dried himself as much as he could, then passed the towel to Samantha.

    "Can we go home first, Mum ? I'm all hot and sweaty, and so is Sam."

    Samantha wasn't sure about the contraction of her name and said in a firm voice, "Samantha."

    "OK, Samantha," responded David. "We're still hot and sweaty."

    "We'll return home for lunch, then go to the shopping centre to buy your new strip for you" said his mother. "After that, we can visit your father."

    *Oh, joy,* thought David. *Now Mum's getting the shopping bug again.*

    When they reached their house, Samantha dived out of the car and ran into her own house, calling "I'll see you in a wile."

    David and Gail entered their house, with David heading for his bedroom to collect a change of clothes. While he was there, Gail dived into the bathroom and started her own shower.

    David approached the bathroom and heard the shower running. He got mad at his sister for stealing the first shower and started shouting imprecations through the door at her. She just laughed and told him to wait until she was finished.

  • The Tiger Lady Chapter 15 by Leslie Josette Gill. a Sapphire's Place Exclusive!

    The Order would know they had a powerful enemy and we knew there would be retaliation. But there was no way they could know who their enemy was. After all, we had been very careful to make sure we were intractable. Then, Smith asked me a question.

    "How much cash did you keep out of the account?"


    "Do you still have any of the money?"


    "Lets look at that money!"

    The lab results on the money showed that it had been treated with some very unusual chemicals. We had a problem.

    While the money itself was not traceable, it left a chemical trail that could be used to find the person handling the money. It was a simple and cheep way to trace anyone who had handled the money. Neutralization was easy once we knew it was there. Everything that I had used to carry the money in was disposed of in the incinerator. Thank goodness that most of my clothes were ok.

    We caught it this time. But what would they try next?

    The FBI was working a high profile case with very unusual markings. They had a paw print of an extinct sabertooth tiger. Smith promised to see what he could find out.

    Mell went back to the FBI case pool and I waited for the next assignment.

    Smith had several little assignments where a person who could change bodies would be useful. Seems that the Dominatrix stuff was very popular. While I didn't like the Sex stuff, it was in demand and would be a good cover. After the creep case, I fully understood the mentality. I thought it was sick. But to get into some of the places we needed to go, I would have to play the game.

  • Tails chapter 34 by Lhynn Cooper

    I stayed in bed, with my tail, as long as possible, while Sam got ready. She showered, made breakfast and got dressed. In order to keep my tail as long as possible, I even took a quick bath as a mermaid. It was a struggle to get out of the tub because the water felt so good on my body. I even managed to spend a few minutes with my head submerged, breathing water. Finally I had to wash off and I dragged myself out of the tub and sat on the edge, drying off.

    Sam came into the bathroom and said, "Hurry up, Terri, or we're going to be late. I've got some clothes laid out for you."

    I changed back to human and quickly dried my hair. I found that Sam had laid out a skirt and blouse as well as some underwear for me. I put on the bra and pantyhose and then put on my makeup and Sam helped me with my hair. I put on the silky blue blouse, still fumbling with buttons on the wrong side of clothes. I stepped into the black skirt. It went a little farther down my legs than the dress I had worn the previous Friday, but not by much and it zipped up the back. It was also pretty snug through the hips and thighs. The shoes she gave me were black pumps with heels about two inches high. Not high enough to cause real problems, but I knew my feet would be tired by the end of the day.

    Standing in front of the mirror, putting on some earrings, I stopped and looked at myself, suddenly realizing how strange my life had become. Less than a month before, I had been a big, strong male, whose morning routine was literally shit, shower and shave and then try to find a clean pair of socks to wear. Now I was wearing a skirt, pantyhose, high heels and makeup, and putting on earrings while less than an hour before I had been a mythical fantasy creature breathing water in the bathtub.

  • Tuck chapter 40 - " Peeking Tuck " by Ellen Hayes


    02:39 1 Jun

    I was sorely tempted to go home with Debbie and claim that I'd forgotten where I lived, but I knew I'd get grounded, and that would suck. It would suck even worse, because when Susan got grounded when she was working, Mom or Dad dropped her off and picked her up. This would cause me a lot more problems then just cutting off my social life.

    "Can I come in?" Debbie asked, and of course I said yes.


    02:44 1 Jun

    We were all standing around in the kitchen, talking and drinking stuff that didn't cost us money, when the front door opened. "Hn," Mike commented, "I thought she'd be there longer."

    "Well, everything was sort of breaking up when we left," Debbie commented. "After the 'band' left, anyway." It hadn't really been a band; more like a really good DJ with a synthesizer and a couple of computers. This was going to take some planning, but I could come up with equipment as good as he'd had.

    Susan came into the kitchen, apparently looking for the same thing we'd been looking for, and stopped when she saw all of us.

    "Hey Suze!" Amy commented. Susan looked at her, then looked at me, and her eyes got really big.

    "What the hell do you think-" she started to say as she grabbed me. Debbie, however, was a little more possesive than I thought, or more protective, because she popped Susan's hold almost instantly.

    The two of them stared at each other for a moment before Debbie commented, "He's mine."

    Susan glared back at her, and she was about to start something I knew I was going to regret, so I stepped in front of Susan's face. "Let's be cool here," I said confidently.

    "But," she protested, "but, but you, I mean..." She looked around at all of us, and shook her head. "What the hell were you doing tonight?"

    "Same thing you were, dancing," Amy said. I had had a feeling she would do something like that.


    03:02 1 Jun

    "He said I looked like Marilyn Manson," I explained.

    "You look- Oh!" she said, the lightbulb of clue coming on over her head. "That was YOU?"

    I shrugged. "I guess..."

    "Somebody said there was a Marilyn Manson clone wandering around all night," she explained.

    "Not all night!" I protested.


  • Joe Bates Saga chapter 40 - The Original Saga

    As the car pulled into the driveway, Joe began to detect the familiar sensation (pain) of the yeast infection. It was time to apply more of the medication, he thought. The shower must have washed away whatever remained.

    As they entered the house Joe followed Linda until they reached their respective bedrooms. Linda hardly spoke as she drove from the health club. She was probably waiting for Joe to speak, but Joe didn't know what to say. What happened at the club was hard enough to accept, much less attempt to explain.

    He had clearly been taken by one of the young women he had met in the exercise class. Susan was perhaps nineteen or twenty years old, about the same age as Joe now appeared. Susan had obviously assumed that Joe was a young woman of her age group and tried to initiate a friendship. Nothing wrong with that. But to Joe, who mentally was still pretty much a thirty year old guy, it was a very different thing to carry on a conversation in the shower with someone who looked as Susan did, while they were both buck naked.

    It didn't matter that his own appearance was little different from Susan's. That was a whole separate problem in itself. No matter how different he looked, no matter how different he now felt, Joe apparently maintained the male penchant for visual erotic stimulation. Or so it certainly seemed.

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